Top 5 KODI Streaming TV / Movie Add-ons and Plugins 2016

By | October 8, 2016

Top Kodi streaming TV movie add-ons and plugins

Kodi is fast becoming more-and-more mainstream as cord cutters look for cheaper alternatives to cable, and nothing beats free.
Kodi can now be installed on everything from Apple tv to a Raspberry Pi, and of course it can always simply be run from a PC.
The good news is that there is more video streaming add-ons for Kodi than ever before.
There is a small bit of technicality to it but not any harder than it was to figure out how to work that first smart phone and how to add apps.
Add-ons or plug-ins are simply like apps which are installed into Kodi to allow it the functionality you want it to do.
It is always a good idea to have more than one media add-on installed just in case something happens to one than another can simply be used until the other one is fixed.


Top 5 KODI Streaming TV / Movie Add-ons and Plugins 2016

1… Exodus
Exodus was created by the abhor Lambda to replace the very popular Genesis add-on
Like Genesis is quickly became a fan favorite and is currently the most used Kodi movie / TV plugin used.
Read Here For How To Install Exodus
2… Phoenix
Phoenix is one of the older add-ons available and has been steadily updated.
It has a lot of content including mo=vies and TV shows.
Read Here For How To Install Phoenix
3… 1Channel
Top Kodi streaming TV movie add-ons and plugins
1Channel is that go to add-on for Kodi that streams both TV shows and movies. It has all the latest TV shows and movies available along with all the old classics. It is basically Netflix on steroids and all for free. The plug-in once installed automatically updates. For U.K. users workarounds have to be found or another add-on since it is been blocked from being used there. If you live in the United States than then this is a must-have add-on.
Read Here For How To Install 1Channel
4… UK Turk’s Playlists
UK Turks Playlist has a lot of options for content. It includes live TV, movies, TV shows, documentaries and more.
It has a one-click-to-play option so no need to pick through a server list, simply click and a video will start.
Read Here For How To Install UK Turk’s Playlists
5… Specto Fork
Specto Fork came about when the popular Genesis code stopped working and began to break.
Since it is updated Genesis code it is basically the continuation of it similar to Exodus.
Unlike Exodus which doesn’t have a favorite folder to save to, Specto Fork does which makes it easy to quickly find your favorite programs.
Read Here For How To Install Specto Fork

Old Top Add-ons
Top Kodi streaming TV movie add-ons and plugins
Project Free TV is good for TV shows. Like other add-ons after a TV show has been aired it is usually updates to Project Free TV quickly and reliably. Although it does have a movie section the selection is limited but as far as watching your favorite TV shows this is a good plug-in to have.
Top Kodi streaming TV movie add-ons and plugins
Ice films is been around for a while now and is a good go to plug-in to watch the latest movies. It lacks in TV shows but if you want to watch the latest movie or your favorite old shows this is a plug-in to have. Ice films plug-in streams directly from their website which has over 75,000 movies to choose from.
… Genesis
Top Kodi streaming TV movie add-ons and plugins
Genesis has a interface that very much resembles a Netflix style approach. It has both TV shows and movies to choose from and is gaining in popularity.
… NaviX
navi X Kodi streaming TV movie add-ons and plugins
NaviX has been around since the early days of XBMC/Kodi when it was still a media Center for the Xbox. It is a interface for a barrage of channels run by people with their favorite content. Everything from TV shows, movies, documentaries and even foreign channels can be found within it.


28 thoughts on “Top 5 KODI Streaming TV / Movie Add-ons and Plugins 2016

  1. Kim Seeley

    Is anyone else getting a message, when you attempt to download a movie, saying that you need to acquire authorization to watch a video it gives a link but mostly what happens is my Kodi freezes… Anyone else having this problem any advice?

  2. Jon

    Can anyone tell me a reliable addon for TV shows in the uk? Genesis doesn’t work neither does 1channel or project free TV. Going round in circles trying to find an addon with a reliable catalogue of TV shows. Everyone that looks promising won’t play ?

    1. WirelessHack

      The UK blocks a lot of add-ons from working such as 1Channel and Project Free TV. Many UK users use proxies or VPNs to get around the blocks.

      1. Ruksana

        Kodi is excellent for tv shows streaming. I use primewire add-ons to watch most of shows and movies. I also use Filmyfox to stream movies online. Please some one make add-on for Filmyfox too. 🙂

  3. Clay

    All of those add ons have slow unreliable streams, for me anyway. The Phoenix add on has been awesome their streams are quick and their movies come up right away and I’m talkin 720 and 1080. Kodi needs to monitor crap add ons and remove them. That’s my two cents happy streaming.

  4. craig sagar

    I’m running the beast on my firestick I’ve got genesis 1 channel mucky duck 123 movies but to name a few I’ve probabily got 40 more add ons. why is it I can’t get any documentaries I want to watch working. and I find myself going round in circles. if the sites don’t work why have them available. I actually have nothing on 1channel no films TV ROTC I’ve done config wizard also and still nothing any help as to what does work or how to get my as ons working. so I can justify buying a fire stick. as I’m thinking I’m better off sticking to my iPhone to Hdmi speed lead

    1. WirelessHack

      I dual core firestick is the minimum requirement to run Kodi. I would do a bare Kodi install with 2-3 good add-ons.

      By the way I use 1Channel daily and its works great for me and many people I know.

      1. Matt

        I don’t have great internet….when I use 1 Channel it tends to take forever for the show to load. What streams would you suggest to someone who only has a 7 mg internet?

  5. Ryan

    Genesis, Zeus, prime wire you name it, it ain’t working what should I do?? Error script s all I get when I try play anything!

    1. WirelessHack

      There working for me. If a server is full it will kick the connection with a vague error, just move down the server list until you find one that works.

  6. Rachel Falzon

    Kodi popcorn time seems invalid/ stopped working. Anyone else?

    1. WirelessHack

      Popcorn Time gets shut down every now and than. They just change the URL which than needs to be changed in the add-on settings.

  7. Danny Gibbins

    Kodi is a great app im having problems though on streaming live tv. But you cant beat it especially for being an app you get for free. Thnks

  8. Charlie

    All of these are linking back to sites that are Credit card honey pots. Nice try.

    1. mphcase

      Scam? Only scam would be if you went to a BS site to download Kodi and they tryed to scam you vut Kodi is free

    2. Computerguy16

      Scam? Really? LMAO your confused! Bless your heart! Go lay down and have a scooby snack! There is no way and I repeat no way you can be scammed on Kodi using addons!

    3. Tim

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. These are add on apps for KODI. They are not websites to be searched.

      Please go back under your bridge.

    1. WirelessHack

      Yes it seems to have gone down. Its a shame to since it was such a good add-on for so long.

      This is the reason having multiple add-ons with Kodi is always a good idea. If one goes down than simply use another until it is fixed.

  9. Rizwan

    Can some one tell me the add on link from showbox to install on apple tv 2

    1. WirelessHack

      Most addons are installed in Kodi using a repository such as SuperRepo which will have all the popular addons available to install.


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