How to Install Otaku Kodi Addon

Otaku is a Kodi anime addon located in the Hooty’s Repository. It has sections for Airing Calendar, Airing Anime, Movies, TV Shows, Trending, Popular, Voted, Popular, Upcoming, Top 100 anime, and Genres & Tags. * has No affiliation with Kodi, any Addons, Repos, or Builds. is a news and informational site which does not… Read More »

4 Fixes When Steam Library has a Black Screen

There is an annoying glitch with Steam that can cause it to have a black screen, mainly with the library tab. Sometimes clicking around and about can temporarily resolve the issue, but it often comes back. There are several fixes that can help to resolve the black screen. Below are four fixes that many reports… Read More »

How To Install Absolution Kodi Addon

How To Install Absolution Kodi Addon How To Setup Real-Debrid with Absolution How To Use Absolution Kodi Addon? Absolution is a Kodi addon located in the Crew Repository. It has sections for Movies, TV Shows, One Shot Links. My Movies, My TV shows, Tools, and Search. * has No affiliation with Kodi, any Addons, Repos,… Read More »

How To Fix CSGO Black Screen

If you get a black screen when trying to start CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), there are some common fixes that can solve the issue. Sometimes CSGO gives a black screen that comes up when you’re trying to boot up, the startup process fails, or it just completely glitches out. A black screen is a common… Read More »

How To Install Scrubs V2 Kodi Addon

Scrubs V2 is a very popular Kodi video addon located in the Jewbmx Repo that pulls in free links. Sections include Movies, TV Shows (Widget) – TVmaze Calendar, Episodes, My Stuff, More Stuff, Tools, and more. Scrubs V2 is for free links only and does not work with paid link accounts such as Debrid. While… Read More »

How To Install Jacktook Kodi Addon (Advanced Users Only)

Jacktook is a Kodi video addon for advanced Kodi users. Sections include TV shows, Movies, Anime, By Genre, Direct Search, Torrents, Cloud, Settings, Status, History, and more. Jacktook does not work until it is setup and configured with a streaming method and an indexer. It is often configured with the Elementum addon or Real Debrid… Read More »

Fixes When Steam Not Detecting PS4 Controller

If you are using Steam to play a game and a PS4 controller is not getting detected, this is a common issue. Many users have problems getting a PS4 controller, wireless and wired, to connect and work with Steam. I recently had this issue and after hours of searching, finally found a solution. For me,… Read More »

How To Install Nightwing Kodi Addon

How To Install Nightwing Kodi Addon How To Setup Real-Debrid with Nightwing Nightwing is a Kodi video add-on located in Magnetic repository. Sections include Movies, Series, Festival of Fears, Docs, YOur Trakt, Settings, Actors, 4K Hot Spot, Music, and Search All. The movies and TV show sections use scrappers to find links. There is also… Read More »