Causes and Fixes for a PlayStation WS-37337-3 Error

By | January 16, 2023

Causes an Fixes for a PlayStation WS-37337-3 Error
If you get a WS-37337-3 error on your PS4 or PS5, there is an issue with your PlayStation account.

Your account has been suspended for breaking a PlayStation rule which there are many.
Causes an Fixes for a PlayStation WS-37337-3 Error Overview
A message will be displayed that reads, Access to PlayStation Network by this account has a Policy Violation. An email with more details will be sent to the account. Also, refer to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service.

Some Sony suspensions are reversible, while others are permanent.

The good news is a WS-37337-3 error messages is usually temporary.

What is a WS-37337-3 Error PlayStation Error?

A WS-37337-3 error means your account has been suspended on the PlayStation Network.

The official description of a WS-37337-3 error is “This PSN account has been temporarily suspended.

How To Get Rid of WS-37337-3 PlayStation Ban

How To Get Rid of WS-37337-3 PlayStation Ban
The first step is to check the email that is tied to your PlayStation account.

Sony will send information on the ban to the email address with information for what can be done to fix the issue.

A typical PlayStation WS-37337-3 email will read:
This account has been temporarily suspended.

This account has been temporarily suspended from accessing PSN services for violating our Terms of Service and User Agreement.

Please check the e-mail account associated with the account for further information.

The ban is usually temporary, and the account is often banned for 3-30 days. Of course, this can vary and is up to Sony.

If you have a username that may be considered toxic changing, it sometimes helps to get rid of a WS-37337-3 code.

Also, be sure your account is paid and not delinquent.

How Long is a PlayStation WS-37337-3 Suspension?

How long the suspension lasts varies and depends on how bad Sony thinks the offense was.

Many users report a ban of 3-7 days, but a ban can last 30 days or even a year.

The only way to know how long the ban will last is to call the PlayStation support line.

Sony often won’t disclose much information, but they are the only ones that know why the account was suspended and for how long.

Why Did PlayStation Give Me a WS-37337-3 Suspension?

Sony has a list of reasons an account can be suspended, including modding or hacking a console, toxic language, and more.

Suspensions fall into two categories account suspension and console suspension.

An account suspension is usually recoverable, while most console suspensions are not.

Sony has a Violation of PlayStation Network ToS (Terms of Service) or CoC (Code of Conduct) that must be followed, or a suspension will happen.

Account suspensions are usually caused by salty language or username.

If your username is considered toxic, changing it often can help get rid of the WS-37337-3 error.

If you get a PlayStation WS-37337-3 error, your account has been suspended; it is usually a temporary ban.

Of course, it is up to Sony how bad they think the transgression was and how long the ban will last.

Contacting the PlayStation support team is the only way to know for sure how long the ban will last.

There are several solutions to fix the fix PS4 WS373373 error code.

Common major reasons include Sony suspected fraud, late payments, fraudulent activity, TOS and COC, due to bank issues, and more.

Check to see if you have received an email regarding the ban and causes of the WS373373 error.

Most suspensions for toxic langue last 3-7 days but in some cases can last 30 days or even a year.

The only way to know for sure how long it will last is to check your email ties to the PlayStation account and contact Sony.

If you have not been hacking or modding the console, most users report a temporary ban.

Have you received a WS-37337-3 error on your PlayStation account? Let us know your thoughts below.



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  1. izazxz

    Someone hacked my account cause I didn’t use izazxz for a week cause I got banned on this other game then after that someone hopped in my account and started swearing I am so sorry and I can promise u this will never happen again.

  2. Tyler

    I got banned on PS4 for a nude picture and it said a would be unbanned from anywhere between 7-30 days it has been 37 days and am still banned can someone help please

  3. Tyler

    I have been banned on ps for a nude picture and it says normally somewhere between 3-30 days it has been 35 days can someone please help

  4. Toxic_Rauul546

    Plss can I get my psn acc back pls this wont happen again i promise

  5. Mr Stewart Burgess

    I’m currently suspended for typing ‘di-rty dr-iver go play Mario Kart’ in Gran Turismo Sport chat. I have challenged the suspension, but the PlayStation Support team are unfair and unequal in their treatment of accounts. My formal complaint to them shows a report I raised where the other player typed ‘t w a t’ in Gran Turismo Sport chat, yet the reply from the report investigation was ‘no breach of the code of conduct’ !! There is absolutely no consistency and their so called investigating team are a joke. Vulgar language is a breach yet no suspension for this player, however my language/content has resulted in a suspension and so must be (incorrectly and unfairly) considered worse! I strongly suggest abandoning the social interaction on any game; otherwise you’re putting yourself at risk with the PlayStation ahem ‘experts’. Laughably unsustainable PlayStation treatment.

  6. K Yogesh Patel

    Thanks for the error fix. I was having a trouble of trouble, checked reddit but still got the solution here.


    hey I try to log into my PlayStation and it wouldn’t let me because it said terminally disbanded and I haven’t did nothing or anything wrong and I would really love to have my account back I am a gamer YouTuber kinggeorge170 is my account

    1. Owen cunningham

      Please can I have my account back it was someone else got me to write it as I can’t write or read


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