TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List [November] 2019

By | November 14, 2019

Best Kodi Addons November 2019
Kodi Add-ons are in a constant state of change with old ones that often were once the best sometimes replaced by new add-ons.

This page is regularly updated daily to reflect changes and show the top current best working Kodi add-ons.

We use a poll, testing, and user feedback to show which add-ons are the best and most popular.
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TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List November 2019
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The Top Best Kodi Addons November 2019

  1. The Crew
  2. Exodus Redux
  3. Magic Dragon
  4. Tempest
  5. Venom
  6. Tubi TV
  7. Scrubs V2
  8. Numbers
  9. Deciet (Down)
  10. Daja Vu
  11. Release BB
  12. IT
  13. FEN
  14. Mirror V2
  15. Luxray Video
  16. Visions of Destiny (Down)
  17. 7of9 (AIO)
  18. Miami Grice
  19. Alvin
  20. Firefly

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Best New and Updated Addons

Top Best Kodi Addons November 2019 with Details

  • The Crew
  • BEST WORKING KODI Addons The Crew
    The Crew is a Kodi video add-on from the Crew Repository.

    Sections include 24/7 Movies, Box Sets, Latest HD, Latest 4K, This Weeks Top 10, Academy Award, Stand-Up Comedy, Trakt List, Genres, Year, People, International, and much more.

    It is currently working very well pulling in many links with constant updates.

    The live sections are hit-or-miss if they work with the other sections with recorded videos working best.

    The Crew is a good add-on for watching movies, TV shows, and Live TV with updated almost daily.

    How To Install The Crew

  • Exodus Redux
  • BEST WORKING KODI Addons Exudus Redux
    Exodus Redux is a Fork from Exodus/Genesis Addons that works very well searching the internet and pulling in video links.

    Like other Exodus Forks it plays movies and TV shows in a well laid out format.

    It was updated to use the Open Scrapers to pull in links. The old version used Lambda Scrapers which hasn’t been updated in awhile.

    Exodus Redux hasnt been updated in awhile but uses the Open Scrpaers Muducal that is updated and whidley used by many other add-ons.

    Redux is a good Exodus Fork for finding links to movie and TV shows.

    How To Install Exodus Redux With Screenshots

  • The Magic Dragon
  • BEST WORKING KODI Addons Magic Dragon
    Magic Dragon is a very popular add-on with many sections including movie and TV show categories.

    It gives multiple links to choose from including Real Debrid which is separate from the standard links.

    Sections include People Watching, Catch Up TV, Documentary, Kids, Music, Movies, Radio, Sports, TV/Entertainment and much more.

    How To Install The Magic Dragon With Screenshots

  • Tempest
  • BEST WORKING KODI Addons Tempest
    Tempest is an updated Exodus/Covenant Fork that was updated and currently pulling in many links.

    Like Exodus and other Forks it has sections for Movies and TV shows along with many subsections.

    While testing it is currently pulling in many hundreds of links making it a nice new update to an old plugin.

    How To Install Tempest With Screenshots

  • Venom
  • BEST WORKING KODI Addons Venom
    Venom is a Kodi video add-on from Venom Repo that is good for watching movies and TV shows.

    It has sections for Movies, TV Shows, New, Recently aired, Search, Tools, and more.

    It is another Exodus Fork that pulls in links from its own sources making it a very good add-on.

    Since it is a an Exodus Fork the layout is familiar to Kodi users with different sources for movies and TV shows.

    How To Install Venom

  • Tubi TV
    Tubi TV is a Kodi video Addon that is fast and works very well.

    It doesn’t have the latest movies and TV shows but works very well with one-click to play a stream.

    Tubi TV is a must have video add-on for any Kodi setup with lots of content and sections.

    Sections include Search, Featured, Most Popular, TV shows, New releases, Leaving Soon, Recently Added, Not on Netflix, Action, Comedy, Drama, Comedies, Reality TV, Stand up and much more.

    How To Install Tubi TV With Screenshots

  • Scrubs V2
  • BEST WORKING KODI Addons Scrubs V2
    Scrubs V2 is a very good Kodi video add-on that has been steadily updated.

    It is a Fork of the once popular original Exodus with updated working code.

    Scrubs V2 has become one of the top Exodus Forks and a favorite of many since it has the same layout but updated and working.

    It is great for finding movies or watching TV shows with sections for Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Networks and more.

    How To Install Scrubs V2

  • Numbers
  • BEST WORKING KODI Addons Numbers
    Numbers is a great Add-on that has a lot of content including Movies and TV shows.

    The main menu has sections for Movies, TV Shows, My TV Shows, Networks, Box-Sets, Documentaries, Tools, and search.

    It also has many sub categories, such as Genres, Year, People, International, Comedy, Oscar Winners, and much more.

    Numbers is a great add-on that pulls in many standard and HD links.

    How To Install Numbers

  • Deceit
  • BEST WORKING KODI Addons Deceit
    Deceit is an all-in-one Kodi Addon from One Nation Repository that was recently updated and has a lot to offer.

    The movie and TV show section are well laid out making it easy to find what your looking for.

    The Live TV has seven popular IPTV Addons that will install automatically if wanted including World-TV, TV-TAP, Livenet TV, Swift Streamz, Mobdro, TV Channels, and M3U List.

    Other sections include Openload, Movies, TV shows, Trakt, Live TV, Listers, 24/7 Streams, Toons & Anime, Podcast, UK Radio, Real Debrid, Search, Click to Pair, and more.

    How To Install Deceit

  • Daja Vu
    Daja Vu is a new Kodi Addon from Kodiuk Repository.

    Sections include Movies, Debrid, 24/7, 4K UHD, YouTube Documentaries, Worldwide CCTV, Live in Concert, the Jukebox, Online radio and more.

    There is many different sections and sub-sections to find most anything along with pulling in many good links.

    How To Install Daja Vu

  • Release BB
  • Release BB is a Kodi video add-on from Bugatsinho Repository that received an update.

    Sections include Movies, TV shows, Search, Settings-Tools, Real Set View-Types, and Github-Help.

    There is many sections ans sub section to find most anything.

    It has standalone links along with Paring with Openload.

    Release BB is a great add-on especially for those who don’t mind Pairing.

    How to Install Release BB

  • Movie Theater Butter
  • Movie Theater Butter is a Kodi video plugin from the Diamond Wizard Repo.

    It is a Fork of the old Incursion add-on with updated code for links and plays streams with One-Click or from a long list.

    Movie Theater Butter is a great add-on for movies and TV shows.

    How To Install Movie Theater Butter With Screenshots

  • IT
  • IT is a new Kodi video add-on from T2K Repository.

    Sections include Movies TV Shows, Documentaries, Kids Area, Search, Tools, and more.

    How To Install IT

  • FEN
  • FEN is a Kodi video add-on located in the Tikipeter Repository.

    Sections include Movies, TV shows, Music, Search, Furk, Easy-news, Favorites, Subscriptions, Watched, In Progress, and more.

    How To Install FEN

  • Mirror V2
  • Mirror is a new Kodi video addon from Cy4Root Repository.

    Section include Movies, TMDB,TV Shows, New Episodes, IMDB List, YouTube Channels, VIP-Box, Tools, Online Status, and more.

    How To Install Mirror Video

  • Luxray Video
  • Luxray is a Kodi AIO (All-In-One) add-on from Luxray Repository.

    Sections include Movies, TV shows, Animation, Superheroes, Crime, Science, History, Supernatural, Fanatics, Stand up Comedy, Sports, Motorsports, Fight, Live TV, Music, and much more.

    So far it doesn’t have a lot of content available but what it does have it plays quickly with 1-click.

    How To Install Luxray

  • Visions of Destiny
  • Versions of Destiny is a Kodi add-on from One Nation Repository.

    Sections include Enigma, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Live, Trakt, Last played, Tools, and Search.

    How To Install Visions of Destiny

  • 7of9
  • 7of9 is an all-in-one Kodi Addon from the Diamond Wizard Repo that has a section for most everything and was recently updated.

    Sections include Movies, TV Shows, YouTube Theater, Kids, Classic Movies, Anime, Actor, Actresses, Trailers, Gangster, 24/7, Classic Radio Theater, Podcast, Music, IPTV, Documentaries, News, Sports, Adults and much more.

    There is also many sub-categories with a genre on most anything making it easy to find something to watch.

    How To Install 7of9 (AIO)

  • Miami Grice
  • Miami Grice is a Kodi video add-on from Grice Advice Repository.

    Sections include Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Kids Area, YouTube Videos, Search, Tools, and more.

    How To Install Miami Grice

  • Alvin
  • Alvin is a Kodi video add-on that is a Fork of Exodus located in the Octopus Repository.

    It has the same layout as Exodus with movies and TV shows along with a few added categories such as documentaries, networks, box-sets, and more.

    Alvin has been steadly updaed and is curently finding many movie and TV hsows links.

    How To Install Alvin

  • Firefly
  • Firefly is a Exodus Fork from Firefly repository tat has been updated.

    Like Exodus the menu has movies and TV shows but with updated code.

    The update has it usesing Open Scrapers when crawling for links which works very well.

    How to Install Firefly

  • Nitronix
  • Nitronix is a Kodi video add-on located in the Nitron Repository.

    Section include Movies, TV Shows, My Stuff, IMDB List, TMDB List, More Stuff, Search, Tools, and More.

    How To Install Nitronix

  • Phoenix Rises
  • Phoenix Rises is a new Kodi Addon from Team Falcon Repository.

    Sections include Phoenix TV, Vulcan Movies, Blaze Events, Icarus Kids, Ashes Docs, Luminous Music, Hot-stuff, and Search.

    How To Install Phoenix Rises

  • Leviathan
  • Leviathan is a new Kodi video Addon from Team Falcon Repository.

    Sections include Hot Movie List, Spotlight, Movies, Decades, Collection, Rated, Trakt, TV Shows, Cartoons, Channels, Search, Scraper Settings and more.

