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7 Fixes for Steam Friends Network Unreachable Error

Clear Steam Cookies and Cache Add -TCP Launch Parameter Run Steam as Administrator Check the Firewall Flush DNS and Winsock Reset Change DNS Server If you are using Steam and get an error saying Friends Network Unreachable, there are several fixes. This seems to be an ongoing problem with the chat that causes an error.… Read More »

What is the Best Video Compressor for Discord?

If you are using Discord and trying to share a large video file, it will give you the following message. “Your Files are Too Powerful” will pop up with small text that reads, “Max file size is 8.00 MB please”. A quick and easy way around this is to use a video compressor that reduces… Read More »

7 Fixes When Civilization 6 Crashing

Verify Integrity of Game Files Play Game With No Mods Check DirectX Version Update Graphics Card Driver Lower Video Resolution and Refresh Rate Use Windowed Mode Instead of Full Screen Uninstall and Reinstall If you are playing Civilization 6 and it keeps crashing on you, there are several things that can cause the issue. Before… Read More »