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4 Fixes When You Can’t Connect to Xbox Live

If you are having issues with your Xbox and cant connect to Xbox Live there are several causes and fixes. Often when trying to login, a spinning circle will keep spinning like it is trying to login but nothing happens. Sometimes, even though the internet is working you can’t connect to Xbox Live, and the… Read More »

Causes and Fixes HBO Max Frozen Stuck Loading on a TV

The HBO Max app usually works well with smart TVs but can have issues sometimes, such as the screen stuck loading or freezing. Sometimes, the logo can be displayed with a circle spinning, and other times, only 3-dots can be seen. Common complaints include buffering, frozen, stuck loading, or just not working. There can be… Read More »

How To Fix Ubisoft Online Service Error 0x20100301

If Ubisoft is giving an “Online Service Error 0x20100301,” there are several causes and fixes The error usually points to a port being blocked by the computer or router. What is Ubisoft Online Service Error 0x20100301? This 0x20100301 error has to do with the ports being blocked on your computer to communicate with the Ubisoft… Read More »

What is the Best Video Compressor for Discord?

If you are using Discord and trying to share a large video file, it will give you the following message. “Your Files are Too Powerful” will pop up with small text that reads, “Max file size is 8.00 MB please”. A quick and easy way around this is to use a video compressor that reduces… Read More »

3 Ways To Block Crunchyroll Ads

Crunchyroll is great for watching anime, manga, and more, but the free version can display many ads, which can be annoying. The many commercials can become very annoying, especially when it is the same ad over and over again. If you are tired of the ads, a few things can be done to remove them… Read More »

7 Fixes When Destiny 2 is Freezing or Crashing

Verify Integrity of Destiny 2 Game Files Play Destiny 2 With No Mods Update Graphics Card Driver Lower Video Resolution and Refresh Rate Use Windowed Mode Instead of Full Screen Repair and Reset Windows Gaming Services Uninstall and Reinstall If you are playing Destiny 2 and it keeps Freezing or crashing on you, there are… Read More »

4 Fixes When Steam Library has a Black Screen

There is an annoying glitch with Steam that can cause it to have a black screen, mainly with the library tab. Sometimes clicking around and about can temporarily resolve the issue, but it often comes back. There are several fixes that can help to resolve the black screen. Below are four fixes that many reports… Read More »

How To Fix CSGO Black Screen

If you get a black screen when trying to start CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), there are some common fixes that can solve the issue. Sometimes CSGO gives a black screen that comes up when you’re trying to boot up, the startup process fails, or it just completely glitches out. This is a common error and… Read More »