    How To Install Leviathan

  • Beta Quadrant
  • Beta Quadrant is a Kodi IPTV add-on with a lot of sections.

    Sections include Sports News and Documentaries, 24/7 Streams, IPTV M3U, News, and more.

    How To Install Beta Quadrant

  • Alpha Quadrant
  • Alpha Quadrant is a Kodi sports add-on with a lot of sections.

    Sections include Sports News and Documentaries, Channels, Replays, Sexy Sports and more.

    How To Install Alpha Quadrant

  • XTASY D is a Kodi plugin that has many unique categories.

    Sections include Music, Paranormal, TV Shows, Mysterious, Extreme Sports, Game Shows, Retro Kids, Fight Club, Documentaries, Earth, Nature, Wildfire, Delicious, Magic, Fitness, Workout, You-tubers and more.

    How To Install XTASY D

  • Apocalypse 720
  • Apocalypse 720 is a Kodi video add-on located in the Nole Dynasty Repository.

    Sections includes TV shows, New Releases, Actions, Animation, Classics, Comedy. Crime, DC Comics, Drama, Horror and much more.

    While testing it worked very well with 1-Click to play a stream.

    It requires a PIN to work that last 4 hours before it needs renewed.

    The PIN is located at a URL that is surrounded by ads but does work.

    How to Install Apocalypse 720

  • Balandro
  • Balandro is a Kodi video Spanish/English add-on located in the Canal Nereo/Balandro Repository.

    It has section for movies, TV shows, documentaries and more.

    When a video is selected it gives the option to play it in Spanish or English.

    While testing it has been working very well with 1-Click to play a stream.

    How To Install Balandro

  • Collective
  • Collective is a Kodi video, kids, and music add-on from Incendiary-Pyro Repository.

    It has sections for Classic TV, Music Hot List, Top Tracks, Temper, Tube-Toons, and Tube Flix.

    The classic TV section has All-in-the Family, Bonanza, Dragnet TV, Head of the Class, Nancy Drew and Beverly Hillbillies.

    The music section has a category for most any music genre from Country to Pop and Rock.

    Since it pulls in streams from YouTube there is no buffering and 1-click to play.

    How To Install Collective

  • xStream
  • xStream is a Kodi German video add-on located in the Absolut Repository.

    There are many sections each with its own streams and links. If one does not work another likely will.

    How To Install xStream

  • Nole Cinema
  • Nole Cinema is back and located in a repository called Magnetic.

    It has many sections for movies and TV shows with Genres and Box-sets along with many sub sections.

    Nole Cinema is mainly setup to work with Debrid accounts but also has a search option to pull in free links.

    How To Install Nole Cinema

  • Chains of Absolution
  • Chains of Absolution is a Kodi AIO (all-in-one) add-on located in Luxray Repository.

    Sections include Debrid Locker, Movies, TV shows, Kids Zone, WWE Universe, Documentaries, Regeneration, Add-ons, and Search.

    How to Install Chains of Absolution

  • Fractured
  • Fractured is a Kodi AIO (All-In-One) add-on located in the Fractured Repository.

    Section include Click to Pair, TMDB moves and TV shows, Trakt, Fanatics, Moviefone Trailers, Live TV, Live Sports, Sports Replays, Music, Kids, 24/7, Newscast By state, and much more.

    How To Install Fractured

  • RooBoys
  • RooBoys is a Kodi video add-on from Grice Advice Repository.

    Sections include Movies, New, Decades, Collections, TV shows, Episodes, Decades, Cartoons, Documentaries, Channels, Search, Tools, Scraper Settings, Extended categories, Kings of Horror, Urban and much more.

    How To Install RooBoys

  • Defalt
  • Defalt is a new Kodi video add-on from the Defalt Repository.

    Section include Search, BNW Movies, TV Shows, Creature Feature, DIY, Documentaries, Kids, MMA, Motozone, Redneck Sports, Wrestling, Standup Comedy, Game Shows, YouTube Boxing, YouTube MMA, Authorize Debrid, and Settings.

    How To Install Defalt

  • Laplaza
  • Laplaza is a Placenta Fork Kodi video add-on from Cy4Root Repository.

    Section include Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, New, YouTube Channels, Search, and more.

    How To Install Laplaza

  • Channels
  • Channels is a Kodi Addon from Butter Fingers Repository.

    Sections Live Channels, Horror , Sci-Fi, Family, Sports, Anime, Animations, Documentary, Classic Movie, Mixed and By Year Playlist.

    How To Install Channels

  • Movie Rulz
  • Movie Rulz is a Kodi video Addon from Reasons Repository that has English and Hindi Movies.

    Sections include Bollywood and Hollywood Movies.

    How to Install Movie Rulz

  • TAZ
  • TAZ is an Exodus Fork located in the Octopus Repository that has been updated to a new version 3.0.

    It is a Fork so has the same layout as Genesis/Exodus with movies and TV shows sections.

    It has been working well and a good add-on for those who like undated Exodus Forks.

    How To Install TAZ

  • Marauder
  • Marauder is a Kodi add-on from One Nation Repository.

    Sections include Movies, TV Shows, The Movie Chest, IMDB Top 250, Hack The Planet, Box-sets, Tools, Search and more.

    How To Install Marauder

  • The Red Queen
  • The Red Queen is an all-in-one Kodi add-on from Umbrella Cooperation Repository.

    Sections include Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Live TV, Trekkie Heaven, Sports, Trakt, Networks, Online TV Channels, Search, Settings, Debrid, Pair with sites, Adult, and more.

    The Red Queen is an add-on with many categories and sub-categories to find most anything.

    How To Install The Red Queen

  • Resistance
  • Resistance is a Kodi video Addon located in Golden Gun Repository.

    It has sections for Movies, TV Shows, Extra, Tools, Search and many subsections.

    Subsections include Genres, Year, People, Languages, Certificates, People watching, Most Popular, Most voted, Oscar Winners, IMDB Top 100, and much more.

    How To Install Resistance

  • Einthusan
  • Einthusan is a Kodi Bollywood video Add-on from Reasons Repository.

    Sections include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, and Punjabi, with each section having lots of content and a search option.

    It works with 1-Click to play a stream and so far a good add-on for Bollywood movies.

    How To Install Einthusan

  • Watchdogs
  • Watchdogs Video is an update to the old Watchdogs Kodi video add-on located in the Golden Gun Repository.

    Sections include Watchdogs Extras, TV Shows, swift-streams, Docs, Search, Tools and more.

    How To Install Watchdogs Video

  • Electron
  • Electron is a Kodi add-on located in Luxray Repository that is all about science.

    Sections include Space, Earth, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Archaeology, Technology, Meteorology, and Science of the Dead.

    How To Install Electron

  • Cypher Media
  • Cypher Media is a great new Kodi add-on from Cypher Locker Repository.

    Sections include Movies, TV shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, TV Calendar, Live IPTV, Holiday Movies, Comic Book Movies, Anime, Manga, Documentaries, Search, Tools, Scrapper Settings, and more.

    How To Install Cypher Media

  • Bone Crusher Reborn
  • Bone Crusher Reborn is an update to the old Bone Crusher add-on located in Golden Gun Repository.

    Categories include Movies, TV Shows, Swift Streams, docs, New, Recently Aired, Search, Tools, and more.

    How To Install Bone Crusher Reborn

  • Legion Final Absolution
  • Legion Final Absolution is a Kodi AIO add-on located in Luxray Repository.

    Sections include New Releases, Cams, The Vault, Weekly TV, Kids zone, real Debrid, Elvis, Box-sets, Ghost Ad-on and Luxray Prime Add-on.

    How To Install Legion Final Absolution

  • Enigma
  • Enigma is a Kodi add-on from One Nation Repository with many sections and categories.

    Sections include Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Toons/Anime, Comedy, Classics, Music, Ambient, Search and more.

    How To Install Enigma

  • End-Zone
  • The End-Zone is a Kodi sports add-on that is all about football.

    The main menu has sections for NFL and NCAAF.

    How To Install The End-Zone

  • Come At Me Bro
  • Come At Me Bro is a Kodi boxing and fighting add-on from Luxray Repository.

    Sections include Fight-box, Boxing, Street Fights, UFC, and Knockouts.

    How To Install Come At Me Bro

  • Chucky Video
  • Chucky is a Kodi video add-on from Cy4Root Repository.

    Section include Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, New, Kids Collection, YouTube Channels, Tools and more.

    How To Install Chucky Video

  • Adriana Europe
  • Adriana Europe is an IPTV Kodi Addon from Zadar Repository.

    Sections include Germany, Spain, Turkey, and United Kingdom.

    How To Install Adriana Europe

  • Documentary Empire
  • Documentary Empire is a Kodi video add-on from Luxray Repository.

    Sections include Crime, Science, and History.

    How To Install Documentary Empire

  • Pavoo TV
  • Pavoo TV is a IPTV Kodi Addon from Zadar Repository with live TV from all around the world.

    Sections include Pavoo TV EX-YU, Germany, Turkey, Sports, and Kino.

    How To Install Pavoo TV

  • Area 51
  • Area 51 is a Kodi 1-Click video add-on from Luxray Repository that is all about Sci-Fi and the supernatural.

    Sections include Sci-Fi Movies, Sci-Fi TV shows, Ghost, Aliens, Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons.

    How To Install Area 51

  • Troma Films
  • Troma Films is a Kodi add-on from Butter Fingers Repository.

    Sections include Movies, Genre Listing, Crusaders, Shorts, and more.

    Troma is a Film studio that created many B-movies. The company produced low-budget independent films, primarily of the horror genre. Many of them play on 1950s horror with elements of parody.

    How To Install Troma Films

  • World TV
  • World TV is a Kodi IPTV (Live TV) add-on from Man Cave Repository.

    Section include Sports, Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, South Indian, Kids, Religious, Portugal TV, Science, UK, USA, Arabic, Bangla, Indonesian, Australian, German, French, and much more.

