5 Fixes When Hulu Keeps Freezing and Buffering

By | May 7, 2024

If you are trying to watch videos on Hulu and it keeps freezing or buffering, there are several common fixes that can solve the problem.

Many Hulu users report issues with the screen going black or freezing after an Ad or commercial plays.

Often the sound can be heard, but the video is frozen, or the screen is black.

This can happen on any device, including a Roku, Fire TV Stick, Android TV Box, Windows PC, Smartphones, and more.

Why Does Hulu Keep Freezing and Buffering?

There are several reasons that can cause Hulu to buffer including slow internet speed, router issues, WiFi problems, Hulu servers are down, App errors, and more.

Having a good internet connection is needed which is usually not an issue since most homes have fast internet speeds.

WiFi can also be problematic at times since outside things can disrupt it, and it is always better to use an Ethernet cable if possible.

Of course, sometimes WiFi will need to be used just be sure the WiFi is not the cause of the problem.

Hulu servers may also be having a problem or be busy causing a slow down.

While the servers can cause a slow down, the Hulu network is very good and usually not an issue.

Another cause is the device and the app being used.

Your device may be causing a slowdown, or the app may need to be updated.

Hulu Internet Speed Requirements

  • 3Mbps Download Speed (Can Stream Older 520p Movies and TV Shows)
  • 8Mbps Minimum for Live Streams
  • 16Mbps Minimum for HD 4K Streams

The minimum speed Hulu requires is 3Mbps which will only stream older 520p movies and TV shows without buffering.

520p is the resolution used for many old movies and TV shows from the 1980s and 1990s.

16Mbps is required for HD 4K streams but faster the better.

The average home internet speed is 95 Mbps which is much faster than needed to stream online videos from Hulu.

The device being used will need to also have a fast internet connection to the router, or it may buffer.

To check your internet speed open a browser and Google Internet Speed Test to use the Google Speed Tester.
Fixes When Hulu Keeps Freezing an Buffering Internet Speed Test
Alternatively, websites such as Ookla can test an internet connection speed.

Test the device Hulu is being used on to see what the speed is.

If the speed is lower than 20Mbps there likely is an issue with the device or router.

Test the internet speed with another device to see if it is also slow to help narrow down the problem.

5 Fixes When Hulu Keeps Freezing and Buffering

  1. Restart the Router
  2. 5 Fixes When Hulu Keeps Freezing and Buffering Restart the Router
    Routers are the gateway to the internet and can have errors at times and need to be restarted.

    This is mainly with WiFi, but errors can also cause Ethernet to not work.

    Restarting the router will usually clear out any errors and get it working again.

    Shutdown the router by turning it off for 4-5 seconds and powering it back on.

  3. Restart Your Streaming Device
  4. There are many devices that can stream Hulu from a Windows Laptop to a Fire TV Stick.

    Each of these devices has different hardware and apps which may have an error.

    Restarting your device and app can help clear out any error and get things working again.

  5. Check for Updates on Your Device
  6. Fixes When Hulu Keeps Freezing an Buffering Check for Updates
    Hulu releases regular updates which are usually automatically installed but be sure to check.

    How updates are done will depend on the device but will be in settings somewhere.

  7. Uninstall and Reinstall the Hulu App
  8. Fixes When Hulu Keeps Freezing an Buffering Uninstall and Reinstall the Hulu App
    If there are no updates or an update does not work, uninstalling and reinstalling can often solve issues.

    How the Hulu app is uninstalled and installed will also depend on the device.

    For example, Fire TV Stick users can go to Settings–> Applications–> Manage Installed Applications find an app, and select Uninstall.
    Fixes When Hulu Keeps Freezing an Buffering Uninstall and Reinstall the Hulu App Firestick
    The app can be installed back in using the Amazon Store.

    Adding the app back in will also vary, with most going to an App Store such as Google Play or the Hulu Website.

  9. Use a Web Browser Such as Chrome
  10. Fixes When Hulu Keeps Freezing an Buffering Use a Web Browser
    Most Hulu users will install an app to watch and stream videos but a standard browser such as Chrome can also be used.

    Most devices will have a browser available to use which may work better than the app.

    If your internet connection is fast and the Hulu app keeps buffering using a browser will likely fix the problem.

Why is My Hulu Constantly Buffering?

Hulu buffering can be caused by internet speed, hardware, or a software-related issue.

Most users will have fast internet speed, but it can be tested using Google and typing an internet speed test.

The hardware can be checked by using another device with Hulu, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer to see if the buffering stops.

Once the internet speed and hardware have been tested, the software can be checked to help solve any possible problems.

If Hulu keeps freezing and buffering when you are watching videos, there are several fixes that can be done.

The most common problems when Hulu constantly keeps buffering and freezing are slow WiFi speeds, network connection, or the Hulu app are having an error.

Resetting the router can often help to fix a Hulu error code and WiFi issues but using an Ethernet cable is always best if possible.

To stop Hulu from buffering, a good internet signal is needed, which includes WiFi.

If the app is causing the buffering, try to restart the app and check for updates.

Some users have reported that a reinstall of the Hulu app helps clear issues, which requires deleting and reinstalling.

This included all devices such as the Fire TV stick, smart TV, Android TV box, smartphones, Nintendo Switch, and more.

Using a web browser such as Chrome will also work and bypass the app.

Do you have a fix for Hulu streaming problems that are not on the list? Let us know your thoughts below.



