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Review: Alfa AWUS036ACHM Wireless USB Adapter

Alfa has released a new USB wireless adapter that uses the WiFi-5 802.11ac protocol. It is a larger WiFi adapter built for speed and distance along with a 5dbi antenna. This makes it a good fit for a desktop or laptop that needs a better wireless signal. It also has wide compatibility with almost any operating system including… Read More »

Review: Alfa AWUS036ACH USB Adapter Type-C Version

Alfa has released two new wireless USB adapters with one being an updated version of the Alfa AWUS036ACH. The old version of the Alfa AWUS036ACH used a USB 3.0 Micro-B connection that while fast has not been implemented by many hardware manufactures. I have reviewed the USB 3.0 Micro-B in the past which can be seen here. Type-C… Read More »

3 Ways To Add WiFi to a Desktop PC

Adding WiFi to a desktop computer is easy to do with some options easier than others. There are basically three ways to add wireless to a PC USB adapter, Ethernet WiFi adapter, and internal WiFi card. Here are the top three option for installing wireless to a desktop PC. 3 Way to Add Wireless to a Desktop PC… Read More »

Troubleshooting Common Windows 10 WiFi Problems

Windows 10, like all Windows versions, can have issues with the WiFi not working sometimes. Below are two of the most common problems and fixes to help get a Windows 10 computer back online. Troubleshooting Common Windows 10 WiFi Problems Check Drivers Check if Drivers are Working Download and Install Newest Driver for Your Device   The wireless… Read More »