    How To Install World TV

  • Pigskin
  • Pigskin is a Kodi Sports Football add-on from Man Cave Repository.

    Section include This Weeks Schedule, NFL Live Games, News/Highlights, Football movies and more.

    How To Install Pigskin

  • Self Help
  • Self Help is a Kodi add-on from Luxray Repository.

    Sections include Laughter Will Heal the Soul, Addiction Help, Thought Help, Relationship Help, and more.

    How To Install Self Help

  • Ultra Instinct
  • Ultra Instinct is a new Kodi Anime and Cartoon add-on from Luxray Repository.

    Section include Dragon Ball Super, Avatar The Last Air Bender, Animated Movies, Cartoons, Dubbed, and Subbed.

    The links work with 1-Click and so far working very well.

    How To Install Ultra Instinct

  • TechStreams Free-For-All
  • TechStreams Free-For-All is a new Kodi video add-on from Man Cave Repository.

    Section include Movies, TV shows, MC Jams, Kids Section, Free TV, Music Choice, Real Debrid Login, Settings, and Clear Cache.

    How to Install TechStreams Free-For-All

  • Voodoo
  • Voodoo is a Kodi add-on from Hell Hound located in the Ezzer Mac Repository.

    Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Nole Cinema, Ghost IPTV, All For Kids, Movie-TV 24/7, Search, and Settings.

    How To Install Voodoo

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies is a Kodi video add-on located in the Aliunde Repository.

    Sections include, Bolly, Cine-Box, Goldmines Action, Hindi, Houseful, Movies, Premiere, Tele-films, Collections, Movie World and much more.

    How To Install Bollywood Movies

  • Flux It
  • Flux It is a Kodi Live TV add-on located in the Aliunde Repository.

    Section include Flexus, Lodge TV, stratus TV (Brazil/Portugal), and Flexus Radio.

    How To Install Flux It

  • DeathStar
  • DeathStar is an add-on that includes many other add-ons, categories, and sections to find most anything.

    It is a collaboration of many developers and combines some popular add-ons into one place including WoW, Ghost, Nole Nation, M.E.T.V Athena, Modus Operandi, Voodoo, Devastation, House Of Blue, American Gods Truth, Leviticus, Mysterious, One Click, Expose, Wumpa Fruits, Patriot, The Mad Titan, Raven, EIM and more.

    Each add-on within DeathStar is different and full Kodi plugin on their own.

    This means there is a lot of categories and sections to find most anything, including movies TV shows documentaries, sports and more.

    How To Install DeathStar

  • Fido
  • Fido is an older Kodi video add-on that has been recently updated. It has a lot of streams and sources from movies and TV shows, to Live TV options.

    Sections include favorites, 24/7 shows, Live TV, Music, Classic Movies/TV, Movies, Kids Area, Stand Up Comedy, Fitness, TV Box sets, Faith in Humanity, Need for Speed, and more.

    How To Install Fido

  • Tech Streams
  • Tech Streams is a Destiny Fork from Man Cave Repository.

    Section include Movies, TV shows, Kids, Live Sports, Live TV, My Favorites, Settings, Enable Real Debrid, Clear Cache, Update Sources, Recover From Backup, Change Log, Check Sources, Last Played, Search, and Tract.

    How To Install Tech Streams

  • IcDrama
  • Ic-Drama is a Kodi add-on located in the Aznhusband Repository that has Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese movies and TV shows.

    Sections include saved list, recent updates, HK Drama, HK Movies, Variety, Chinese, Drama, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Korean Drama, Japanese, animation and more.

    How To Install IceDrama

  • AnimeToon
  • AnimeToon is a Kodi Cartoon Anime add-on from T2K repository.

    Sections include Cartoons, Anime, Kids Movies, Kids TV Shows, Little Kingdom, Learning Fun, Animal Moves, YouTube Heaven and more.

    How To Install AnimeToon

  • Strike’s All-Sportz Recaps
  • Strikes AllSportz Recaps is a Kodi sports Add-on from Rocks Repository.

    Sections included NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, Sports-net,, MLS, FIFA TV, Golf, Tennis, FivB Volleyball, WWE, UFC, Rugby and much more.

    How to Install Strike’s AllSportz Recaps

  • Medusa
  • Medusa is a Kodi video add-on that is a Fork from the old Neptune Rising add-on.

    Sections include Movies, TV shows, Top, Playlist, IMDB, Critters Corner, What The Fork, My Movies, Tools, and Search.

    It is a Fork of the once very popular Neptune Rising / Poseidon add-on.

    Medusa was located in the UK1 Repo but is now available from Ezzermacs.

    How To Install Medusa

  • Debrid Cave
  • Debrid Cave is a Kodi video add-on for more advanced users which requires a Real Debrid account.

    Sections include Debrid Setup, Movies, TV Shows, PPV Replays, PPV/Live events, and more.

    How To Install Debrid Cave

  • Boxset Kings Reborn
  • Boxset Kings is a Kodi Video Addon that is all about Movie and TV show Box-sets.

    Sections include Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, and Western.

    It is located in the Cellar Door TV repository and has been recently updated and currently working very well.

    How To Install Boxset Kings Reborn

  • Still I Rise
  • Still I Rise is a Kodi video add-on with many unique categories.

    Sections include Movie, TV shows, Nightmare Reborn, Buffalo Bills True Love, Jason’s Camping Activities, Deep Space, Haddonfield Murder Mysteries, Laughing it up, Leather Faces Crime Scenes, Dracula, and Much more.

    How to Install Still I Rise

  • USS Defiant
  • USS Defiant is a Kodi video add-on located in the Diamond Wizard Repo that has many categories.

    Sections including Hot Movie List, Spotlight 1930-1959, Movies, TV Shows, Decades, Collections, Trakt, Cartoons, Documentaries, Channels, Tools, Scraper, and Settings.

    There is also an extended category sections that includes Movies Time, Kings of Horror, Kung Fu, Urban, Sci-Fi, Kids Corner, Fitness Zone, Legends of Music, and Podcast.

    How To Install The USS Defiant

  • Kiddo
  • Kiddo is a new Kodi Addon from Cellar Door TV Repository that is all about animation.

    Sections include Animation movies, Family movies, By Year, Classics, Short Films, superheros, Cartoon Genres, Tv shows, Retro Cartoons, Video Games, Anime Zone, Box-sets, Leraning, 3D Movies, 4K UHD Movies and much more.

    Kiddo is a great Add-on for animation from old classic cartoons to movies and anime.

    How To Install Kiddo

  • Mad Debrid
  • Mad Debrid is for more advanced Kodi users who use Real Debrid.

    The main menu has My Downloads, My Torrents, and Account.

    How To Install Mad Debrid

  • Temp-TV is a great new IPTV and 1-Click Kodi video Addon.

    Sections include Entertainment, Movies, Kids, Sports, News, Music, 24/7, 1-Click Movies, 1-Click Shows, Pluto TV, Foreign Channels, Settings and Refresh.

    The streams work very well with 1-Click to play.

    How To Install TEMPTV

  • ODIN
  • ODIN is a great all-in-one Kodi Addon located in Golden Gun Repository.

    Categories include Movies, TV Shows, Tunes, Bone Crusher Old, Tools, and Search.

    Odin is an older add-on once located in Hell-hound repository which shut down and is now located in the Golden Gun Repository.

    How To Install ODIN

  • Super Flix
  • Super Flix is a Kodi animation add-on from Butter Fingers Repository that is all about Superheroes.

    Sections include Marvel, DC, More Supers, Super Channels, Other Superheroes, Super Documentary, Super Fan Films, Classic, Super Serials, and PJ Mask Cartoons.

    How To Install Super Flix

  • Wonderful Subs
  • Wonderful Subs is a new Kodi Anime add-on located in the DxCx Repository.

    Sections include Airing Anime Calender – Anichart, All, A-Z Listing, Genre and Tags, Latest, Popular, Random, Search, and Settings.

    Wonderful Subs is a great new add-on for anime fans with lots of content and working links.

    How To Install Wonderful Subs

  • I AM EGO
  • I AM EGO is a new Kodi video add-on located in the Golden Gun Repository.

    Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Family, New Movies, Documentaries, Search, Tools and more.

    So far it is working very well puling in many good links.

    How To Install I AM EGO

  • Little Kingdom
  • Little Kingdom is a new Kodi kids add-on from T2K Repository.

    Sections include Spelling, Story Bots, Justin Time, Puffin Rock, Roblox, Dance Stuff, Nursery Rhymes, Trucks and more.

    How To Install Little Kingdom

  • The Wrestlers
  • The Wrestlers is a Kodi sports add-on from Butter Fingers Repository.

    Sections include WWE, ROH, Impact, Women’s, Legends, Legends, Classic ECW, Documentary, Indie, and much more.

    It pulls in streams from YouTube and takes only 1-Click to play a stream.

    How To Install The Wrestlers

  • Kingdom
  • Kingdom is a new Kodi video add-on from T2K Repository.

    Sections include Movies, Popular, Trakt, TMDB, Trailers, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror and more.

    How To Install Kingdom

  • J1TV
  • J1TV is a Kodi add-on that pulls in streams from YouTube with a well laid out menu system.

    Sections include Mozic, Docula, DIY Fix, Anti-mate, Kids Club, and Butter Fingers.

    Since it pulls in streams from YouTube It only takes 1-Click to play a stream.

    How To Install J1TV

  • Destiny Greased Lighting
  • Destiny Greased Lighting is a new 1-Click Kodi video add-on from the Diamond Repository.

    Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Actors, NBA, Live Sports, Acestreams, M3u8 List, My favorites, Jen List, Settings, Enable real, Debrid, Clear Cache, Recover from Backup, Search, Trakt and more.

    Many subcategories are included to find most anything.

    How To Install Destiny Greased Lighting

  • MTB’s Greased Lighting
  • Greased Lighting is a new 1-Click Kodi video add-on from the Diamond Repository.

