Our Picks for Best Tracking Devices for Cars: GPS Tracking

By | April 25, 2015

Tracking a car or truck and watching its location on a Google map interface is easy to do with the right equipment.
There are many reasons to use a vehicle tracker from a parent showing signs of dementia, to finding out if your spouse is cheating on you, the reasons are limitless.
GPS trackers are small enough to be easy to conceal and can even be carried in person, such as being placed with a child to track their whereabouts.
How They Work
A GPS transmitter is used to transmit a unique identifier using GPS coordinates.
Some trackers will use a service which for a fee will give you all the information in real time at where the tracker is and show its location on a Google map. This is the most popular as there is little technical knowledge needed to get up and running.
Other types use the cell phone network to send the data back to software used at home to show it location. These types need a cell phone SIM card to work. Most use the T-Mobile network since they transmit on the same frequency worldwide. If this type is bought be sure to check the SIM card carrier type and check the coverage in your area.
Battery Life
When buying a vehicle tracker battery life is important, it will not work if the battery dies.
All tracking devices will need to be recharged at some point but some last longer than others.
Many last days if not a week or more but definitely see how long the battery is rated for.
GPS Car Trackers

This GPS car tracker is small and easily concealable. The battery life is rated for ten days. There is little technical ability necessary.
They have a no-contract subscription service that does everything for you. The service will log the cars locations on a Google map and has extra features such as alerts sent to a cell phone if the vehicle has traveled outside a set area. This is a good option for the non-technical person.
Possibly the cheapest option this unit requires some degree of technical knowledge. It uses a cell phone SIM card to work with either ATT or T-Mobile. The battery life is 3-4 days before needing to be recharged. If you are a technical person than this would be good option.
This is a unit that requires getting power from the vehicles battery. It also uses the cell network to transmit data back to a user, so a SIM card will need to be bought. This is a setup for someone who wants to track their car or truck if it is ever stolen. Some technical skills will be needed with this option.

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