Top Best KODI Live TV Addons 2019

By | October 10, 2019

Top Best Working KODI Live TV Addons 2019
Kodi live TV add-ons are a bit of a hit-or-miss if they work or not, but are improving constantly.
Like any Kodi add-on it depends if the server is full or not if a link will stream.
This means that one day you will have no problems while the next day, or hour, the stream no longer works.
This up and down of working and not working can be frustrating, so it is always best to stick to shows already recorded and find a good server if possible.
With that said there are some good ones that have steadily improved Live TV, just don’t expect it to be as dependable as Cable TV.
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple worldwide high speed servers with no throttling or logs.
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Top Best KODI Live TV Addons 2019

  1. cCloud TV
  2. How to Install cCloud Live TV Kodi Addon Update 7
    CCloud stand for Community Cloud and is a community of people dedicated to streaming live TV online.

    Most any channels you can think of can be found in sections from news to cartoons.

    It is a free IPTV to use, there is a server section to see which ones are up or down.

    Like always it depends on if a server has too many users before they start to kick connections.

    This means popular channels will be difficult to watch especially if a popular show is playing. Less popular channels are usually easy to start streaming.

    Instructions For Installing cCloud TV

  3. World TV
  4. How To Install World TV Kodi Addon
    World TV is a Kodi IPTV (Live TV) add-on from Man Cave Repository.

    Section include Sports, Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, South Indian, Kids, Religious, Portugal TV, Science, UK, USA, Arabic, Bangla, Indonesian, Australian, German, French, and much more.

    How To Install World TV

  5. Pavoo TV
  6. How To Install Pavoo TV Kodi Addon
    Pavoo TV is a IPTV Kodi Addon from Zadar Repository with live TV from all around the world.

    Sections include Pavoo TV EX-YU, Germany, Turkey, Sports, and Kino.

    How To Install Pavoo TV

  7. Zeus
  8. How To Install Zeus Live TV Kodi Addon updated
    Zeus is a multi language Live TV Addon that has a long list of streams to play from.

    Sections include TV International, Portugal, Brazil, and Test.

    It is mainly in Portuguese with many streams speaking English with subtitles.

    How To Install Zeus


  9. Phoenix Reborn IPTV
  10. How to Install Phoenix Reborn IPTV Kodi Addon New Repo 1777
    Phoenix Reborn is an International Live TV Kodi add-on with a lot of sections.

    The English channels are under the World section midway down the main menu.
    How to Install Phoenix Reborn IPTV Kodi Addon 2019 Oveview 2
    It also includes German, Music TV, Italian, UK/US, World Sports, Rest of the World and more.

    How to Install Phoenix Reborn IPTV

  11. Vukovar
  12. How To Install Vukovar IPTV Kodi Addon
    Vukovar is a Kodi IPTV add-on located in the Zadar Repo.

    It has streams from many Countries including Italy, English, France and more.

    The menu is displayed in Croatian but the streams have their own language spoken.

    For example Engleska TV is English / American streams.

    How To Install Vukovar
    Live TV streams and Kodi are currently just not to the point of being a real option if you want dependability.
    Much like streaming any recorded content was with Kodi a few years ago it will no doubt steadily improve with time.
    Remember many free stations from popular networks are broadcast for free over the air in digital format, all that is needed is a good antenna.
    If you live in a large city often 30-40 channels can be picked up for free over-the-air and may currently be the best for live TV.
    Free over the air TV is mainly good for live news and weather, but many stations are also available including ABC, NBC, and CBS.


29 thoughts on “Top Best KODI Live TV Addons 2019

  1. Kelly

    Hi there the best repo I found for lots if American and Canadian content is in the shark sports classic repo just scroll down to links and choose one

  2. Jane

    We were able to watch Global Halifax but it doesn’t work now. Don’t know what we watched it on. Any suggestions why it stopped or how to fix it?