    Sections include Movies, TV shows Actions, Search, Trakt, URL Resolver, Clear Cache, Kings of Horror, Urban, Sci-Fi, Documentaries, Kids Corner, Fitness, Music, and Podcast.

    Greased Lighting works by searching for links and auto-playing. So far it has been working very well.

    How To Install MTB’s Greased Lighting

  • Unfocused
  • Unfocused is a new Kodi add-on located in the Unfocused Repo.

    Sections include Dead-of-night, Justice, lnl, Outlaw, Rico, Sanity, and Scythe.

    Each section has its own movies and TV shows related to that category.

    How To Install Unfocused

  • Golden Age
  • Golden Age is a Kodi add-on from the Diamond Build Repo that is all about old classic movies.

    Sections include Actions, Adventure, Animation, Classic, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War, Western, and Search.

    The streams work with 1-Click to play a movie.

    How To Install Golden Age

  • Fladnag’s Kids BoxSets
  • Fladnag’s Kids BoxSets is all about kids movies.

    Sections inldue Kids Movies, Kids Box-sets, TMDB Animation Movies, Disney, and Pixar.

    How To Install Fladnag’s Kids BoxSets

  • Fladnag Movies
  • Fladnag Movies is an all-in-one Kodi Addon with a category for most anything.

    Sections include Click-To-Pair TMDB, IMDB, Trending, Popular, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, TV movies, Thriller, War, Western, and Search.

    How To Install Fladnag Movies

  • Real Stream
  • The Real Stream is a Kodi Spanish video add-on that has a lot of movies.

    Sections include the Movie DB, Buscador, Authorize Openload, Test, Menu, Favorites, and more.

    While testing it worked very well with one-click to play a stream along with an option to watch the movie trailer.

    How to Install Real Stream

  • Snag Films
  • Snag Films is a Kodi plugin that has movies and TV shows that play with 1-Click.

    Sections include TV shows, Animation, African Movies, Arts and Culture, Bollywood, Biography, Classic Movies, Celebrity, Drama, Foreign, Fantasy, Horror, History, Politics, Romance, Sports, Sci-Fi, Shorts, and War, and more.

    It doesn’t have the latest movies and TV shows but has a huge selection of free content of older movies and TV shows.

    It is located in the default Kodi Repository with no need to type in a URL.

    How To Install Snag Films

  • Popcorn Flix
  • Popcorn Flix is a Kodi video plugin that streams movies and TV shows with 1-Click.

    Sections include TV shows, New Arrivals, Most Popular, Staff Picks, Drama, Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Sfi-Fi, Mystery, Family, Western, Date Night, Old School Cool, Foreign Films, Documentaries, Asian Action, Standup Comedy and Espanol.

    Much like Tubi TV it doesn’t have the latest movies and TV shows but has a huge selection of free content.

    The videos play with one-click with no buffering or searching for links.

    It is located in the default Kodi Repository that comes installed automatically in every setup.

    How To Install Popcorn Flix

  • Aerobic
  • Aerobic is a Kodi add-on all about working out located in the Kodileia Repository.

    Sections include Zona Fitness Dance, Kids, Combat, Indoor, Gym Virtual, Meditation, Sport, and more.

    All the streams are from YouTube so there is no buffering all in a well laid-out menu.

    How To Install Aerobic

  • Limitless
  • Limitless is an all-in-one Kodi add-on from Luxury Repository.

    It has sections for Movies, TV shows, Kids, Sports, Real Debrid Lounge, Comedy Night, 24/7, News, Live TV, and Pair with sites.

    Subsections include 4K movies, Genres, Blue-ray, Year, Horror, and much more.

    How To Install Limitless

  • The Great Escape
  • The Great Escape is a Kodi add-on from One Alliance Reborn Repository.

    Sections include Movies, TV, Music, Podcast, Anime, and Search.

    It is a good plugin with the many sub categories the podcast and music section are currently not working.

    How To Install The Great Escape

  • The Warriors
  • The Warriors is an Italian Kodi video add-on from the Stefano Repository.

    Section includes Film, TV Serie, Cartoni, Documentari and more.

    It is a 1-Click to play plugin with Italian content.

    How To Install The Warriors

  • Docula
  • Docula is a Kodi addon from Butter Fingers Repository that is all about documentaries.

    Sections include Crime, History, Mixed, Music, Mystery, Nature, Space, UFO and more.

    It pulls in feeds from YouTube and takes plays streams with one-click.

    YouTube has thousands of documentaries watch with the Docula plugin giving them a well laid out menu and category to find a documentary on most anything.

    How To Install Docula

  • Alfa
  • Alfa is a Kodi Spanish video add-on located in the Catoal Repository.

    It has sections for movies, TV Shows, Anime, Documentaries, Direct, Downloads, and more.

    How To Install Alfa

  • Butter Fingers Movies
  • Butter Fingers Movies is a new Kodi movie add-on that pulls in streams from YouTube in a well laid out menu.

    Sections include Action, Comedy, Crime, Documentaries, Horror, Movie Mix, Sci-fi, Sports and more.

    Since it pulls in streams from YouTube It only takes 1-Click to play a movie.

    YouTube has many thousands of older movies and B-Movies to watch which this add-on makes easy.

    How To Install Butter Fingers Movies

  • Seren
  • Seren is a Kodi video add-on for more advanced users from Nixgates Repository.

    Sections include Discover Movies, TV Shows, Search and Tools.

    It does not pull in free links but is setup to use with Real Debrid and Trakt.

    If you use Real Debrid or Trakt it is a good add-on otherwise it is best to use another one as it will not pull in links.

    How To Install Seren

  • Kids 1-Click Movies
  • Kids 1-Click Movies is a new Kodi add-on from T2K repository.

    The menu options are Authorize Debrid, Pair Openload and 1 Click Movies Family. The Pair Openload is used to pull in streams from Openload.

    It is not necessary to Pair but does pull in more working links.

    How To Install Kids 1-Click Movies

  • T2K 1-Click Movie
  • T2K 1-Click Movie is a Kodi Addon that has a simple menu built to play movies.

    It was recently updated along with a new Repository URL.

    The menu options are Authorize Debrid, Pair Openload and T2K 1 Click Movies, and 4K Movies.

    After selecting a movie a box comes up that gives 3-4 link options, trailer, and search.

    How To Install T2K 1-Click Movie

  • A Pirates Life For Me
  • A Pirates Life For Me is a great new Kodi video add-on located in the Diamond Wizard Repository.

    It as many good sections to find the best links for any Kodi box set up.

    A Real Debrid section is optimized to work for those with Real Debrid accounts

    The Direct Links section plays streams with 1-click (No Real Debrid account needed).

    The Movie Theater Butter section gives a long list of links to choose from.

    It is a great new add-on with many sections and working very well.

    How To Install A Pirates Life For Me

  • Aliunde
  • Aliunde is a Kodi all-in-one Addon with a section for most anything.

    Sections include Movies, TV shows, Kids, Live TV & Sports, Music, Radio, Classic TV shows, Karaoke, Documentaries, YouTube, Fitness, Search and more.

    It also has an adult section and maintenance wizard.

    How To Install Aliunde

    Best Kodi Sports Addons
    Kodi Sports Add-ons often dont work as well as other plugins since the content is usually live.

    This means one moment an Add-on will be working and the next may not. Live TV with Kodi is always hit or miss.

    With that said they are improving all the time. Here is the current best sports plugins available.

  • Sportz
  • Sportz is a Kodi add-on from Butter Fingers Repository that is all about Sports.

    Sections include Game Sports, Motor, Euro, Women’s, Combat, Documentaries, Wrestling, Fishing, and Hunting.

    How To Install Sportz

  • Sport 365
  • Sport 365 Live is a Kodi sports add-on located for download from Bugatsinho Repository.

    It pulls in feeds from the Sport365.Live website and displays them in a long list to choose from.

    A green dot is next to the games available and will give several links to choose from.

    How To Install Sport 365 Live

  • Johki’s Wrestling
  • Johki’s Wrestling is a new Kodi sports add-on from Man Cave Repository.

    Sections include RAW, Smackdown, WWE, Sports TV, Swift Streamz, USA Live and more.

    It not only has wrestling but most other sports as well. The Sports TV Live, Swift Streamz, and USA Live have many sports feeds and live streams.

    How To Install Johki’s Wrestling

  • Fladnag Sports
  • Fladnag Sports is a new Kodi sports Addon with live streams.

    Sections include t2K Sports, All Sports Replays, Live Sports, Sport Streams, HesGoal Games, TV-Tap, NFL Replays, MLB Replays, Football Replays, Combat Sports Replays, Golf Replays, NHL Replays, MOtor Sports Replays, Live Net Sports, Swift Streamz, and Sports Channels.

    How To Install Fladnag Sports

  • Planet MMA
  • Planet MMA is a a great Kodi sports add-on for UFC fans.

    Sections include MMA Video News, Fight Night Live, UFC Events, MMA Events, DK Picks, UFC Retro, BJJ Events, Contender Series, Top Ten, Where They are Now, Ultimate Fighter Series, Learning Techniques, and more.

    While testing it is working very well with 1-click to play a stream.

    How To Install Planet MMA

  • Sports Classic
  • Sports Classic is a Kodi Sports Addon from Shark Repository with many sections.

    It has sections for Sports Classic TV (IPTV), Live Events, Formula 1, Sports Classic Pass, Black Sheeps (Reddit), The Ace, Replays, All Sports, World Of Dirt, Shifting Gears Movies, VOD Movies, and more.

    Sports Classic has many categories all sports related from live events to replays and more.

    How to Install Sports Classic

  • Sportowa TV
  • Sportowa TV is an international Kodi sports Addon from Mbebe Repo.

    Sections include Sport 365 Live, Live Looker, Live, TVP Sport, Canale, Crickfree, Strims World and Live Channels.

    There are many sections with the Crickfree section having many USA and British games.

    How To Install Sportowa TV

  • Rising Tides
  • Rising Tides is a live sports IPTV Add-on for Kodi that has been steadily updated.

