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By | October 11, 2023

WirelesSHack is a source of news for electronic projects, including Linux, Wireless Security, Kodi, SDR, Raspberry Pi, How-To- information, Over the air TV, Reviews, Guides, and Tutorials.

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About WirelesSHack Website

WirelesSHack is an ever-changing website that is all about interesting electronic devices, developments, and projects.

This website wirelesshack.org was created in 2011 as a resource for wireless security, such as WEP/WPA/WPA2 patches and holes found in many routers and devices.

Many posts and YouTube videos were created to show how routers could be cracked to give up passwords and how to protect them.

This involved getting a data capture, which needs the right software and a compatible USB adapter.

Popular software was Linux-based Backtrack, which later became Kali Linux.

Only certain USB adapter chipsets can work with software such as Backtrack or Kali Linux.

We test Linux USB adapters and keep a list for which are compatible with wireless pen testing and software such as Kali.

There also were many topics on XBMC (Xbox Media Center), which later became named Kodi.

The early days of XBMC, involved, installing it on the original XBOX, which gave it many added features.

The most popular feature of XBMC was the ability to play almost any media file, such as MP3, MP4, MKV, AVI, and many more.

XBMC could also stream from a local network very well, which was a great way to play movies on a big-screen TV from a large video library located on a computer.

In 2014, XBMC was renamed Kodi and it became available on other platforms such as Windows.

After Kodi was released, add-ons became available, which could greatly enhance its features.

Kodi video addons could search the internet for movie and TV show files and display them in a list.

Since Kodi can play almost any media file, the movie and TV show files can play directly from Kodi.

The addons never held any content; they only searched the internet or set websites for files.

Early addons included Genesis, 1Channel, IceFilms, Navi-X, Project Free TV, Phoenix, and more.

Most Kodi addons are based on these early plugins, with Genesis and Navi-X being the original best addons.

Since the early days, Kodi addons have always been hit-or-miss if they work and often require lots of patience.

Like a ham radio project, it can be a fun learning tool, especially when combined with a Raspberry Pi.

WirelesSHack has also has many other projects with SDR, the Raspberry Pi, over the air antenna TV, and many How-to tutorials.

We believe everyone should be setup up with a TV antenna and be receiving free over-the-air TV signals.

Our How-to tutorials and guides are meant to give quick and easy-to-understand steps along with pictures to help solve issues.

We also have many reviews on electronics such as Android TV boxes, routers, USB adapters, and more.

Our mission is to give the best and most accurate information possible.

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