Best Working Kodi Addons List December 2022

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What Is the Best TV Antenna for an Attic?

Installing a TV antenna in the attic is an option and a great way to receive free over-the-air TV signals. While mounting an antenna outside is always the best option, there are many scenarios when it can not be done. Most OTA TV antennae can be mounted in the attic, with outdoor units working the… Read More »

How To Fix a Switch Joy Con Controller that Keeps Disconnecting

The Nintendo Switch is a great gaming unit that usually works well for many users. As good as it is, it can have issues at times, including the Joy Con controllers. One such problem with the controllers is disconnecting and reconnecting, which can be very annoying. Why Do My Joy Con Controllers Keep Disconnecting On… Read More »

How To Install Homelander Kodi Addon

Homelander is a Kodi video addon located in the Crew Repository. The main menu has Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV shows, New Movies, New Episodes, People, Tools, and Search. The Homelander addon is currently working very well, fast, and pulling in many links. Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for… Read More »

How to Install The Magic Dragon Kodi Add-on

Magic Dragon is an all-in-one Kodi Add-on with a lot of sections and categories. Sections include People Watching, New Releases, Box Sets (RD Only), 4K Movies (RD Only), Cams/HDTS Releases, Movie Picks, Documentaries, Latest Episodes, TV Selected Series, Greatest Hits, and much more. Magic Dragon has both free links with multiple options for standard and… Read More »