    It has sections for Sports Channels, Acestream, Football, PPV Events, IPTV Heaven and more.

    How To Install Rising Tides

  • Fight Tube
  • Fight Tube is a Kodi sports Add-on from Rocks Repository.

    Sections include Bare Knuckle Gypsies, Behind the Glove, MMA, Boxing, Shaolin Kung Fu, Ultimate fighter, UFC, world Karate, Taekwondo, Wrestling, WWE, and more.

    It pulls in streams from YouTube in a nice well laid out format.
    How To Install Fight Tube

    Best Kodi Music Addons

  • World Of Sounds
  • World Of Sounds is a Kodi Music add-on with a section for most any music genre.

    Sections include 24/7, Music TV, Now That’s what I call music, Titch Radio Live, Radio Station, Mp3, Mixkatlog, Charts, Hip Hop, Ami Rap and much more.

    How To Install World Of Sounds

  • Tune-In Radio
  • Tune-In is a Kodi add-on that plays radio stations from around the world in many categories.

    Sections include Favorite, Recent, Browse Search, and Custom URL.

    There is also many sub sections including Local Radio, Music, Talk, Sports, By Location, By Language, Live TV, and Podcast.

    The stations are from all around the world in many categories with 50,000 available to choose from.

    How To Install Tune-In Radio

  • MUZIC is a Kodi music add-on that pulls in streams from YouTube in a well laid out menu.

    Sections include Liv Stream Radio, Anthems, Docs, Genre Listing, Concerts, Singles, Hits, Musicals TV show Songs and more.

    Since it pulls in streams from YouTube It only takes One-Click to play a song.

    How To Install Kodi MUZIC

  • Skull Rock
  • Skull Rock is a Kodi hard rock music Addon from Vikings Repo.

    Sections include Concert, Clips, AD/DC, Aerosmith, and more.

    It pulls in videos from YouTube so streams very well with no buffering.

    How To Install Skull Rock

  • KNE Rock Video
  • KNE Rock is a Kodi Addon that streams music videos.

    It has many sections including Best Full Concerts, Rock Videos, Classic Rock, Pop Hits, Hard Rock, Alternative and more.

    How To Install KNE Rock Video

    Best Kodi Live IPTV Addons

  • cCloud
  • cCloud TV is a live streaming plugin that has been available for awhile and steadily updated.

    Kodi and Live TV is a bit of a hit-and-miss but is improving all the time. cCloud is one such add-on that has improved greatly over the past years with many good Live TV streams.

    It has many categories including All Channels, English, Top 10 Sports, News, Documentary, Entertainment, Family and much more.

    How to Install cCloud

  • Arconai TV
  • Arconai TV is a Live TV add-on from Tempest Repository.

    Section include Live TV Channels, 24/7 TV Shows, and 24/7 Movies.

    How To Install Arconai TV

  • Zeus
  • Zeus is a multi language Live TV Addon that has a long list of streams to play from.

    Sections include TV International, Portugal, Brazil, and Test.

    It is mainly in Portuguese with many streams speaking English with subtitles.

    How To Install Zeus

    Best Cartoon/Anime Addons

  • Big Toons
  • Big Toons is a Kodi cartoon and animation add-on located in the Diamond Build Repository.

    Sections include authorize real debrid, pair online, cartoons 1-click, big toons 1 click, big anime 1 click, YouTube kids TV shows, animations movies, cartoon movies, anime movies, family movies, and much more.
    How To Install Big Toons

  • Kidz Club
  • Kidz Club is a Kodi animation add-on that has many cartoons for kids.

    Sections include Kids Live Streams, Comedy Shows, Movies, Kids Documentaries, Family Movies, Shows, Kids Music Video, Shows for Toddlers, Animations, Cartoons, Western Movies and more.

    How to Install Kidz Club

  • Watch NixToons 2
  • Watch Nixtoons 2 is a Kodi Anime add-on located in the Doko Repository.

    Sections include Latest Releases, Popular & Ongoing Series, Dubbed Anime, Cartoons, Subbed Anime, OVA Series, Search, and Settings.

    The original Watch NixToons stopped working sometime ago with the new version a nice update.

    It is a great add-on for anime fans and currently working very well.

    How To Install Watch NixToons 2

  • Anti-Mate
  • Anti-Mate is a Kodi video add-on that pulls in animation streams from YouTube in a well laid out menu.

    Sections include Kids, Anime, Mixed, Scifi, Comedy, Heros, Movies, Action and Cartoons.

    Since it pulls in streams from YouTube It works very well and only takes 1-Click to play a feed.

    How To Install Anti-Mate

  • Tube Toons
  • Tube Toons is a kids cartoon add-on that pulls in streams from YouTube from Incendiary-Pyro Repository.

    It has sections for Ben and Holly, Little Eisenstein, Micky & Mini Mouse, Peppa Pig, PJ Masks, Sesame Street, and Underdog TV Series.

    Since the streams are pulled in from YouTube it works very well with no buffering.

    How To Install Tube Toons

What is the Best Kodi Addon November 2019?
Currently, the best and most popular Kodi addon for November 2019 is Exodus Redux.

The interface is based on the old Exodus plugin with movie and TV show sections.

To pull in video links it is using the Open Scrapers module which has been steadily updated.

Exodus Redux itself has not been updated but the Open Scrapers module it uses is constantly updated making it a very good and popular add-on.

Why Do Kodi Addons Stop Working?
Most Kodi Addons stop working when they are no longer maintained by the admin.

All addons need to be updated to pull in good links or they will not work.

The location of the links is always changing and needed constant maintenance or will slowly stop working.

Maintaining Kodi add-ons is a hobby that requires a lot of time.

Once an admin grows tired of doing updated the add-on will slowly stop working.

For this reason, it is best to have multiple add-ons installed.

273 thoughts on “TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List [November] 2019

  1. Jim Martin

    Anyone have any problems loading streams after the ResolveURL update last weekend?

  2. Gaz

    I’m new to all this, In the last week I got Kodi on my PC and a cheap TV box and for me Crew is amazing and Exodus is also very good. Apart from that most add ons don’t work for me. All I really want now is something that has a comprehensive tv channel list with a tv guide that I can quickly flick through. If anyone could help me out on this i’d appreciate it. UK tv by the way.

  3. Pete Lautenschlager

    Great list to help sort through the plethora of Addons. Having trouble in Canada getting some of them to work.

  4. matthew

    I’ve been using Kodi for over a year now and the apps keep getting better and better. It’s annoying seeing good apps go away, but as long as you guys keep us updated on new and working apps, then i will be extremely happy. Thanks for your work.

  5. James

    After reading comments on here it seems a lot of novices to Kodi don’t appreciate what these guys do for us, it is a lot of work to get these addons constantly up and running.

  6. Harry

    There should be a section on the site called “Discontinued/Shut Down ” addons/repos on the this site just like there is for the “Top Working Addons” just so people who visit the site know what addons/repos have been discontinued

    1. Cee

      Was wondering the same thing. I’m disappointed that they removed it because it was one of the best working addons, imo.

  7. serge joly

    Loki and world of wrestling the server are down yesterday November 2

  8. Geonosis

    Now that both Openload and Streamango have been shut down, I Don’t think Kodi will continue.

  9. don e

    i have 50 megabits usually runs about 40 and kodi works fine for me.usually loads movie in about two minutes i use the crew and redux and techstreams free 4 all on the wolf build one nation and tv kings. thats it

  10. Options

    Kodi builds are kool but it’s all about apk’s nowadays. Coupled with good internet, (1gb for me..), it’s open app, pick show/movie, pick 1080p source and play w/subs or just play. No waiting on Kodi to load, clean cache, update, pairing with links, etc. Appreciate all the work those guys do, it’s awesome.

    1. Cee

      Mp3 Streams
      Jukebox Hero
      Now that’s what I call music
      Now music USA
      MC Jamz

      Just a couple I can think of.

  11. ARIK

    please help.
    I tried all the options to download to kodi18.4 the addons sport 365 and sportowa tv. Without success!!! 🙁
    It shows that there is an error …
    Thanks for the help.

  12. daniel

    I am happy with the new fork from placenta
    laplaza works well for me and has many streams and is nice and fast.

  13. Zu-b-do

    Deceit has been great for me. Especially for live PPV, sports streams and UFC replays. The best

  14. Frank

    Ever since kodi 18 Ares Wizard and other wizards have stopped working. Can someone recommend a way I can clone my firestick library to copy to my other firesticks in my home. I have tried to copy the .kodi folder and even zip it but it normally times out. I am looking for a wizard that works if possible.

  15. Jim

    Loki is the best video addon—I have used many addons over the years and this one is outstanding

  16. jose miguel sa

    good afternoon

    i’ve been using exodus addon for long time so far, but for a few days almost servers are not working very well

    i have a great internet connection.

    servers like openload, streamango are working very bad

    are there any other addons working better?

  17. @Cy4root

    Chucky 2 has become one together and is now Chucky.
    Chucky has been updated and now has a double scraper function.
    The addon is now Based on 13Clowns and Exodus with multi scrapers
    falls under GNU license

  18. Steve

    I find Tempest works great for movies and shows
    And Temptv is working great for live tv.

  19. Andrew

    Venom and Exodus Redux both working very nicely with RD, though Venom can be a bit temperamental at times. It is always good to have two add-ons to rely on.

  20. Tommy Boy

    The Exodus Redus addon doesn’t work, you get an error when you try and open the addon after it installs.

  21. Miramar

    Best and working kodi add-ons as per 26-08-2919:
    Exodus Remux

    I am using these add-ons with full result.

  22. Ryan Mcbride

    Is anyone else having issues with Exodus Redux? For weeks now the link have not been working….. was saying no stream available on every link i tried even my real debrid ones that i pay for! Also…… even of selected auto play it still would not find one link that works even on stuff i know did work in the past! And now im not even getting a message saying no stream available it just finishes searching says its found so many 1080p and so many 720p etc. Then it just goes back instead of showing results! Ive updated Kodi and the exodus add on and unistalled and reinstalled……still not working…….

