Top Best Kodi Sports Addons 2019

By | August 10, 2019

Kodi sports addons often don’t work as well as many other addons since the content is not recorded and usually Live.
Live feeds for Kodi can be a hit-or-miss depending on the how well maintained the add-on is.
One day an Addon will be working great and the next day be down.
With that said they are improving all the time.
Below are the best options currently available. If you find one that works good for you please share it in the comment section.
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.
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A detailed version of this list is below along with how to install the add-ons.

Top Kodi Sports Add-ons Quick Overview 2019
Addon Repo Name URL
Sports Classic Shark
Pigskin Mancave Repo
Sportz Butter Fingers
Sportowa TV Mbebe
Strike’s AllSportz Recaps Rocks
Sport 365 Repo Name
Johki’s Wrestling Mancave
TV One Skymashi
Fight Tube Rocks
Rising Tides Loki
World of Wrestling Mullafabz


Top Best Sports Add-ons for Kodi 2019

  1. Sports Classic
  2. How To Install Sports Classic Kodi Addon
    Sports Classic is a Kodi Sports Addon from Shark Repository with many sections.

    It has sections for Sports Classic TV (IPTV), Live Events, Formula 1, Sports Classic Pass, Black Sheeps (Reddit), The Ace, Replays, All Sports, World Of Dirt, Shifting Gears Movies, VOD Movies, and more.

    Sports Classic has many categories all sports related from live events to replays and more.

    How to Install Sports Classic

  3. Pigskin
  4. How To Install Pigskin Kodi Addon
    Pigskin is a Kodi Sports Football add-on from Man Cave Repository.

    Section include This Weeks Schedule, NFL Live Games, News/Highlights, Football movies and more.

    How To Install Pigskin

  5. Sportz
  6. How To Install Sportz Kodi Addon
    Sportz is a Kodi add-on from Butter Fingers Repository that is all about Sports.

    Sections include Game Sports, Motor, Euro, Women’s, Combat, Documentaries, Wrestling, Fishing, and Hunting.

    How To Install Sportz

  7. Sportowa TV
  8. How To Install Sportowa TV Kodi Sports Addon
    Sportowa TV is an international Kodi sports Addon from Mbebe Repo.

    Sections include Sport 365 Live, Live Looker, Live, TVP Sport, Canale, Crickfree, Strims World and Live Channels.

    There are many sections with the Crickfree section having many USA and British games.

    How To Install Sportowa TV

  9. Strike’s AllSportz Recaps
  10. How to Install Strike’s AllSportz Recaps Kodi Add-on Ver 2.2
    Strikes AllSportz Recaps is a Kodi sports Add-on from Rocks Repository.

    Sections included NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, Sports-net,, MLS, FIFA TV, Golf, Tennis, FivB Volleyball, WWE, UFC, Rugby and much more.

    Steps To Install Strike’s AllSportz Recaps

  11. Sport 365 Live
  12. How To Install Sport 365 Kodi Addon
    Sport 365 Live is a Kodi sports add-on located for download from Bugatsinho Repository.

    It pulls in feeds from the Sport365.Live website and displays them in a long list to choose from.

    A green dot is next to the games available and will give several links to choose from.

    How To Install Sport 365 Live

  13. Johki’s Wrestling
  14. How To Install Johki’s Wrestling Kodi Addon
    Johki’s Wrestling is a new Kodi sports add-on from Man Cave Repository.

    Sections include RAW, Smackdown, WWE, Sports TV, Swift Streamz, USA Live and more.

    It not only has wrestling but most other sports as well. The Sports TV Live, Swift Streamz, and USA Live have many sports feeds and live streams.

    How To Install Johki’s Wrestling

  15. Self Less Live
  16. How To Install Selfless Live Kodi Addon
    Self Less Live is a Kodi IPTV Addon with Live TV Streams from Ghost Repo.

    Sections include Movies, TV Shows,, Mobdro, Swift Streamz 1/2, TV Tap, Red Box TV, and USA News.

    Each section is its own standalone live streaming source along wit many sports feeds. and Mobdro are the most well known and worked very well along with many of the others.

