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5 Fixes When Discord Screen Share has Black Screen

If you are trying to share a video on Discord and it shows up as a black screen, there are several fixes that can solve the issue. This can happen when sharing a video from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, and more. Sharing a game being played can also cause a black display on the shared screen. The screen… Read More »

4 Fixes When You Can’t Connect to Xbox Live

If you are having issues with your Xbox and cant log into Xbox Live there are several fixes that can be done. Often when trying to log in, a spinning circle will keep spinning like it is trying to log in but nothing happens. Sometimes you can’t connect to Xbox Live, but the internet is working, or the… Read More »

4 Fixes for Nintendo Switch 2005-0003 Error

If you get a 2005-0003 error on your Nintendo Switch, there is a problem with the SD-Card. The first thing is to be sure the system is up-to-date by going into Settings and seeing if any new updates are available. The next steps require a combination of reseating the SD-card, formatting it, and replacing it. If you have… Read More »

How To Enter Recovery Maintenance Mode on a Nintendo Switch

If you are having a problem with your Nintendo Switch, the Recovery Maintenance Mode options can fix some issues. Booting into the Recovery Maintenance Mode may take a few tries since the buttons can be a bit finicky. Also, different Nintendo Switch versions and updates have made when to release the buttons a little tricky. A units options… Read More »