    1. Dave

      Exodus Redux hasn’t been updated in a few months. Best working is The Crew, Venom, Numbers and Tempest.

    1. ChrisH

      It does work, update it to diamond build repo and the TV catch will work

  23. Cathy Gillies

    I’m still using my Himediia Generation 3, android box–Jarvis 16.1, max that will load, and no upgrades. The Magic Dragon, 13 Clowsn, Yoda, Genesis, Numbers working great. Anyone else out there use of know of add ons that work on Jarvis 16.1? I’d appreciate your help and please no nasty comments…I know the time is coming soon to buy a new android box. Thank you

    1. h

      good for you I to am using jarvus 16.1 sadly my tv cant upgrade so have no choice but use jarvis 16.1 only magic dragon works for me and some numbers movies tv series dont work and not sure why

      1. Cathy Gillies

        Thanks H 🙂 I fresh start every couple months (as repositories go down)and load only ones i know that work…the less you have installed…Jarvis 16.1 works fine. Also, I don’t use a build (think that’s what you call it) It’s the video driver that will no longer update (no upgrade) I don’t own a smart TV either…but they are HD. You said some movies…tv series don’t work…are you able to open a tv series but no stream available? If so, try at a different time, too many people watching.

        1. h

          Hi Cathy, sadly nothing is working now 🙁 did a fresh restart and everything got deleted
          tried to go into the repositories to re add and nothing is coming up ie magic dragon tempest etc
          absolutely guttered grrrrrrrrrr not sure why there are not finding the add ons 🙁

          1. Cathy Gillies

            Hi H, try adding repository tv addons first (also known as Fusion) have to make sure you have the latest URL resolver that your box will allow. Then you manually have to reinstall each repository that has the video add on that you want. Off hand I cannot remember each repository that I have but I have only the ones that correspond with the add on…my add ons that work great, which are in the above list…is Magic Dragon, Classic tv that is also found in the magic dragon repo, Numbers, Genisis, , Movie Butter. Let me know how you make out. Oh, also, make sure you are still running Jarvis 16.1 and you didn’t go down to 15..if so, then you will need to reinstall 16.1.

            1. h

              thankyou cathy I really appreciate it
              got magic working again.. will try the others u suggested numbers not working but will see how i go
              def still on jarvis 16.1
              thx lovely xx

  24. Loustrakos

    I find exodus forks the most suitable to perform kodi for Series and Movies ..My top ones for the last months are: 1. Tempest 2. Venom and 3. Numbers…..I think the combination of these three made me enjoy Kodi as never before..

  25. Delphi13

    Thank you for maintaining this page! You have saved us thousands of man hours that would have been wasted searching for working addons. Yours is the first page I go to to find current information.

    I like to download things to a local disk for viewing when I’m traveling. It would be great to either have a list or a notation on addons that support downloading.

  26. Gary Glenn

    Hi Troy,
    Do any of these apps play in 5.1 surround? I have not found any at all.

  27. Dennis

    I like to know is . How to get Link’s to work I have 5 of the top 10 add-ons on my Android box all I get is no link available . Thanks for your time live-in Canada

  28. Cee

    Another new addon not listed here… Fen from the Tikipeter’s Repository.

    1. takniteasy

      2018JUL11 3:05AM. It was listed previously, but I ignored it not thinking it would be worth the trouble. I saw you comment, short and to the point, and I am putting throught the paces using native kodi 18.3. This add on is great. I’m giving serious thought of using this a replacement default add on in a build. Thanks for your recommendation.

      1. Cee

        No worries. 😀 I just saw someone mention it on a YouTube video and thought I would mention it here. Yeah it’s a good addon. Thank you for your kind words. No worries, glad I could help. 🙂

      1. Cee

        It was on some other websites. And also a few YouTube videos. Same with The Crew.

  29. Andrew

    Currently using Redux with Debrid. There’s been several updates pushed out over the last few weeks updating URL resolver and the scrapers. This has resulted in a much better experience.

  30. For real

    Why do so many of these addons use openscrapers? Does no one know how to code anymore?? Looks like there is only a few real devs left.

    1. Gary B

      It was hosted on Supremacy Repo which shut down, maybe it might reappear sometime in the future, who knows, but currently it’s no longer available, if you still have it installed it will still work, but you need to disable automatic updates. If you read the additional information about the shut downs last month, it states something about hackers hijacking the repo name and doing some nasty stuff.

    2. Cee

      It’s not being supported anymore. The whole supremacy repo got taken down and a developer was arrested. That sucks.

  31. Jo

    Can someone recommend an addon to watch british movies and TV

    1. luky

      Britische Fernsehen zu schauen ic empfehle PavooTv adresse

  32. Kalvin

    What’s happening with Redemption and Magic Dragon, not working at all.

  33. Scott

    I have been using Yoda since it came out with R/D. It had never ever let me down. They are always updating it. Little confused as how it is not one of the top apps. Not just because I like it but because it’s always updating

  34. Andrew

    Venom is not on here but working great (as of 6/24). Exodus 8 is also working fine after the latest update was pushed out (6/23) to fix scraper issues. Yoda still works but will eventually die unless someone picks it up. Exodus Redux also works well after latest update. My opinions to say good bye to Yoda and Magic Dragon once and for all and switch to Venom as primary and Exodus 8 or Redux as secondary (backup).

  35. JMC

    Hi everyone, I’ve found my first gen amazon Firestick, cleared everything, installed Exodus Redux but keep getting the ‘exodus error check log for information’ when trying to search for any streams etc. can anyone point me in the direction of a fix or1st gen no good anymore 🤔

    1. takniteasy

      I have a gen 2 stick and a gen 1 box and I have no good input about your gen 1 stick. If you stick to a native apk kodi 17.6, for example, I’d like to think E.R should work for you. If E.R. doesn’t try another add on. Add ons can get a little squirrly sometimes. I’m not up to speed on whether Leia(any version) works or even works well on your gen 1 stick. You may have gotten things solved by now, but Google your question out there. Surely you’ll come across a site, forum where you’ll pick up some helpful insight.

  36. Sport365Live

    Guys look at sport365live it is good kodi add-on been on for a while for a lot of live sports

    1. Cee

      I keep getting buffering in the live sports links on Sports365.

  37. Not an Aussie

    Magic Dragon catch up was my source for finding new Australian tv & then reliably watching my fav shows. Any suggestions for another add on with up-to-date Aussie tv?

    1. Cee

      IPTV AU from the Matt Huisman Repository has live Australian TV Channels. There’s also the catchup TV apps (9Now, 7Plus, TenPlay etc) from the Aussie addons repository found in the Fusion Repo.

  38. Britstuff

    I found “FANTASTIC” to be the best addon . It groups together all the streams, so there are no duplicate listings. It’s in the Kodil repository. I mainly use Kodi for tv shows.

  39. Kayasoul

    13 Clowns works most of the time but I also get good results with Yoda, Magic Dragon and Exodus Redux.

  40. Sheri

    I would like to know how you guys are actually reviewing these addons?? Do they get high ratings based on the number of movies (for example) that pull up? Exodus has plenty of movies that show up on its list, but they are all crap! They are bad recordings, bad sound, etc. Addons like Magic Dragon only list movies that will play in good quality, not a bunch of movies where someone has recorded it from their phone in a theater…like what I CONSTANTLY get on Exodus. In the last few days, Magic Dragon movies aren’t playing, so I’m assuming they will be shut down soon. Anyway, I search for the best new Kodi addons on a regular basis, and frankly I’m tired of every site listing the same addons with the same rankings. I am literally on Kodi all day every day and my review is nowhere near the reviews I see online. Do you guys just read each other’s blogs and post the same content? It’s total B/S!

    1. Dave

      I think your confused how Kodi works. Kodi add-ons simply pull in links from the internet the same way Google does. As far as Cams go don’t watch them.

    2. Kao

      Sheri, what you need is either Real-Debrid or Premiumize service. They are not that expensive. You will see a huge difference in speed and quality of the movies.

    3. Cee

      Don’t watch movies that are CAM quality. Go to links for movies or shows that are HDRip or BRRip or even WebRip. Usually the latest movies still at cinemas are all CAM ones as they aren’t out on DVD or BluRay just yet.

    4. takniteasy

      ” bad recordings, bad sound” – If not mentioning examples of programs(by name), it might help to mention when these troubling programs were originally released, i..e. June 2019, Jan 2018 etc. I’ve seen some programs go for months before a better posted upload finally shows up. With newer releases, no matter the add on used to stream, the sound and picture quality is going to be the pits. Then depending on how and when a better uploaded shows up, is ‘what you see is what you get.’ If you say, irrespective of the add on, you are getting poor quality program, recent and old alike, that is something I’ve personally never experience. I’m not questioning that isn’t occurring, but that is a different kettle of worms.
      “ratings ” I don’t give any real credence to them. Because it is Subjective. I experiment and try out what is listed, at a site like this, because it’s just convenient. I read comment of others, because more often than not they will offer something that is not shown on the list. If I like how it works, I’m golden, if not I move on. Don’t get wrapped around the axle about how much others’ reviews differ from your user viewpoint. Find what works for you and your particular device or devices and you’ll be good to go. As vexing as trying to stream programming is, it ain’t all that serious and the shortened version of my blathering, mentioned by another commentor, “.. Cams…don’t watch them.” lol.

  41. Geonosis

    Magic Dragon works better for me than Exodus.
    I love the Pre 1970s movie section and start at the top and watch every movie that works, regardless of the genera.

  42. josh

    Monster Munch. That’s my main go to then yoda then maverick

  43. Mel

    I use to like Exodus, but likely it has been acting and every time I click on a movie all it tells me No Stream Available. It has never done that, I’m using Magic Dragon which works fine but the only problem is they don’t update all movies like Exodus does.

