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Best Bluetooth Dongles for a PC Laptop or Desktop

It’s weird to think that the PC, arguably the most powerful and most versatile device anyone could have in their home, doesn’t have a Bluetooth adapter built-in. Sure some desktop motherboards do come with built-in Bluetooth capabilities but these are the exception and not the rule. Of course, this is nothing that a very minor investment can’t fix,… Read More »

Review: Alfa AWUS036ACH USB Adapter Type-C Version

Alfa has released two new wireless USB adapters with one being an updated version of the Alfa AWUS036ACH. The old version of the Alfa AWUS036ACH used a USB 3.0 Micro-B connection which while fast has not been used by many hardware manufactures in laptops, desktops, or smartphone. Type-C USB is widely used on new devices and the replacement… Read More »