Review: D-Link DCS-930L Wireless-N Network Camera

By | January 24, 2015

Wireless network IP camera

A wireless network camera can display real time images from a home or business. These cameras often called IP cameras are connected to your home wifi or Ethernet and than transmit images to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop when on the go.
These cameras can come on the cheap with basic functions to expensive ones having night vision, SD cards to record data, and waterproof outdoor cameras.
As an example lets take a look at the top selling IP camera on Amazon and its functions the D-Link DCS-930L.
Here It Is On Amazon
D-Link Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing (DCS-930L)
The D-Link DCS-930L a popular IP camera that can be setup in a home or business and connected to the wifi. It uses wireless N to connect to a router and sends images with a 640×480 resolution.
The base version can add features such as night vision and a SD recording card to record data. The base model comes with built in microphone to record audio.
To connect and see the video or audio when away from home Dlink has a web site interface that can be used for easy setup. But for more advanced users the IP of the camera can be port forwarded in a router and the camera can be reached from a external IP address anywhere in the world.
Port forwarding a IP camera is more technical but not too complicated. To port forward a camera the router being used and model number will be needed.
Every router has a slightly different way to port forward so no two are alike. But basically a port number the router is using such as 443 and the cameras Internal IP address are entered into a router setup menu in its port forwarding section.
Once this is done the external IP address can be used to talk to the camera. You can see your external IP address by typing “What is my IP address in Google”.
Once a router is port forwarded the external IP address can be used with a phone app or laptop browser to see images and sound.
Wifi network IP cameras are a great way to keep alerted to what is happening at a home or business when away. They can help give peace of mind about a residence when you are not physically there.


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