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8 Fixes When a Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

If you have a Nintendo Switch Dock that is not working and nothing displays on the TV, there are several things that can be done to fix the problem. The Dock should display the Switch screen to a TV and can be very frustrating when it is not connecting. Below are eight common fixes that… Read More »

How to Factory Reset a Hisense Roku TV

The Hisense Roku TV is a good unit that, like many devices, sometimes needs a Factory Reset. Factory Resetting the unit back to its original state is easy to do, but beware, all user data will be deleted. If you have information such as passwords and favorites set, they will be lost after a factory… Read More »

Fixes for Steam Friends Network Unreachable Error

Clear Steam Cookies and Cache Add -TCP Launch Parameter Run Steam as Administrator Check the Firewall Flush DNS and Winsock Reset Change DNS Server If you are using Steam and get an error saying “Friends Network Unreachable”, there can be several causes of it. This seems to be an ongoing problem with Steam chat that… Read More »

Causes and Fixes Roku HDCP Error Detected 020

If you get an HDCP Error Detected 020 or a purple screen on a Roku, this is usually an issue with the HDMI Cable. While the most common fix is a bad HDMI cable, there are other causes and fixes. What is an HDCP Error Detected 020? HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a digital… Read More »