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5 Causes Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC

Update Graphics Card Driver Lower Video Card Resolution Lower Video Card Refresh Rate Run in Windowed Mode Power Supply Watts Too Low or Going Bad Bad Ram Memory If you are trying to play Apex on Origin or Steam and it keeps crashing, there are several fixes that can be done. The most common cause… Read More »

3 Fixes Google Chrome Establishing Secure Connection

If you are using Google Chrome and get an error “Establishing Secure Connection,” there are several fixes that can be done. First be sure to restart your computer and router to rule to any easy error that can be cleared with a reboot. The most common fix is to restart the Cryptographic Services in Windows… Read More »

3 Fixes When Steam Not Detecting PS4 Controller

If you are using Steam to play a game and a PS4 controller is not getting detected, this is a common problem. Many users have problems getting a PS4 controller, wireless and wired, to connect and work with Steam. I recently had this issue and after hours of searching, finally found a solution. For me,… Read More »

4 Fixes for Steam Library Black Screen

There is an annoying glitch with Steam that causes it to have a black screen, mainly with the library tab. Sometimes clicking around and about can temporarily resolve the issue, but it often comes back. There are several fixes that can help to resolve the black screen. If this has happened to you, below are… Read More »

4 Fixes when Discord Not Opening Links

If you are having an issue opening links in Discord, there are several fixes that can solve the problem. This includes website URL Links or attachments that will not open when clicked on. A quick workaround is to copy the link and paste it into a browser which can be a pain but can work… Read More »

4 Fixes for Nintendo Switch 2005-0003 Error

If you get a 2005-0003 error on your Nintendo Switch, there is a problem with the SD-Card. The first thing is to be sure the system is up-to-date by going into Settings and seeing if any new updates are available. The next steps require a combination of reseating the SD-card, formatting it, and replacing it.… Read More »

4 Fixes When You Can’t Connect to Xbox Live

If you are having issues with your Xbox and cant connect to Xbox Live there are several fixes that can be done. Often when trying to login, a spinning circle will keep spinning like it is trying to login but nothing happens. Sometimes you can’t connect to Xbox Live, but the internet is working, or… Read More »

8 Fixes When a Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

If your Nintendo Switch Dock is not working and nothing displays on the TV, there are several things that can be done to fix the problem. The Dock should display the Switch screen on a TV and can be very frustrating when it is not connecting to the TV. Below are eight fixes that can… Read More »