How To Extend a TV HDMI Video Signal Over Long Distances

By | February 27, 2024

How To Extend a TV HDMI Video Signal Over Long Distances
If you need a long HDMI cable run to your TV or other device, there are several options to get them connected.

Options include HDMI Repeaters, Extenders, Boosters, Wireless Transmitters, and more.

Which option is best will be different for each setup with our picks for best setups below.

How Long Can an HDMI Cable Be Run?

A good, well-built HDMI cable should be able to be run up to 50 feet.

How well the signal transfers data will depend on the cable quality and the sending device.

Most setups can send a good HDMI signal 45-50 feet before there is a problem and, in some cases, farther.

If you only need a cable run of 50 feet or less a quality HDMI cable should not have any issues.

The quality of the TV and sending device can also make a difference how far the cable length can transfer data.

Most devices such as cable boxes or gaming units will not have much of an issue, but HDMI transmission quality can vary with budget equipment.

For example, a PlayStation 4 will have no trouble sending data over a well-built HDMI cable, while a low-cost Android TV box may have issues.

Low-cost TVs can also vary on receiving a signal working very well with a short run but problematic with a long cable run.

Every scenario will be different and need to be thought out a bit for the best results.

Below are some common methods to extend an HDMI video signal.

As always, be sure to read reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a right pick for you.

How To Extend a TV HDMI Video Signal Over Long Distances

  1. HDMI Extender Repeater
  2. Small HDMI extenders can often work well with 50-75 feet runs.
    How To Extend HDMi Video Signal Extender
    They are small devices that simply extend a cable and give it a slight boost.

    Often they are also needed for many installs since extending and connecting long runs sometimes requires more than one cable.

  3. HDMI HDBaseT Ethernet Extender
  4. For very long runs an HDBaseT HDMI extender kit can be set up that transmits very well long distances.

    An Ethernet cable (Cat 5e, 6, or 7) is run to the unit that extends an HDMI signal.
    How To Extend HDMi Video Signal Extender HDbaseT
    This is a very good option since many homes have existing Cat 5e/6 cable built-in or can be installed.

    The Ethernet connection needs to be on its own cable and can not be used in combination with an internet connection.

    If wired internet is needed another Cat 5e or better cable will need to be run.
    How To Extend HDMi Video Signal Extender HDbaseT 2
    Using an HDBaseT is a very good option and is used in many professional setups to extend HDMI.

    For example, the unit above can extend HD 1080P @60Hz up-to 330ft, 4K @60Hz up-to 230ft using Cat5e/6 cable.

    There are many more HDBaseT units available, with the unit above simply an example.

  5. Wireless HDMI Extender
  6. Wireless HDMI Extenders can also be a good option in some scenarios.

    The problem with any wireless signal is obstructions such as walls and other wireless signals.

    If you have a clear line of sight to a TV, many wireless HDMI extenders work well, sending a signal 100-400 feet.

    For example, the unit above is rated to send a wireless HDMI signal 656 feet with a clear line of sight.

    If a wall is in the way, the signal will start to drop drastically.

    Busy wireless environments can also impact the distance, such as WiFi, baby monitors, smart home devices, and so on.

Extending an HDMI signal can be done with several options available.

Every situation and setup will be different and with any device bought needing to match the scenario.

If you only need to go 50 feet or less, a quality HDMI cable should get the job done.

For runs up to 100 feet, small boosters will likely work well.

If you have a very long run, the best option is an HDBaseT HDMI extender kit.

This will require using an Ethernet cable which may already be installed, or a line installed.

In some cases, wireless HDMI extenders work well with varying results depending on line-of-sight and wireless environment.

Have you extended an HDMI signal and have a good option? Let us know in the comment below.



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