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How To Block Crunchyroll Ads

Crunchyroll is great for watching anime, manga, and more but can display many ads. The many commercials can become very annoying, especially when it is the same ad over and over. If you are tired of the ads, a few things can be done to remove them. Below are the best options we have found to remove Crunchyroll… Read More »

4 Fixes for Steam Library Black Screen

There is an annoying glitch with Steam that causes it to have a black screen, mainly with the library tab. Sometimes clicking around and about can temporarily resolve the issue, but it often comes back. There are several fixes that can help to resolve the black screen. If this has happened to you, below are four fixes that… Read More »

4 Fixes when Discord Not Opening Links

If you are having an issue opening links in Discord, there are several fixes that can solve the problem. This includes website URL Links or attachments that will not open when clicked on. A quick workaround is to copy the link and paste it into a browser which can be a pain but can work in a pinch.… Read More »

Fixes When Discord Search Broken

If you are using Discord and the search is broken, there are a few things to check that can fix the problem. The search is a nice tool to use with options including From, Mentions, Has, Before, During, After and more. Before doing any of the fixes below, be sure to check the basic fixes including restarting your… Read More »

How To Get Verified on Xbox

If you see a friend or other users on Xbox with a check mark, it looks like they are a verified user. While it may look like they are verified, it actually is a work-around to make it seem that way. There is not official Xbox verification but a clever trick to make it seem as though an… Read More »

How To Fix CSGO Black Screen

If you get a black screen when trying to start CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), there are a few fixes that can be done to solve the issue. Sometimes CSGO gives a black screen that comes up when you’re trying to boot up, the startup process fails, or it just completely glitches out. This is a common error and… Read More »

How To Screen Share On Discord

Sharing a screen with Discord is very easy to do and can be done on PCs, Macs, or Mobile devices. You can share the whole screen, such as a desktop, or application-specific, such as a game or spreadsheet. Video chatting can also be done with currently up to nine people able to be on a server. Below is… Read More »