Wireless Barcode Scanner for Listing Items On Amazon or eBay

By | December 9, 2014

Recently I was at a yard sell and noticed they had boxes and boxes of DVDs and CD’s everything from movies to video games all mixed together. At first I just glanced through them until the guy walked up and said take “Take them all for fifty bucks”.
It was obvious the guy was having some kind of hard luck and having to move for some reason. So on a whim I said ok 50 bucks. There were a lot of DVDs and CDs, I had to make two trips to get all the boxes but soon had them all home and piled up.
The first thing I did was look through them for any games or movies I would like then I began price checking them online. I soon found out that price checking items online by typing in the barcode was time consuming.
Next I got an app for my phone and started scanning them. Which is not bad for small operations like mine. But once again when I went to list them on sites like Amazon I had to sit and type the barcode into my computer to find the listing and list it.
I did this for a few hundred listings and then after looking at the thousands of more DVDs and CDs I had to go I started looking for a better option. Something that would help me speed things up make money and move on, possibly even buying more things to sell.
I knew I needed a barcode scanning tool of some type and not some expensive one. Just a simple scanner that would scan quicker than my phone and scan the numbers into my computer when it was time to list them.
The one I bought was the Inateck 2.4GHZ wireless / USB Laser Barcode Scanner but there are many others to chose from and I will list the top selling scanners at the bottom of this page, this one is simply the one that worked for me.
Bottom line is I love having a scan tool. Any time you can find a tool to make life easier take it, and for me this is one of them.
I can scan items away from my computer and it will store them until I connect it either wirelessly or though USB. It also connect to my Smartphone (Galaxy S4) with no problems and scan items online on-the-go at yard sells or where ever needed.
There is no doubt this can also be used for many other things such as a wireless POS system or tracking inventory. And while barcodes used to be something only a store used to track inventory and ring up a customer at the cash register. In today’s world with access to online databases scanners have come into their own.
If you are like me and need to make life easier and more organized than getting a scanner is a great option.



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