Our Top Picks for Raspberry Pi 2 Expansion Boards

By | May 7, 2015

Expansion boards for the Raspberry Pi 2 can give it some great added features that don’t come with a stock RasPi board.
A Expansion boards can add things such as WiFi, IR sensors, Bluetooth, or interface with other electronics such as LEDs or motors.
There are many expansion boards that vary with what they can do and if they are compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 2 quad core.
Raspberry Pi 2 expansion boards are compatible with the last version made the B+ version.
The RasPi 2 expansion bus is identical to model B+.
Our Top Picks For Raspberry Pi 2 Expansion Boards

This small expansion board allows you to control lights, motors, and switches.

LEDs will light up when certain pins are activated. This is great for learning/teaching, or simply making sure code works before going any farther in a project.

The Humble Pi Kit adds a breadboard overlay to a RasPi. This is great for soldering and making connections without having to modify a existing RasPi board.

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