How To Install Docula Kodi Documentary Addon

Docula is a Kodi Documentary addon from Butter Fingers Repository Sections include Live Streams, Muzic, Sports, Wrestling, Cooking, Growing, Survival, History, Playlist, and more. It pulls in streams from YouTube and only takes 1-Click to play a stream. YouTube has thousands of documentaries to watch with Docula addon, giving them a well laid out menu… Read More »

How To Install PBS Live Kodi Addon

PBS Live is a Kodi video addon that has PBS stations from around United States to be watched. Sections include States, Stations, Search, and Settings. The PBS Live addon gives different streaming speed options with lower bit rates for those with a slow internet connection. It is currently working very well and is a good… Read More »

5 Causes and Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC

If you are trying to play Apex on Origin or Steam and it keeps crashing, there are several cand and fixes that can solve the issue. Often there is no single fix but various fixes that can vary based on the PC hardware, OS version, and more. Why Does My PC Keep Crashing When Playing… Read More »

How To Install Umbrella Kodi Addon

How To Install Umbrella Kodi Addon How To Set Up Real-Debrid with Umbrella How To Install Coco Scrapers with Umbrella How To Enable Coco Scrapers with Umbrella Umbrella is a Kodi video addon that uses paid services such as Real Debrid. It has sections for Discover Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, YouTube… Read More »

How To Install The Coalition Kodi Addon (Debrid)

The Coalition is a new Kodi video addon located in the Crew Repository. It has sections for Movies, TV Shows, Actors, Advanced, Search, Favorites, Downloads, Trakt List, Services, and Settings. The Coalition addon is for advanced Kodi users who use Debrid or Trakt; there are no free links available. * has No affiliation with Kodi,… Read More »

How To DVR TV Shows Without a Subscription Fee

Many Cable TV subscribers pay a rental fee that can be replaced and are surprised that they can DVR TV shows and movies without paying. There are several DVR boxes that have no monthly fee and will record shows. Most of these No-Fee DVR boxes also have built-in digital (ATSC) tuners. Meaning they can play… Read More »