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What is the Best Video Compressor for Discord?

If you are using Discord and trying to share a large video file, it will give you the following message. “Your Files are Too Powerful” will pop up with small text that reads, “Max file size is 8.00 MB please”. A quick and easy way around this is to use a video compressor that reduces the video size.… Read More »

7 Fixes for Steam Friends Network Unreachable Error

Clear Steam Cookies and Cache Add -TCP Launch Parameter Run Steam as Administrator Check the Firewall Flush DNS and Winsock Reset Change DNS Server If you are using Steam and get an error saying Friends Network Unreachable, there are several fixes. This seems to be an ongoing problem with the chat that causes an error. First, be sure… Read More »

5 Fixes for A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable

Restart the Router and Computer Check Computer Time Date Settings Flush DNS and Winsock Reset Change DNS Server Disable IP Version 6 If you are trying to use Ubisoft Connect UPLAY and are getting the error “A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable” there are some fixes that can get you connected. There are numerous posts online with users… Read More »

Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC

Update Graphics Card Driver Lower Video Card Resolution Lower Video Card Refresh Rate Run in Windowed Mode Power Supply Watts Too Low or Going Bad Bad Ram Memory If you are trying to play Apex on Origin or Steam and it keeps crashing, there are several fixes that can be done. The most common cause of Apex crashing… Read More »

3 Fixes for PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

PS4 Unrecognized Disc Mechanical vs Software Fixes Fix 1: Boot Safe Mode and Install System Software Update Fix 2: Boot Safe Mode and Rebuild PS4 Database Fix 3: Initialize PS4 Software If you have a PlayStation 4 and it keeps giving an “Unrecognized Disc” error, there are several fixes that can be done. This is a known error… Read More »

3 Fixes Google Chrome Establishing Secure Connection

If you are using Google Chrome and get an error “Establishing Secure Connection,” there are several fixes that can be done. First be sure to restart your computer and router to rule to any easy error that can be cleared with a reboot. The most common fix is to restart the Cryptographic Services in Windows which is quick… Read More »

3 Fixes When Steam Not Detecting PS4 Controller

If you are using Steam to play a game and a PS4 controller is not getting detected, this is a common problem. Many users have problems getting a PS4 controller, wireless and wired, to connect and work with Steam. I recently had this issue and after hours of searching, finally found a solution. For me, this was a… Read More »

How To Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x8024a105

The primary fix is to stop the services BITS, Cryptographic, MSI Installer, and Windows Update Services. A Command Prompt box is run and commands typed in or copied and pasted into the box to stop the services from running. Once the services are stopped, a file called SoftwareDistribution is renamed so Windows Update does not see it. After… Read More »

How To Fix Ubisoft Online Service Error 0x20100301

If you are trying to use Ubisoft and get an “Online Service Error 0x20100301,” there are a few ways to fix it. This error has to do with the ports being opened on your computer to talk to the Ubisoft servers. Added exceptions in the firewall for Uplay and Ubisoft services often resolves the issue. One setting that… Read More »

How To Block Crunchyroll Ads

Crunchyroll is great for watching anime, manga, and more but can display many ads. The many commercials can become very annoying, especially when it is the same ad over and over. If you are tired of the ads, a few things can be done to remove them. Below are the best options we have found to remove Crunchyroll… Read More »