How To Fix a Switch Joy Con Controller that Keeps Disconnecting

By | May 9, 2023

How To Fix a Switch Joy Con Controller that Keeps Disconnecting
The Nintendo Switch is a great gaming unit that usually works well for many users.

As good as it is, it can have issues at times, including the Joy Con controllers.

One such problem with the controllers is disconnecting and reconnecting, which can be very annoying.

Why Does My Joy Con Keep Disconnecting On My Switch?

Why Do My Joy Con Controllers Keep Disconnecting On My Switch
When a Nintendo Switch and the controllers keeps disconnecting, there are two main fixes.

The first fix is to disconnect and then reconnect the Joy-Cons from inside settings, which often solves issues.

The second main fix is to clean the connections with compressed air and restart the unit.

If the controller does not work after doing these fixes, it has often gone bad and needs to be replaced.

Be sure to check for any updates and restart the unit before replacing it.

3 Main Fixes When a Switch Controller Keeps Disconnecting

  • Disconnect and Reconnect the Joy Cons
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the controllers can often solve the issues in some cases.

    To Disconnect the controllers, go to System Settings –> Controllers and Sensors –> Disconnect and hold the X button for the controllers to Disconnect.
    Disconnect and Reconnect the Joy Cons

    Unplug both Joy-cons from the Switch, then go to the controllers section and select change grip.
    Disconnect and Reconnect the Joy Cons 2
    Press the small button on both Joy cons until they Pair with the Switch.

  • Use Compressed Air To Blow Out any Debris from Controllers
  • Use Compressed Air To Blow Out any Debris from Controllers
    The Joy Cons can sometimes get debris inside them that stops them from working correctly.

    Compressed air can be used to blow out the controllers and connections.

    Often blowing out the buttons and connections along with restarting Switch solves connection issues.

  • Controller Has Failed and Needs Replaced
  • Controller Has Failed and Needs Replaced
    If you try the steps above and the Joy Con is still having issues, it may have gone bad and failed.

    There are low-cost replacement units available online from eBay, Amazon, and more.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers can have issues at times, such as drift and randomly disconnecting.

The main fix is to disconnect them manually from within settings and then Pair them again.

Cleaning the controllers with compressed air can also help to clean up any bad connections which can stop them from working.

Have you had issues with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers disconnecting and reconnecting? Let us know your thoughts below.

4 thoughts on “How To Fix a Switch Joy Con Controller that Keeps Disconnecting

  1. Anonymous

    I have more than one right controller, and they all have this issue. What do you do if the switch is the problem?

  2. Beth

    Iv has my switch since it first came out at one point I had to replace my old black controllers with new yellow
    ones because the light broke on one of the old black ones. After some having yellow ones for a while the right had yellow controller kept disconnecting so I got the new hori eevee and pikachu ones incase it was the controller and not the system but even the right had controller on new one keeps on disconnecting from time to time I even tried updating everything including the yellow remotes but the right hand yellow remote still isn’t connecting to the machine properly when connected to the machine the right controller other ones some times fine other times it chooses to be awkward. I’m still not sure if it’s my remote is the issue or be cause my machine is old and the issue is in the system its self.

    1. Mara

      I have that same exact issue with the right one. Did you ever figure out a resolution? I don’t want to keep buying new controllers.


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