    How To Install Kodi Self Less Live

  17. TV One
  18. How To Install TV One Kodi IPTV Addon Sandman Repo
    TV One is a Live TV Kodi Addon thats been updated.
    Sections include Documentary, Food, Kids, Movies, Music, News, Religious, Sports, UK / USA, and more.
    The Sports Sections has a long list of Live streams.
    How To Install TV One

  19. Rising Tides
  20. Top Best Kodi Sports Addons 2017 Rising Tides
    Rising Tides is a live sports IPTV Video Add-on for Kodi that has been steadily updated.
    How to Install Rising Tides Kodi Addon Updated Overview
    It has tons of feeds from all around the world. It has sections for Sports Channels, Acestream, Football, PPV Events, IPTV Heaven and more.
    How To Install Rising Tides

  21. Fight Tube
  22. How To Install Fight Tube Kodi Addon
    Fight Tube is a Kodi sports Add-on from Rocks Repository.
    Sections include Bare Knuckle Gypsies, Behind the Glove, MMA, Boxing, Shaolin Kung Fu, Ultimate fighter, UFC, world Karate, Taekwondo, Wrestling, WWE, and more.
    It pulls in streams from YouTube in a nice well laid out format.
    How To Install Fight Tube

  23. World of Wrestling
  24. How To Install World of Wrestling Kodi Addon
    World of Wrestling is a Kodi Addon from Loki Repository.
    Sections include WWE, All In Wrestling, Impact, Ring of Honer, Lucha Underground, Japan Pro Wrestling, and Wolrd of Sports Wrestling and more.
    How To Install World of Wrestling

  25. The Loop
  26. How To Install The Loop Kodi Addon
    The Loop is a Kodi sports Addon from Loop Repository.
    Sections include CBC Regionals, Fan Zone, Fight Zone, Game Zone Replay, Golf 24/7, and Sports Regionals.
    How To Install The Loop

  27. Mobdro
  28. Top Best Kodi Sports Addons 2018 New Mobdro 777
    Mobdro is a popular Android APK that has live streams and can also be installed into Kodi.
    It is located in a few repositories with a recently update from Free World Repo.
    Categories include Channels, News, Shows, Movies, Sports, and Music.
    How To Install Modbro

  29. DeathStar
  30. How To Install Deathstar Kodi Addon
    DeathStar is a new Kodi Addon located in Ukodi1 and Team DNA Repositories.
    It is an All-In-One Kodi Addon with a section for most everything including sports.
    Top Best Kodi Sports Addons 2018 New Agust Setember DNA
    The DNA section of DeathStar has a sports category with a lot of sports content.
    How To Install DeathStar

  31. Supremacy Sports
  32. How To Install Supremacy Sports Kodi Addon
    Supremacy Sports is a Kodi Addon from Supremacy Repository that is all about sports.
    Sections include Ace streams, BT Sports, Football Documentaries, Live events, Reddit Soccer streams, Sports Channels, UKTV Sports, Sport Movies and WWE.
    It uses Plexus and SportsDevil plugins for live streams.
    How To Install Supremacy Sports

  33. SportsDevil
  34. Top Best Kodi Sports Addons 2017 SportsDevil
    SportsDevil is the oldest Kodi sports plugin and has been updated on and off over the years.
    There is several versions available with it often used by other Addons as a dependency.
    While it may not work on its own having the right version installed is often required since the code is used by many other sports Addons.
    Sections include Favorites, Blogs, Highlights, Live Sports, Sports TV, and Live TV with lot of sections and subsections.
    How To Install SportsDevil

Kodi media center is ever evolving and becoming better every day.
One of the things that makes Kodi such a valuable media center is not only because it is free but the add-ons that can be installed.
Sports add-ons for Kodi are in a state of evolution and not exactly perfect. With that said there are a few and more being created all the time.
When it comes to add-ons and Kodi it is usually never a good idea to rely solely on one.
Add-ons can go down for a variety of reasons from the coder not maintaining it to simply changes that are to drastic to fix.
Kodi has come a long way in recent years and steadily only gets better. As of right now relying only on Kodi for your favorite sports may be a challenge and a bit of a hit and miss.
If you have a favorite sports add on that you know works please let us know.