  44. Peter

    I voted for Magic Dragon but would also have voted for Yoda in joint as both are excellent with very few probs.

  45. Gary

    Yoda and Exodus Redux are working equally good here, tried Magic Dragon a couple of months ago but it required additional addon installs and just wouldn’t work properly, so I abandoned it completely. Haven’t tried any others lately.

  46. Da Greek

    The only add-ons that work perfect are Crew and the Magic Dragon. The rest of them all give you problem with the stream.

    1. jc

      Magic Dragon is by the far the best addon. The Crew is second behind it. I think there needs to be more add-ons that are one click.

  47. DB

    Nothing beats tempest and ex redux configd properly and real debrid added. So ez so fun so goood

  48. Bob

    Love supremacy it works well and I found the old mission impossible I used to enjoy watching and the wild Wild West with Robert Conrad in the series

  49. Tech Pro

    Try DESTINY! You’ll be glad you did. It’s not just another fork!!!

    1. BobWu

      I just tried installing today with the universal scrapers. Got a “failed to install a failed dependency” error. Doesn’t sound like this addon will last. Just a hype!

      1. Cee

        Yeah I get the same error whenever I try to install it. It doesn’t work – it’s just crap.

  50. Be4st

    I’m finding Monster Munch better than Magic Dragon for 4k films. MD has many links that are either dead or Debrid only whereas I haven’t found a dead link yet with MM and all the films that I have come across as dead on MD, they work fine with MM and I don’t use Debrid

  51. Liberte

    Tempest is definitely the best, the scrapers always find HD lnks for Game of thrones and other difficult series.

  52. Liberte

    1. Tempest is the best in USA if no scraper links then Scrubs .
    2. Scrubs uses different scrapers to find links

  53. Tracy

    Anyone else getting a RedBox TV pop up in some streams? When I try to play a TSN stream (NBCSN too), an ad pops up saying to download RedBox v1.3. I can’t watch any streams now as this is the only thing that comes up. Help!

    1. stephen

      getting redbox tv pop up on supremacy sports,joker sports Gen x all saying download red box tv.been looking on web cannot find any answers as to why?

      1. Tracy

        Well glad I’m not the only one but would be great to find a solution. I’ve done a lot of searching on the web with no luck at all.

        1. Inbouwkast

          Kodi add-ons crawl the internet looking for media links. Sometimes the linked content gets changed which pulls the wrong media. Most of the time when the link gets changed to the wrong content it is the website owner trying to stop Kodi from using its servers or trying to sell something. All we can do is wait for an update to the add-on to block the site and crawl other links.

  54. Jesse

    TEMPEST addon my new fav. Check it out, especially if you have Real Debrid.

  55. Jefrey

    Yoda has been up and running ever since I downloaded it during the Summer of last year. Never incurred any problems.

  56. Brandon

    Supremacy and Overeasy are the only movie Addons working for me at the moment. Everything else is garbage cans. All my go to Addons like Yoda, 13clowns etc stopped working for me a few days ago. I don’t know why.

    1. Billy

      Tempest is working great for me. I’ve been using it for months.

  57. Cee

    Has anyone noticed any issue with Supremacy? It seems to be down and no longer working. Damn, not supremacy now..

    1. Dave

      The Supremacy Repo has a new URL “”

  58. Vengeance269

    Everything was good as of Friday…now I cannot get any addon I have tried to run right..they keep freezing up…will not buffer..have completely reinstalled kodi… have tried exodus..13 clowns ..tempest..numbers..and a few more…all doing the same thing..lock up.

    1. odi

      Try the overeasy add-on. Doesn’t get much attention for some reason, but it’s worked well for me for quite some time now.

    2. Cee

      That’s weird. Which version of Kodi are you using? Are you using 18.1? If you tried reinstalling Kodi, then try clearing the data and the cache and starting over. It could also be your internet connection or an issue with the Android Box or Amazon Firestick you are using. It may need a factory reset.

  59. DeGregs

    Is anyone using MP3 streams? I am using 18.1 Leia, and when I try and play a full album , it freezes. Anyone have a fix?


    1. Greg

      If you browse the album and queue each track it will work. It starts playing the first track immediately and the others will follow. A tad tedious, but it works!

  60. Charles

    Tempest is best add-on with no Debrid and Ive never had to pair it is super fast also

  61. Frank

    Hi guys,

    I have updated to 18.1. With 17.6 I always used Ares Wizard to make a full system backup and also used it to restore my kids sticks when ever they screwed with the system files. I even once used Indigo. Both Ares Wizard and Indigo no longer works with 18.1. I am hoping that they will update their program add-on to work with18. But in the mean time, I am looking for a reliable program add-on that I can do a full system backup that works with 18.1.

    Thanks in advance for you help and suggestions.

  62. Greg

    I have just purchased a Beelink GT! Ultimate and installed kodi 18.1. I cant find a popcorn time addon that will work. Help?

  63. ImAniMositY

    Maverick tv and exodus are the fastest loading for me. What’s another one strongly recommended

  64. Harry

    Jor-El and WatchDogs, in my opinion, are the two best Kodi addons everyone should have in their Kodi addons. It has a lot of sources to get links and there’s a ton of 1080p links for movies compared to other Kodi addons. Jor-El and WatchDogs allow you to stream torrents; therefore, allowing for a lot of 1080p streams and HD streams compared to addons that don’t have torrent links.

  65. Porter

    Gaia/Orion is made by devs who distributed malware and uninstalled other addons. I advice against it and suggest it is banned

      1. Bob Wu

        Gaia sucks! Resource intense and it’s due to crypto mining. Beware!

  66. Stuguts

    Can anyone tell me please the repository used now for MP3 Streams . I have updated to 18.1 and cannot find

    1. Cee

      It’s Kodil. Or kodi Israel. The official domain doesn’t have a zip for it anymore. You should be able to find a zip for it on another repository.

  67. QueenBM3

    My favorite is Release bb for TV episodes and Magic Dragon for movies etc…. I wish there was more addons with the catchup TV lists like these two

  68. Delphi

    Thank you for continuing to compile this list. I rebuild my Kodi every other month and find this information crucial.

  69. Akhenaten

    Elementum is my favorite no a openload insanity or other pairing sites, its a torrent addon so you kn conteow the score for using any VPN. For multi source addons 7 of 9 is great has a lot of different type of content, of course supremacy, magic dragon, Atriox and cant forget TUITV and SEENOW FREEZONE

    1. Chase

      Do I really need a VPN? If so, is there a free one out there? How much do they cost?

      1. Jim

        NordVPN is $2.99/month right now. It is for 3 years and you pay up front. I have used it for 2 years now and have had zero problems.

      2. Gaz

        The free VPN’s are rubbish and have many limitations and also unlikely to give the true privacy that is required for streaming this type of content. Yes you really do need a VPN though. I use PRIVATEVPN which is relatively cheap compared to a lot of others out there and the service has never let me down.

  70. Andrew

    I’ve been using Yoda for the past six months ith RD and it has generally been very good. As of yesterday Though I finally had to put Yoda back on the shelf for a while because majority of sources don’t work and a lot of the ones that do freeze up. Not sure if this has to do with the Kodi update or not. In any case I have switched back to Exodus for the time being and it seems to be working just fine

  71. Luigino24

    Magic dragon and Yoda are the best two for us. Maverick is right behind. I like Atriox also for latest releases.

  72. Isael

    The 2 best addons out are magic dragon and supremacy and i believe since supremacy people were on vacation supremacy #1 in march maverick need a push because they are are at the last of the list.

  73. jose miguel sa

    good afternoon

    the addon World of Wrestling has the server down for about 2 days.

    can anyone tell me if the repository has been shut down?

    where can i get alternatives to watch wwe raw, smackdown and PPV?

  74. DB

    13 Clowns is working the best for me. It’s pulling in 5 times more hits than any other addon I’ve tried in the top 5 addons.

    1. Bob

      All 13clowns good scrapers are taken from other addons. Then they take the credit for writing the scrapers.

  75. Dave

    Elementum is not on the list? No other addon comes close, no buffering no pairing, it is a file sharing addon so yes you really really should use a VPN. Magic Dragon and Supremacy, Yoda are my picks for multi-source…

  76. sally

    I’m using NordVPN with my Kodi and have no complaints. That’s the provider I bought on a really good deal, it appears that they have this deal back on the site: In any case, will make sure to try some of the addons you mentioned too!

  77. sumitomo

    Watch dogs ,, the best and fast at the moment
    Holland loves you ,
    Keep on to be the best for a LONG TIME

  78. Konstantinos

    All my wishes goes to 13Clowns. After the addition of global scrappers they are unbeatable. Thank you guys and keep up your good work..

  79. MandyLion

    Deceit is perfect for Me, everyone should check it out if u havent. 🙂

  80. Jeff

    I’m quite surprised but what I read here. I’m still using Neptune as my primary source. Watch anything I want from there, movies or TV. Exodus 8 is my backup when I need one.

    1. Kodi Kansas

      They are both still working, but no longer supported. The number of working streams will and are gradually reducing.

      Suggest searching why to no longer use Neptune, the Blamo repo, and anything associated with TV Addons which now includes Exodus 8 and Neptune.

      1. Jeff

        Thanks for the info. Are you aware of a different repo offering them both? I found it on this site and update both from the new repo. I haven’t seen any issues thus far. But am prepared to make changes as needed.

      2. Cee

        Those addons may still be revived by other users or forked in the future. Who knows? We’ve seen this with other add-ons so many times so I wouldn’t be surprised. Plus Exodus still works…

  81. McLovin

    Has anybody else noticed a drastic reduction of stable links in the last 2 months? I use multiple addons and Real-Debrid. I used to get 100s of good links for things I watched, now not so much, maybe single digits.

  82. Andrew

    Yoda with RD has been working like a charm for me since I switched from Exodus in early November.

