Top Raspberry Pi 2 Case Enclosures

By | August 18, 2015

After a Raspberry Pi project is setup protecting it can become a priority.
There is nothing worse than a RasPi project setup and working only for the Pi to begin acting strange due to some external force damaging it, such as static electricity.
The good news is that this is easily preventable with cheap cases that enclose the Raspberry Pi and let it do its work protected.
Enclosures come in many styles and can even be pre-made to your own specifications.
Some people simply want their RasPi protected with a cheap and easy to use case, while another person may want it to fit their style. So lets look at our picks for RasPi cases .
Our Picks For Raspberry Pi 2 Case Enclosures
SB Components Clear Case for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Quad Core/Pi 2 Model B/Pi Model B+ Cases

This case for the Raspberry Pi 2 and B+ models is clear enclosure with easy access to pins.
It is a simply cheap case that is cool to use since it is clear.
JBtek Jet Black Case for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B & Raspberry Pi 2 Model B – Access to All Ports

This case is a black and fully enclosed. It has a nice sleek design with full accesses to all the ports.

This is a black style no nonsense case which is also the official one.
It is a no-frills box but will definitely protect your Raspi.

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