Top 10 Best Kodi Sports Addons 2020

By | September 15, 2020

Best Kodi Sports Addons
Kodi sports add-ons often don’t work as well as many other add-ons since the content is not recorded and usually Live.

Live feeds for Kodi can be a hit-or-miss depending on how well maintained the add-on is.

One day an Addon will be working great and the next day is down.

With that said they are improving all the time.

Below are the best options currently available. If you find one that works well for you please share it in the comment section.

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Best Kodi Sports Addons 2020 Quick Overview

Addon NameRepo NameRepo URL Location
Sport HDBugatsinho
Sports LoungeFlecha
Rising Tides Mullafabz
The Loop Loop
Alpha Quadrant Diamond
Sportowa TV Mbebe
The End-ZoneGrindhouse
Sports ZigCy4Root
Torque Ezzer Macs
The Crew Crew Repository
Strike’s AllSportz RecapsRocks


Top 10 Best Sports Addons for Kodi 2020 with Details

  1. Sport HD
  2. How To Install Sport HD Kodi Addon

    Sport HD is a Kodi sports add-on located in the Bugatsinho Repository.

    The main menu has Live Events, Sports, Best Leagues, Settings and more.

    It pulls in feeds from SportHD and other websites and displays them in a long list to choose from.

    A green dot is next to the games available and will give several links to choose from.

    How To Install Sport HD

  3. Sports Lounge
  4. How To Install Sports Lounge Kodi Addon
    Sports Lounge is a Kodi sports add-on located in the Flecha Repository.

    It gives a long list of live games that can be watched with 3-5 different links to try for each.

    How To Install Sports Lounge Kodi Addon

  5. Rising Tides
  6. How to Install Rising Tides Kodi Sports Addon Update
    Rising Tides is a live sports and IPTV Add-on for Kodi.

    It has sections for Football Highlights, Sports Channels, Football, PPV Events, Extra and more.

    How to Install Rising Tides

  7. The Loop
  8. How To Install the Loop Kodi Addon Overview
    The Loop is a Kodi sports add-on located in the Loop repository that has been steadily updated and works very well.

    Sections include CBC Regional, Fan Zone, Fight Zone, Game Zone Replay, Golf 24/7, NBA Zone, NBC Sports Regional, NFL Zone, NHL Zone and more.

    How To Install the Loop

  9. Alpha Quadrant Sports

  10. Alpha Quadrant is a Kodi sports add-on with a lot of sections.

    Sections include Sports News and Documentaries, Channels, Replays, Sexy Sports and more.

    How To Install Alpha Quadrant

  11. Sportowa TV
  12. How To Install Sportowa TV Kodi Sports Addon
    Sportowa TV is an international Kodi sports Addon from Mbebe Repo.

    Sections include Sport 365 Live, Live Looker, Live, TVP Sport, Crickfree, Strims World,, SportsBay, TVCOM, and Live Channels.

    Each section has its own links to find a game so if one does not work or have a game another one likely will.

    How To Install Sportowa TV

  13. The End-Zone
  14. How To Install The End Zone Kodi Addon
    The End-Zone is a Kodi sports add-on located in the Grindhouse Repository .

    The main menu has sections for NFL, NBA, NCAAF, MMA/Boxing, and Wrestling.

    How To Install The End-Zone

  15. Sports Zig
  16. How To Install Sports Zig Kodi Addon

    Sports Zig is a Kodi sports add-on from Cy4Root Repository.

    Section include Sports Devil, Fitness, All Sports Replay, TAP, Swift, Laloa, and more.

    How To Install Sports Zig

  17. Torque
  18. Torque is a Kodi motor sports add-on all about racing, cars, bikes and more.

    Sections include Live Zone, Super Cars, Super Bikes, Car Shows, Virtual Racing, Formula 1 Archive, Specials, and more.

    How To Install Torque

  19. The Crew
  20. Best Sports Add-ons for Kodi 2020 Crew
    The Crew has become a great all-in-one add-on with many sections and categories including sports.

    The sports section has NCAA, MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, UFC, FIFA, LFL, Tennis, Moto-GP, Formula 1, NASCAR, WWE, Boxing, Misc Sports, Sports Channels and Sports Replays.
    Best Sports Add-ons for Kodi 2020 Crew Sports

    How To Install The Crew

  21. Strike’s AllSportz Recaps
  22. How to Install Strike’s AllSportz Recaps Kodi Add-on Ver 2.2
    Strikes AllSportz Recaps is a Kodi sports Add-on from Rocks Repository.

    Sections included NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, Sports-net,, MLS, FIFA TV, Golf, Tennis, FivB Volleyball, WWE, UFC, Rugby and much more.

    Steps To Install Strike’s AllSportz Recaps

Kodi media center is ever evolving and becoming better every day.

One of the things that makes Kodi such a valuable media center is not only because it is free but the add-ons that can be installed.

Sports add-ons for Kodi are in a state of evolution and not exactly perfect. With that said there are a few and more being created all the time.

When it comes to add-ons and Kodi it is usually never a good idea to rely solely on one.

Add-ons can go down for a variety of reasons from the coder not maintaining it to simply changes that are to drastic to fix.

Kodi has come a long way in recent years and steadily only gets better. As of right now relying only on Kodi for your favorite sports may be a challenge and a bit of a hit and miss.

If you have a favorite sports add on that you know works please let us know.

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Kodi Sports Addons 2020

  1. Tony Moore

    Guys anyone know where to find the Joyride Motorsports Addon now that Supremacy is gone from Kodi since late 2019 I am big into the Australian Supercars series and just missed the Bathurst Liquid Moly 12 hour.Thanks a million Brgds Tony Cork City.

  2. Bizz

    Hi I’m very new to this in fact today is my first time installing Kodi. What is the best addon for watching live uk and European football? I’m yet to try any and I just want some opinions 1st.

    P.S this website is awesome and so helpful?

    1. Patrick

      Rising tides app is the best at the moment but this can be hit and miss. Get on to show you how to put in the apps cheers

  3. 69er

    First THANKS for keeping your site up to date!!! It is extremely helpful

    All sports addons lately requiring RD or pins or pairing… even the Crew? ridiculous

    Also, when you post an updated “Best builds” could you please put up an updated list of the addons within the builds? Or atleast where to find the content within the builds would be great?

    1. Kev

      Must say I am struggling to find a good addon for Motorsport since Motoreplays and then JoyRide went down. I do hope it returns in a new repo or maybe someone can take that app and host it on a new server.
      We need a good motorsport addon as there really arent any right now :o(((((((


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