5 Fixes When “Callers Can’t Hear Me” on Android Phone

By | February 6, 2024

Fixes When Callers Can't Hear Me on Android Phone

  • When a caller can’t hear you, it is usually a microphone issue.
  • Often, the microphone pathway becomes blocked and can be cleaned out.
  • If the issue started after loading an app, remove it and test the Smartphone.

If your Android smartphone is having problems with callers who cant hear you, there are several fixes that can solve the issue.

This is a common complaint to smartphone repair and tech support is, “Incoming callers can’t hear me”.

If you have this problem, the first step is to test the receiver using a hidden diagnostic menu.

If a tone is heard, it means the receiver hardware is working and other fixes can be done.

Testing the receiver is very easy using the diagnostic menu, accessed by entering a code in the Android smartphone call pad.

A tone will sound off, so be sure not to be in any environment that may cause an issue.

Note: Not all Android smartphones have the diagnostic menu. Skip to the fixes below if your smartphone does not have the diagnostic menu.

How To Test an Android Smartphone Receiver

  1. Open the Dial Pad and type in the code *#0*#
  2. How To Fix Callers Can't Hear Me on Android Phone Step 1

  3. A Diagnostic Menu should Come Up, if not the phone does not have the option.
  4. Callers Can't Hear Me on Android Phone Step 2

  5. Press the Receiver options. (Note: A tone will sound off when pressed)
  6. Callers Can't Hear Me on Android Phone Step 3

  7. If a tone is heard, the problem is usually the microphone.

5 Fixes When Callers Can’t Hear Me on Android Phone

  1. Clean the Microphone Pathway Hole
  2. Callers Cant Hear Me 2023
    The most common problem when a microphone is not working is the pathway is clogged with dirt, grime, or other debris.

    This is such a common problem that it will be the first thing a cellphone technician will do if you take it to be repaired.

    It is very easy to clean the pathway but be sure not to press in too far or hard as to not damaged the microphone.

    The small SIM card pin that comes with the Android Phone is perfect for cleaning out the pathway but any small pin will work.

    Use a small pin and slowly clean out the microphone pathway hole.
    Clean the Microphone Pathway Hole
    Do not push in too far or hard as you don’t want to damage the microphone; only clean out any blockage.

    A video is at the bottom of the page of how it is done if a visual step-by-step is needed.

    Once done, restart the phone and test it by making a call.

  3. Restart the Phone
  4. Power Restart the Android Smartphone
    Restarting the phone will often clear out any bad data or errors.

    While the error likely will come back it is usually best to first restart the smartphone.

  5. Clear Cache
  6. Clear Cache
    Clearing the Cache on Apps can also help in some cases.

    The location can vary on Android smartphones, but commonly it is located in Settings–> Device Maintenance–> Storage–> Apps.

    Select an app and then clear cache.

  7. Check for Firmware or Updates
  8. Callers Can't Hear Me on Android Phone Check for Updates
    Check for a software or firmware update since there may be a known bug that has a fix available.

    For Android devices, new updates can usually be found by going to Settings–> Software Update and check to see if the system is up-to-date.

    Once updated, restart the phone.

  9. Disable Apps
  10. Callers Can't Hear Me on Android Phone Disable Apps
    A rouge app can cause problems with a smartphone. A badly coded or incompatible app can also sometimes cause issues.

    If you recently installed an app, it can be disabled to see if the issue is fixed.

    To disable an App go to Settings–> Apps–> Select an App and then Disable.

    Apps can also be disabled one-by-one to see if the problem clears.

If you are having issues with an Android smartphone and callers not hearing you the the most common fixes are above.

It can no doubt be very frustrating when callers can not hear you when talking.

There are a few fixes an average owner can do before taking it to a repair person.

The most common issue is that the microphone pathway is clogged with debris muffling your voice and stopping you from being heard.

The pathway can be cleaned out, just be careful not to go too far in and damage the microphone.

Other fixes include a restart, checking for updates, clearing the cache, and disabling apps.

If the above options fail to fix the problem it may be time to return the phone or take it to a repair person.

Have you had issues with a caller unable to hear you? Let us know your thoughts below.