28 thoughts on “Top Best Kodi Sports Addons 2019

  1. Thomas Budd

    Hello. I used to subscribe to Sports Donkey, and had no problems with any sports channel. I can’t seem to subscribe anymore, don’t know why. Do you know of any really good PAID sports apps that I can install on Kodi?

  2. Tracey Campbell

    Does anyone know of a good add on for live horse racing we have mobdro but it sticks and often has sound and no picture very frustrating

  3. beth

    what is best addon for american pro and college football? TIA

    1. beth

      hate to post this here but i can’t find a solution. when i watch tv shows, SUDDENLY the screen is dark or dimmed?
      i remember seeing an option about “dimmer” but can’t find it?
      help plz…. this really sucks. beth

      1. Steve

        Go to system – interface – screensaver
        Change your screensaver to whichever u like, or ADD MORE and pick one of those, then change the time to 30, 45, 60 etc whichever u like. Your screensaver is set to 3 mins presently

  4. davepimpin

    SportsMatrix (formerly PureSports) found under MrBlamo repo. HD quality PPV and sports with no lag.

    You’re Welcome.

  5. Jeff

    SportsDevil is showing links to games for me but nothing is working anymore since around the time that the NHL and NBA playoffs started. SportsDevil was great and I am looking for a good replacement for it but no luck so far. Sports365 is pretty limited and in languages I can’t interpret and Pure is pretty so-so.. I’m going to try others. Any tips on whats best here for sports is appreciated.

    1. lorin

      install repo for Magic Dragon. find sports devil at video addons , update. last time worked great for nfl live

  6. RZ

    Sportsdevil has not been working properly for several weeks. I went through all the links and sometimes I was able to find a working link for nba playoffs, but it’s in extremely low definition. It looks like about time to dump kodi box now.

  7. Mark

    Really struggling with SportsDevil recently. Barely any links are working, and when they do they’re usually in a different language (other than english). Mainly trying to watch MLB with NBA and NHL playoffs as well.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Bizz

    Hi I’m very new to this in fact today is my first time installing Kodi. What is the best addon for watching live uk and European football? I’m yet to try any and I just want some opinions 1st.

    P.S this website is awesome and so helpful?

  9. Steve

    Sportsdevil not working and Maverick tv not working .No Sportsdevil in the past 6 months .

    1. Spimeson

      I’ve been having a hard time with sportdevil lately. Any news on it? Any help would be a big help!

  10. Larry

    Pro Sport and Sports Devil haven’t worked in over 6 months. Pure sports and Project D haven’t been very reliable at all. Even only just turning on my box I immediately get a Sports Devil failure message.

    1. Reggie

      There are several version of Sportsdevil which one are you using. The one from Supremacy is working good for me.

      1. kobedgt

        thats not working for me… it keeps loading and nothing comes up to play

      2. Larry

        i have updated sportsdevil on every repository i can find and it isn’t working. it’ll sometimes give the game but no streams work-blowing nearly 30 minutes of watching wheels thinking. are you watching any games on there? the last update date is 11/2017.

        i’ll try the Supremacy one again but I am sure i’ve tried it already. i read months ago that Sportsdevil was taken down.

  11. Api

    I tried install Golfing Wordl from but the näes are under construction.
    Can anybody help ? Api

  12. PJTrafford

    Thank you for your monthly updates they give so much info. It makes it so much easier to keep my android box running smoothly.

  13. Hope that helps

    Here’s what I’m using in order of quality. All four are streaming with no problems. The first two are reliably HD quality (For ESPN and the other major networks) .

    The second two are standard definition a lot of the time but do not buffer or hang.

    Rising Tides

    CEREBRO> Select mobdro > Select desired channel

  14. Marpi

    If these sits buffered their sports content by about 5 minutes , it should realy improve things. Most people should not care about a 5 minute lag on a live sports event and those that do can find another source.

  15. Patrick

    Just tried sportie and sports world and neither work. Do any really work?

    1. Kevin

      Sportie went down I believe. I’m still using SportsDevil and it works for the most part. Look for

  16. Im a novice at 84 years young, so much to learn in such a short time, will take all the help I can get. a



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