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How to Get Rid of WiFi Dead Spots

Map the Problem Areas and Bad Spots Updated the Router Reposition Your Router for Better Signal Change Broadcast Channel Use a WiFi Signal Booster We have all been there before. We get our new router set up, go up to our bedroom, open Netflix to binge-watch our favorite series, and the video stutters and buffers because of a… Read More »

Review: Dodocool N300 Wireless-N Budget USB Adapter

The Dodocool N300 is a budget Wireless-N 2.4Ghz USB adapter. While it does not have the latest technology it is a very low-cost adapter and would fit into most any network. It is a small unit with a cap and built-in LED that flashes when connected to the WiFi. Specifications Wireless Protocol: 802.11n Compatibility: Work with 802.11b/g/n Chipset:… Read More »

3 Ways To Add WiFi to a Desktop PC

Adding WiFi to a desktop computer is easy to do with some options easier than others. There are basically three ways to add wireless to a PC including an external USB adapter, Ethernet WiFi adapter, and internal WiFi card. Here are the top three option for installing wireless to a desktop PC. 3 Way to Add Wireless to… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Ethernet to Wireless Adapters

Adding a WiFi signal to a device that only has an Ethernet port can be done with an adapter that converts the signal to wireless. An Ethernet-to-wireless adapter can add WiFi to any device that has an Ethernet port. This makes them ideal in many scenarios from connecting an old Xbox 360 to use WiFi, to upgrading the… Read More »