  83. Lex352

    I have been using Kodi for a while now and I must say Exodus 8.0 combined with real debrid will most certainly get you all the TV Shows and Movies that you need… As far as more than that; you’ll need another Add-on

    1. Lex352

      My only gripe with this add-on is the repo provider. TV addons intrusive nature (popups and additional addons

  84. Andrew

    Yoda with RD has been working like a charm for me since I switched from Exodus in early November.

  85. magnus

    magic dragon for movies exodus for tv shows and maverick tv or Ccloud for live tv

  86. Luigi

    Seren is simply awesome. Haven’t bothered with any others since started using it. Great application and fast too.

  87. Kodi Kansas

    Addons vs Addons with Lambda scrapers.
    Exodus forks or fork combinations currently use the Lambda Scrapers Module. Yoda for example is an Exodus/Covenant combination fork.
    If we are comparing the “best” add-on, I automatically assume the best for streaming. Being that Lambda is community rather than individual is THE advantage.

    That being said, it is absolutely fantastic to see the growing number of addons!! Creative menu setups, all in ones, and quick setup options. Thank you developers!

  88. Mike

    I can not get Exodus to install. plugin.program.indigo not available. I installed Bodie, a fork off of Exodus, and it is working very good, even the classic movies from the 40’s are playing without any buffering or glitches.This is a great app and should be on voting list.

  89. john

    Death Streams Is From TKNorris’s Blamo Repository ,which is now down! But, Death Streams RD is still working! How is this possible? I do not have a real debrid account, I just use the addon regularly.

  90. mymanfoster

    13 clowns, Zanni and Tempest are my goto TV and movie addons. The Magic Dragon is my goto all in one addon.

  91. Angelic Distortions

    Anyone know if there any working add-ons that have subbed anime? The Masterani Redux one isn’t working for me anymore, and Exodus doesn’t seem to have the subbed versions.

  92. Kansas

    YODA. Exodus 8. And redux all forks of the original Exodus yet…

    YODA seems to have quicker loading screens and file searching .

  93. Konstantinos

    13Clowns for me at this moment is the best and always give me a lot of 1080p RD links.

  94. Superman

    So they say you can watch anything on kodi. Here is the challenge of the day. Tv show called Paradise starring Lee horsley. I can’t watch it can you?

    1. Genosis

      You can only watch what a nice uploader chooses to add. I’m 55 and have never heard of your show. LOL

  95. Ian Carswell

    On my MXQ with Jarvis 16.1 I loaded No limits adult it as taen over and not working well I have tried to delete it but cannot get the Kodi system as No Limits has taken over the box. How do I delete and return to Kodi.
    Please Heip.

  96. AA

    Did it occur to anyone that by publishing this information the add-ons are likely to get stopped?

    1. Bob

      There is a lot of addons that are invite only no one talks about. These are the public ones.

  97. Charlie

    One nation is slow and almost all the streams u have to pair and that is stupid , it take to long for it to start up , im deleting it , its to slow and to pair is totally stupid you have to get on your phone to go to a website that is stupid, to many steps to watch a movie ,

  98. Kodi Kansas

    All Debrid with Yoda is very stable. Quick navigation. Movie Theater Butter and Exodus 7.0 I would also recommend with or without a paid service. Curious to know what other add-on are being voted for in the “other” category.

  99. Jamie

    Has anyone else notice if they are using Titanium build when you go on movies and select Yoda or any of the other movie streaming service , when you select in theatres it is showing up with all foreign movies now instead of the latest cinema releases ?

    1. Joe

      Yes. What is with all the Bollywood junk. This must have to do with the scraper. All my video plugins now have this problem! Even after un-installing, my other video addons still pull up all foreign junk when I go to “In Theaters”

      1. Duncan

        Anyone found how to solve this Bollywood issue yet? I’m only having this problem on the new Exodus in theatre section but it’s bloody frustrating.

  100. Kriptoguy

    Strange. I thought the Uranus add-on was finished, but it just received an update today, version 18/11/18. Glad i didn’t delete it

    1. Cee

      As far as I know it was just Blamo repo that got shut down. Griffin repo still works.

  101. Bethany

    This is getting frustrating. Every day now an addon fails to show stream links and so I have to search for another. I wish there was consistency.

    1. bobwu

      There are tons of addons you can choose from. However, don’t expect them to stay up for a long time as they are done for FREE.

  102. Dr. Jessup

    Exodus is now version 7.0
    It just updated in the last couple of days.
    Still seems to work well.
    I’m not able to get Real-Debrid streams to come up yet, but otherwise it seems to be working okay.

  103. Cornelius

    Have tried them all. YODA is consistently the best. Lots of streams. I always use the download option when a list of streams appears. Once downloaded, playing is simple with no stuttering.

    1. natally

      hasn’t been working recently, keeping getting 100+ links called filepursuit that plays an ad

  104. Johno

    By far Monster munch usually has every latest movie and always get a stream

  105. WhatOk

    Magic Dragon is horrible. Cant even find older popular movies when I search. Deleted it.

    Neptune Rising and Genesis Reborn: only indian movies show up now under movies “in theatres”.

    Exodus: V7.0 now. Still working pretty well and producing many links

  106. zemelya

    I just want to say a huge thank for to WirelesSHack, what a great site, everything put together on the monthly basis, really awesome!!!!!

  107. BeerTime

    Has Exodus 6.0 moved? I was going to install it as per the instructions on this website, but it is not listed in the Kodi Bae repo.

  108. slayer vamp

    YODA is amazing i can get more than 20 link 1080 with RD when Exodus and Magicality only can get below 10

    1. slayer vamp

      I get more links in YODA,, really amazing i can get more than 20 links for 1080 with RD

  109. Alan

    What does DEBRID mean and how do I get to watch those films please, I’m old and not up with tech stuff. I do try but it’s a bit beyond me, can anyone advise please. I’m using Magic Dragon and Exodus. Many thanks.

    1. ChangWing

      Debrid is a premium source for file links (films/tv etc). You sign up and pay a monthly fee, then add your settings to Kodi (in the plug in you use) and then when you search for films etc you get premium links first, which are better quality and guaranteed to work (most of the time :).

  110. Isael

    Nothing like magic Dragon and supremacy. They are the best addons out there.

  111. gilgamesh

    Supremacy works great since update, and agree that exodus 6 is prob best right now

  112. tanline

    Where is Magicality this month. I have been using that add-on and been working great.

  113. 11+ tutors

    Howdy. I stumbled upon your web site the use of ask. That may be a particularly wisely written article. I’ll be absolute to bookmark them accessible back to discover more of your respective valuable facts 11+ tutors. Basically post. I’m going to definitely comeback.

  114. rocky

    Exodus, Magicality have hindi movies inbrhe “in theatre” movie settings. Anyone know why this is happening. Seems to have just started October 31, 2018. Any ideas??

  115. Jake

    I have come to the conclusion that Kodi does not work for me anymore..after trying all the top addons..reinstalling kodi..resetting firestick..etc..i just cant get it to work…hey good while it lasted..but done messing with,hulu,directvnow, just going to have to work..i dont know if its the USA or Spectrum…or the addons..but its not worth the headache…the addon list never changes…even tho people post the shit dont work..goodbye Kodi..the good days are long gone..

    1. Cee

      Have you tried using Cyberflix, Titanium TV (which is the new Terrarium), Tea TV or Freeflix HQ? These are all great alternatives to Kodi. With maybe the exception of Freeflix which seems to be having issues at the moment. And they are all free, so need to pay for any services like Netflix, Stan or Foxtel Now.

    2. Doug

      Nothing is wrong with Kodi or most of the recently updated add-ons like Exodus and The Magic Dragon. Even Placenta still works good even though the repo shutdown and the developer threw in the towel. FREE hosted stream links are becoming less and less available and more and more people are trying to access them. You get what you pay for. No need to knock Kodi or the developers and their hard work… Debrid services and providers are working great, return 2-3 times the number of links that are scraped using free providers and they play. Add torrents using an add-on like Gaia and that number triples again. Plus, they are through a secure connection, both streams and torrents so you don’t need a VPN… A Firestick is about the minimum device that can be used with Kodi. Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Android boxes, tablets, laptops and even cell phones have enough memory and processing power to handle Kodi and most any add-on… $18.25 for 180 days access to Real Debrid gets me everything your watching now and more. I create simple builds for my family and many friends. The only complaints I get are from the ones that are standing in line for the free bread.

    3. Geonosis

      I would love to know what you are doing wrong. Everything works, even my Neptune Rising on Jarvis 16

    4. Geonosis

      You could try the Maze build. Search YouTube, download the zip file then on Kodi choose “install from zip file”,

    5. zemelya

      Well ,you just answered your own question: Firestick! I am using KODI for nearly 5 years on NVidia Shield and have no problems. Spectrum Internet with 400 MBS download, real-debrid. No problem. Put Titanium build on it, it maintains all addons and everything else, install all the best addons each update, no problem. All those Netflix, Hulu etc are limited, you can go back 5 years and watch every show.

  116. Andy

    Why is in theaters keep coming up with hindi films only across placenta/magicality etc. Worked fine yesterday.

      1. Andy

        I mean if you go into movies, and scroll down to in theaters, ie cams etc, all titles have now changed to hindi films, so basically no new releases

  117. David

    Can anyone recommend an addon for live TV? Magic Dragon is the only addon I have for TV. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  118. Keith

    Neptune and Placenta are doomed. Not supported they will die. I use the new Exodus and Overeasy

  119. Drew

    Exodus from the Kodi Bae Repo is working flawlessly for me. I am using RD with it.

    1. Bob Wu

      I tried installing Movie Theater Butter today but I keep getting a script.movietheaterbutter.dependency error. It won’t install.

  120. Killer TV

    I’ve recently discovered Galaxy. I was pretty reliant on Neptune but in lieu of recent news, looked elsewhere. Galaxy along with Real Debrid give me a ton of sources!

    1. Jake

      I installed Galaxy and I see some ‘RD’ links but none of them work. Can you help me ?


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