  3. Pat

    Hi, it seems all Addons in kodi that include live tv, non are not working. Addons with live tv that using livenettv, swiftstreamz, tvtap all are not working. I had try installing them over, change build and still nothing.
    If someone can help I’m very grateful for your help.
    Thank you in advance.

  4. Floyd

    I have recently installed TV Supertuga on a Kodi Leia Android TV Box system which, up until now, has been working fine. But now all the TV Supertuga links only open up a promo for Live NetTV v4.7
    Any advice on how to fix the problem would be appreciated.

  5. Charlie

    Hi, I’m in the uk and was advised to get an x96mini box. I have exodus on Kodi that works well. But, Mobdro is slow and stuttery and Exodus Live TV is full of mobile ads, as well as being slow. Our internet is over 30mb so shouldn’t be my internet. Can someone advise what I should do? Would love a live tv ap, especially for sport. Thanks

    1. Wil

      For sport use sport365, works great.
      You can find all live broadcasted sports.
      Also android apk’s Swift and Livenet tv work great.

  6. Bart

    a bit of topic, but do you guys know what happened to 123stream website ? if it was closed maybe I can find its content elsewhere ?

  7. Jack

    do you know of any live streams of HPI (horse player interactive) ?


    Do you now of any KODI live TV add-on Repo that contains “BeoutQ” sport channels?

  9. Rustic

    All Kodi addons for live TV that installed (I tried some of the most popular ones), are not streaming in HD. At max they have 480p and it’s still bad. Not to mention the nightmare of switching between channels and waiting for loading them, that in case channel even available. Does any addon give proper HD at least?

    1. paulo raul

      1. Install Durex build or any similar that let you close the window to switch chnls without the pic n audio going off
      2. Arrekis, Mobdro n some TvOne n Tap Tv chl’s stream 720 n 1080. Some Tv Chopo also.
      3. Most important, take the time and learn how to configure your own menus, submenus and widgets from SYSYEM so you get your own add ons, streams n favs.

  10. steve

    Installed Chronos and it knocked out youtube plus two other addons. AVOID CHRONOS ,IT IS TROUBLE .

  11. TheLegend

    Made in Canada IPTV closed its doors March 10 2018. The creators in Ontario chickened out and cowardly went into hidding , typical Ontarians.

    When the going gets tough, run …………………………….

    The guys who created the Pinoy Tv Apk fought right to the end and ask the public for help. but Made in Canada IPTV, just caved in with paranoia.

    1. Robbie

      Yes, too bad about MIC. Has anyone found another addon with lot s of Canadian content??

      1. Jay download all 5 TVONE addons. Tons of content for all countries.

  12. Blake

    The only one that able to install is CCLOUD. And it is currently not working

  13. Richard Sharp

    How do I get these to work on my live TV guide. I am using pvr simple client

  14. Henrietta

    I installed another app launcher (not sure why) and it went over Kodi. I went back in and reinstalled it but it’s not the same now. How can I get the one I had back without uninstall in anything? Also, can I clear storage space without deleting anything that I shouldn’t? Thanks for your help.

  15. Bruce

    I was wondering how to get to the one clik for tv shows…instead of having to clik the show, then the server

    1. WirelessHack

      It depends on the add-on with most giving a server list. The links have to be constantly monitored in-case they go bad. UK Turks Playlist has a one-click-to-watch, most the others dont.

      1. Cameron

        Hi Wireless Shack

        Firstly you guys are awesome and thank you for your hard work giving us the latest knowledge on addons.

        For me Achilles is the best for Live Tv. I only see one issur which i hope you can possibly help me with.

        The Live streams work great however there will be ramdom days where the streams stop working maybe once a week or so then the next day it will work again.

        Is it possible they are updating the streams on that day or is there a setting i can change that will help with this problem.

        I created my own build so i might have missed a setting i dont know about.

        Please help

    2. Clinton Graves

      I think you can hit the menu button and hit automatically play then you shouldn’t have to choose a server


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