Why Do Kodi Add-ons Buffer and Kick Connections?

By | November 13, 2015

Why Do Kodi Add-ons in Buffer or Kick a Connection

Anyone who has used Kodi before knows it can buffer, or simply not connect to a server at times. This is normal when it comes to Kodi and its add-ons.
Kodi and its plugins are not a huge conglomerate with tons of money to throw into server farms and stream video. It is a patch work of developers from Kodi itself to the add-ons that stream video.
Kodi itself is simply a media player that the developers have setup the framework for add-ons to be installed with the ability to play most any type of video format. Kodi also offers network connectivity which is important to stream content.
Add-ons are third party developers that use Kodi’s built in framework. Much the way a App works on a smartphone or tablet, add-ons give Kodi a user interface that users can stream content.
The servers that Kodi uses to stream content are also entities by themselves that are not connected to Kodi or the add-ons.
Most of the servers used are sites that can be watched from any computer directly from their websites.
Most of these websites show commercials which Kodi add-ons currently cut out.
Moving forward this may change and some server sites may force Kodi users to watch commercials to access their servers.
Ice Films is an example of this. While once it was one of the best Kodi add-ons they began to block Kodi users from their content. This is simply because running servers cost money which they pay for with commercials being played.
There is talk of Ice Films coming back to Kodi but with commercials. Other streaming video sites are also might follow.
Here are some example streaming sites Kodi uses.(There are hundreds)
So Why Does Kodi Buffer?
Kodi add-ons can buffer video for a number of reasons which I will list below.
Server IS Full
When too may users try and use the same server it becomes overwhelmed and slows down.
A full server can also deny anymore connections to its services. When this happens the server often gives out some generic error in Kodi.
If too may users are allowed on the same server than the bandwidth must be shared which slows everyone down.
Your Own Internet Connection
These days most everyone has Broad Band Internet but there are things that can slow a high speed connection.
The minimum bandwidth needed to stream online content is 2-3 MBps.
Other users in a home from playing video games to watching YouTube can hog up the bandwidth.
Most everyone uses WiFi for its ease of use, but it is not the best thing to use when it comes to streaming video content.
Many things can effect WiFi from distance to a microwave oven. If possible always use a wired connection to the router.
Internet Providers can also be a slow point. Even if your Internet Provider syas the speeds should be 50 MPBS down doesn’t mean it is.
Doing a internet speed test is a quick way to see how fast a internet connection is.
You can do a internet speed test here.
Keep in mind that certain technology such as Cable Modems can slow since the bandwidth in a neighborhood must be shared. This means that your internet speed can change depending on what time of day it is.
Kodi is ever evolving and in a constant state of change. For someone looking to cut the cable cord it can be a real benefit.
With that said Kodi is not for everyone. There is a bit of tehncality to it that many will not be able to understand or want to.
If you do understand Kodi and the way its different parts all work together it can be a really great tool when it comes to streaming content.

8 thoughts on “Why Do Kodi Add-ons Buffer and Kick Connections?

  1. Lance

    Does anyone know why Vidzi doesn’t continue to buffer in when paused? I understand full severs and overload not letting you link up but vidzi always links but pauses alot. So most links will buffer in while paused for a few min but not vidzi.

  2. Michele

    We use Kodi on our Firestick, we have exodus to watch shows and movies on. In the last couple weeks, exodus has begun to let us down. We will start watching something and it will “freeze up” and then just go back to the stream page. We have updated exodus and I believe Kodi as well. Do you have any other suggestions? I lack a little in the technology dept.

  3. Munshi

    I have a internet connection of 12mbps, I want to buy raspberry pi for kodi streaming in my tv. Do you think the internet connection speed is enough for streaming HD contents (I’ll use Ethernet)?

    Thank you

    1. WirelessHack

      The recommend minimum for HD content is 5 Mbps, and 3 Mbps with standard definition. You should be fine with 12 Mbps as long as your the only one using it.

      1. Benjamin Marin

        I have 2.01 Mbps tested DSL internet speed, with Intel 64 family 6 Model 37 stepping 5 i3 core HD graphics card, running on windows 7 Home Premium. My computer is a Samsung R580. My processor speed is M370 @ 2.40 GHz. Laptop is 64 bit. I have 3.80 usable memory ram. I have about 200 gb on the hard disk drives C and D. I am using the latest Kodi Jarvis with the Pulse build.

        My goal is to stream live tv sports at 480p – 1080p HD without buffering. What suggestions do you have about my technology that will allow me to reach my goal???

  4. Deborah

    Please help, my husband paid a lot of money for this pdr system that runs from kodi I guess, anyway he is so upset because we don’t know how to get to channels or the newest shows. Example he wants to watch wrestling on USA Monday and Friday. We can’t figure out how to get to it and we not spring chickens…lol anyway please help….

    1. WirelessHack

      There are a lot of YouTube videos on how Kodi works that may help. It may be confusing at first but once it is understood it is the best media player around.

      1. Kade woods

        Was wondering what’s the best add on through helix to get sports an movies on an when I click Genesis and on the lists nothing comes up


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