Pokemon Go and Cell Plan Data Usage

By | July 14, 2016

WiFi or Cell Plan Data Usage and Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has become beyond popular as of late and used by many to relieve boredom or just get out of the house.
As anyone who has played knows it requires a internet connection for data and GPS needs to be enabled.
Since you must leave the house to play using WiFi will be very limited and most will have to rely on their cell phone data plan.
So How Much Data Does Pokemon Go Need?
The average seems to be around 30 MB for 3-4 hours of playing.
There are other things that can run up your mobile data usage while playing which we will list below.
So What is a Good Cell Phone Data Plan for Pokemon Go?
Obviously this will depend on how much the game is played but for a user playing 3-5 hours a day a 1 GB Data plan would be needed.
This doesn’t take any other data usage in mind such as automatic updates or checking your social media.
Things To Help Stop Data Usage While Playing Pokemon Go.
1…Restrict Background Data
Users should restrict background data. This will stop other Apps from using data in the background when away from WiFi.
Things such as weather Apps, mail clients and so on will add to data usage which could be checked when you are on WiFi.
Android users can go to Data Usage in settings to see what apps are using the most bandwidth.
2…Download Google Maps and Go Offline
Pokemon go uses Google maps and your phones GPS to play.
By default Google maps will download and render every time it is called which isn’t necessary and uses up data.
While Google maps does need a occasional update to keep map data accurate it does not need to happen every time the game is played, and can easily be done with a WiFi connection once a week.
To do this go to the Google Map App select your Offline areas search the city you want to download and download it.
Do you have any tips or tricks to help slow bandwidth while playing Pokemon Go? let us know in the comments below.

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