What is Kodi Media Center?

By | July 5, 2015

Kodi media center is a free software suite that can stream video and music content among other things.
Kodi was originally called XBMC which stands for Xbox Media Center.
Originally made to replace the first Xbox dashboard and add many cool features, it has since moved on and is know called Kodi.
Since it has moved away from the original Xbox it has moved into many other platforms.
Kodi can now be installed on anything from a desktop computer to a Raspberry Pi.
There are even apps for iPhone or android to install Kodi and stream your favorite content.
Kodi is popular because it provides a way to streaming content to whichever device it is being used on, plus it is free.
After Kodi is installed to take advantage of its many features plug-ins sometimes called add-ons are installed to stream video, music, or even check the weather.
Many popular add-ons such as 1Channel or Project Free TV allow a user to stream video content that would otherwise require a cable subscription.
A Plug-in/Add-on can be thought of like an app on a smart phone which simply allows Kodi to do many things depending on the user.
To get Kodi visit their download page here and download the software you will be using.
For example if you wanted to install into a desktop computer and download Windows version and install it.
It comes with an easy-to-install interface that will guide you through the steps.
Plug-ins or add-ons will need to be added on after it is installed.
A add-on can be installed from a file that is downloaded or a more popular way from a repository.
Repositories such as SuperRepo are popular since they contain most that add-ons already, and add-on simply needs to be clicked on to be installed.
Is a good idea to install more than one add-on as if there is a problem then another can be used until it is fixed.
For example Project Free TV and 1Channel are popular video streaming plug-ins for Kodi.
If one were to have a problem than the other can simply be used until the other is fixed.
Keep in mind this is all free and the updates are done when the creator has the time.
If you have not played with Kodi then it is definitely worth checking out if you are shopping for free media center.
As it is one of the top media centers and only gets better with every day.

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