Wireless Charging Pad Kit can Fix the Broken Power Port On Your Smartphone

By | January 17, 2015

Wireless charging is becoming the standard with new smartphones such as the Galaxy S5 and Note 3. Using what is called the QI standard, new phones will no doubt make charging much easier.
But what about current phones such as the Galaxy S3 or S4 which are still popular phones.
Phones that do not have QI built in can be modified with a small thin strip that will transform a Non-QI phone to a QI compliant phone.
Wireless charging pad kit Galaxy s3 and s4
The first thing that came to mind when I seen these QI enabling tags was that this is perfect for someone who is having problems with the charging port.
Instead of having to pay someone to fix a bad charging port or tossing the phone a QI strip can be bought to modify the Non-QI phone. Also it is just cool to be able to charge a phone with no wires.
The QI enabling strips are placed on top of the battery and are easy to install. This sometimes can make the cover bulge out depending on the strip and how big the capacity of the battery is. Not all batteries are created equal also some will thicken as they grow older.
A second option is to buy a phone cover that that plugs into the power port and transforms a phone into a QI device.
Here Is an Example On Amazon
Samsung Galaxy S3 S i9300 QI Standard Wireless Charger Charging Receiver Tag -White

Once a phone is QI enabled a charging pad will also need to be bought.

One thought on “Wireless Charging Pad Kit can Fix the Broken Power Port On Your Smartphone

  1. Bem

    I see that most of these charger plug into the usp charging port on all andriods but the galaxies. I habe an lg aristo 2 with a broken usb charge port. It doesnt work at all. Will i still be able to use a wireless charging system?


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