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5 Causes and Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC

If you are trying to play Apex on Origin or Steam and it keeps crashing, there are several fixes that can be done. The most common cause of Apex crashing is the video card or power supply. Installing the latest drivers for the graphics card and adjusting the settings can often help out greatly. The… Read More »

How To Fix Ubisoft Online Service Error 0x20100301

If you are trying to use Ubisoft and get an “Online Service Error 0x20100301,” there are a few ways to fix it. The error usually points to a port being blocked by the computer or router. What is Ubisoft Online Service Error 0x20100301? This 0x20100301 error has to do with the ports being opened on… Read More »

How To Screen Share On Discord

Check Audio Mic Settings (If Audio Used) How To Screen Share On Discord Using a PC How To Screen Share On Discord Using the Mobile App Sharing a screen with Discord is very easy to do and can be done on PCs, Macs, or Mobile devices. You can share the whole screen, such as a… Read More »

4 Fixes When Steam Library has a Black Screen

There is an annoying glitch with Steam that can cause it to have a black screen, mainly with the library tab. Sometimes clicking around and about can temporarily resolve the issue, but it often comes back. There are several fixes that can help to resolve the black screen. Below are four fixes that many reports… Read More »

Fixes When Steam Not Detecting PS4 Controller

If you are using Steam to play a game and a PS4 controller is not getting detected, this is a common problem. Many users have problems getting a PS4 controller, wireless and wired, to connect and work with Steam. I recently had this issue and after hours of searching, finally found a solution. For me,… Read More »

How To Fix CSGO Black Screen

If you get a black screen when trying to start CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), there are a few fixes that can be done to solve the issue. Sometimes CSGO gives a black screen that comes up when you’re trying to boot up, the startup process fails, or it just completely glitches out. This is a… Read More »