How To Install Elementum Kodi Add-on

By | September 11, 2023

How To Install Elementum Kodi Addon

Elementum is a Kodi Torrent video add-on that is fast and works very well.
How To Install Elementum Kodi Add-on 2022 Overview
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Search, Torrents, Add, History, Providers, Change-log, Status, Settings, and more.

It can be downloaded and installed from the official site here or installed from the TheWareHouse Repository.

Elementum scrapes Torrent links so be sure to use a VPN if used.

Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy, security, and being anonymous. If you need a good low-cost VPN to use with Kodi, Try NordVPN; it has multiple high-speed servers with no throttling or logs.

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Location and Info
Version Compatibility: Kodi 19 Matrix and 20 Nexus

Official Site

Alternative URLs

Steps To Install Elementum Kodi Addon (Download Zip File)

  1. Download latest All-In-On zip from Here
  2. How To Install Elementum Kodi 19 Addon Step 1

  3. Open Kodi and go to Install from zip file
  4. A box will pop open, select the download location the zip file is located at
  5. Click the zip file and it will install
  6. Wait for the top right to say installed

10 thoughts on “How To Install Elementum Kodi Add-on

  1. Brett G.

    Hey all, appreciate all the info. I’ve been a cord cutter for awhile now with 5 jailbroke firesticks streaming on every TV in the house. I’ve attempted the different Kodi builds over the last couple years but never seem to keep them because the build itself kills my firestick memory. I use OTG cables with USB drives for extra storage and run ADB when setting everything up to make sure that when I download any new APK, that it goes to the USB storage instead of firestick memory. Sorry for the long build up. Question is , every Kodi build always goes to firestick memory instead of USB even though I’ve tried to make sure this would never happen. What am I doing wrong? Also, can I just do a whole Kodi install, put it on a separate USB drive from my PC and then when in the mood, plug into my firestick through one of the OTG cables? If so, how?

    1. Sun

      Doesn’t matter what device, just as long it is a current version of Kodi.

  2. Dr. Fix

    Unfortunately Doesn’t work on Kodi 19 Android 10. Be aware.
    Read more (for some workaround): “”

  3. Cornelius Talmidge

    this is really good, wonder why it’s not more talked about


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