What Can You Do With a Raspberry Pi?

By | February 12, 2015

What you can do with a Raspberry Pi

The users of Raspberry Pi are becoming numerous as it is a versatile, cheap, basic computer that can be coded to do many things from a security system to a media player, and the list keeps growing.
New ideas and projects are added daily as new ideas for the Raspberry Pi are thought of and made possible by home tinkerers, computer science students, business people, or just the plain curious.
In some cases the Raspberry Pi has moved into the business world for simple computer controls for prototyping of a product. Much as 3-D printing has become popular for prototyping and even in some cases manufacturing products, the Raspberry Pi has become the common computer controls for these ideas.
So What Can You Do with a Raspberry Pi?
Below are listed ten of the top fun projects to do with the Raspberry Pi along with video tutorials. But don’t let this list constrain your imagination as this is a simple and small taste of what can be really done. Because the real question is what would you like to do?
1… Create a XBMC / Kodi media player

2…Security Camera system

3…Host a website

4…Christmas light controller

5…RasPi supercomputer

6…Robot controller

7…Facial recognition

8…Home Arcade Box

9…Bitcoin Mining Rig

10…Create your own cloud server

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