20 thoughts on “5 Fixes When “Callers Can’t Hear Me” on Android Phone

  1. bonehead

    Not sure if it’ll help anyone but my issue was fixed when I turned off the dev option to limit sensor use and I believe this to be an issue because I also have google voice on my phone and it was possibly appearing to be an app that couldn’t get access to the mic. If you have not turned on dev options or this doesn’t make sense this probably won’t be a fix for you. Just figured id share this for boneheaded people like myself that might be out there.

  2. Harriet

    This happened once on an older phone about 3-4 months ago. I got a new phone a month or so ago, and this has happened twice on the new phone. Same carrier, same phone brand. Wondering if I need to just switch carriers. In 20 years of mobile phone ownership I had never before ever had this issue. Have had several phones from this manufacturer, but have only been with this carrier 2-3 years.

  3. Stacy F Felker

    If you do the don’t spy on me on your android then your phone turns off mic.turn off that new sitting and it will work again that’s on a Samsung phone.

    1. Zachary Graham

      How do you get to the setting to find out if it’s on or off?

  4. Damian Murphy

    HELLO I have a HTC desire mobile it work on normal call but when I switch to speaker person on the other end of the call can’t here me when I talk I can here them OK what would be problem thanks

  5. Theresa Padilla

    I’m having the opposite problem, they can hear me, but I can’t hear What can I do?

  6. Patty Davis

    The code *#0*# did not work for me. It gave me a error code. Is there anything else I can try?

    1. Carrie

      I had the same issue. MIght be cause I am using Visible phone service? Not sure, but got an error myself.

      1. Sherry Welter

        What are these codes *#0*# mean and where would you type them in at and for what exactly? My android Samsung phone volume is turned up all the way but my caller can’t hear me but I can hear them. Tried everything. Cleaned phone of cache, shut down, etc. Help! I really can’t get another phone right now.

        1. margo

          My new Moto has done this twice. I can hear the caller but the caller can’t hear me. It’s Android 12 right now. Restarting the phone has worked both times, but that’s not an ultimate fix. It’s not a blocked receiver hole. This is ridiculous.

          1. JB

            Well I know ‘misery loves company’ but for me Not So Much! I, too, cannot be heard by the auto-bot at credit card company. It’s the only place it’s happened, but it is important. But I am also very miffed by I’m on a 3rd cell in 7mos; I had an LG, which I really liked but at 2yr it was troubling but at metro ( why did I expect honesty?) I was told get a new cell. So I got moto ( I have issue w/ samsung) I adjusted to differences of moto, but it went nutty at 5mos. Really not functional, took 24 hours to charge 60%, etc,etc. So their answer was a new phone!! I had so many things on my mind I really didn’t realize I was really being hustled. Cell was 5mo old. Moto Co wanted me to send phone in for repair & they’d return it!! I am so P-O’d at me, being suckered & metro,for doing business like that. I’ll send a note to FCC , in case others have same issue… Anyway I ended up with a Samsung & apparently everything I call credit Co to make payments, they can’t hear me?? Of course I thought that their problem, but it’s mine if I can’t pay them. And a direct call didn’t help bc they can not hear me either. Did I mention how much stress I’ve been under for last year, no, 2 yrs. Is it asking too much to have a $300+ cell to function w/o having to find the fixes online~ SO FREQUENTLY.?

            WHERES MY SPEAKER?under this $40.cover- it would explain a lot.✌️

  7. obadaahloul

    Caller doesn’t hear my voice for the first few seconds of a call

  8. Phyllis R Brown

    I have the same problem , I can hear callers but they cannot hear me. HELP, I am going on a vacation and hoping everything works out. I will clean the microphone are 1st off. my phone was ewcently updated. My blue tooth is on. I will also call my carrier to speak woth them as well. Thanks

  9. C A Fletcher

    I have the same problem. Quite recent Samsung 12. If I call out it’s OK, but calls to me can’t hear me. Also Google mic can’t hear me

  10. Olu

    Thanks for saving my phone. I cleaned the microphone pathway, then switched the phone off and back on and the problem was sorted. I do appreciate your information write-up.

    1. Janice

      I had this same issue before and it came down to the microphone being used by the Assistant. However I can’t find how to remedy this situation. Can you offer any instructions to resolve this issue? Thanks either esy your posts sre informative and provide clear instructions. Happy Holidays


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