29 thoughts on “5 Fixes When Hulu Keeps Freezing and Buffering

  1. Javier Saenz

    Bunch of BS. This issue started right after I updated the account as requested by Hulu. I have been asking Hulu for help for 2 days. they keep dropping my calls, the chat person suggested I restart my Phone, which would drop my connection with her. My speed is 55 mps. have tried dropping the quality of the video. Have uninstalled 3 times. Rebooted about 7 times. Am using Chrome. Have reset cache and total data several times. When I explain everything I have done to the help agent, they are at a loss and start form the beginning of their scripts. They are not trained for this issue. Short of standing on my head, Hulu has been useless in this issue.
    I realize I’m just one of probably millions of customers, but can you spare a small bit of customer service this direction and help me out?
    If my payment buffers for a few days I’m sure you would cut my service, right???

  2. Thomas Hozier Pruitt

    Yeah, Hulu network sucks!!! I’m cancelling service. I don’t have this issue on any of my other streaming services.

    Tom P

  3. Jeff

    Problem is at HULU – lack of bandwith to support customer load.

  4. MEF

    Same thing here. They are going to lose me as a new customer real fast. All the same issues as described above. I have only had the service for 2 days and I am so disappointed. I just called the support number and the person said my internet “latency” needed to be under 20. It is at 21. She suggested restarting my router. I haven’t done it yet, but from the comments above, it looks like that doesn’t really help.

    1. Dennis

      My Sling has constant buffering problems,especially with TNT doing NHL playoffs, 3 minute delay on the Toronto/Florida game yesterday.

  5. Teddy

    Works fine for me and Im using a VPN. Maybe your internet provider is throttling your connection during high peak hrs. Ping the tower and see

  6. Dave O

    Yeah, the same goes for me too. Hulu is the only streaming app that I have this issue with.

    Does anyone here have YouTube TV? I’m wondering if they have the same issue or if I should try switching?

  7. Anonymous

    It’s only Hulu, and it’s only on an old Roku, that freezes after playing the ads. Hulu doesn’t freeze after ads on my phone or on my newer Roku.

    Hulu must have done some software “upgrade” for the Roku recently without testing it on older Rokus.
    Fortunately I’m done with Hulu for now. Hopefully they’ll fix this before I ever want to come back.

  8. Dan

    Same issue. 6 other major streaming services work for me with no issue. Only Hulu constantly hangs and buffers. My fiber optic internet shows 370 mb per second.

  9. John Lewinski

    Only HULU LIVE TV CHANNELS are an issue…
    picture is jumping like crazy- Hulu on the laptop and phone are fine. Good wifi numbers, All other Apps and antenna channels work fine. I disconnented, reconnected, uninstalled, reintalled and even factory reset- everything!

    I think my Samsung TV hates Hulu.


  10. Kirk S Godin

    Yeah, this is not what wanted to hear when I finally asked Google why HULU always lags and freezes. But ALL other streaming services do not have any issues, so it seems to be a problem at the source. Glad to know it’s not just us.

  11. Tina Carlund

    Over the past 2 weeks, every time I try to watch Hulu, it freezes and kicks me off. It didnt used to do this please fix it b4 i give up!

  12. Selim Yalvac

    These are BS. My internet speed is 730 mbs. I can watch, Netflix, YoutubeTV, HBO Max, AMC+ without any issues. I am using Fire TV. Hulu App is always up to date. I called them with a complaint, waited for 30 minutes for a beating heart, then the guy restarted my HULU App. I had to sign in again on TV. Streaming was OK for about 5 minutes and freezing started again.

  13. Chachs

    Hulu sucks still

    I did canceled them but tried their service again
    Nothing changed so before this $7.99 trial ends I’m canceling it again canceling for good

    1. Kimberly K Lawhon

      Same! I had cancelled in like February and decided to give it a try again, but when the trial ends, I will cancel. I’ve done ALL the troubleshooting, uninstalled and tried again, and it still keeps freezing and buffering. It’ s many shows so I know it isn’t just the episode. I’ve restarted modem and Firestick and watched a show on Netflix with NO issues…so I know it is Hulu. It’s been glitchy EVERY TIME I have attempted to be a subscriber.

  14. Jeff

    The problem is at the HULU end – not enough bandwidth there to support their customer reqs. Wh en HULU is the only streaming service I have (of many) that has buffering issues the answer seems obvious.

    1. Anonymous

      It now lags, buffers, and pauses during commercials, too. I’ll be canceling after the new season Murders in The Building.

  15. Anonymous

    Funny it doesn’t pause or buffer during the commercials? This needs to be fixed!!

  16. Gene

    This does not work. Sometimes it just pauses what you are watching, and others it completely leaves the program and goes to the Home page. I called and they walked me thru the Wifi off and on, then removing Hulu app, and reinstalling. Does not work. If you go to the Hulu community page, this problem has been going on for years with no fix.

  17. Tony C

    I am going to start this with I am the senior network technician at a small internet service provider. It is not good to tell people to “reset” their routers. When you say that people press the reset button on their routers and then call their ISP because their wifi network disappeared. Reset means to take the device to a factory state, reboot means to power down, and power backup. I know that you guys are thinking “No Tony, that it hard reset,” but I challenge you to find a button labeled “hard reset” and not just “reset” on a router. As tech types we understand that we can use the terms interchangeably but general users do not.

    1. TazerFace

      Thanks for resolving the Hulu problem! Now let’s further simplify this by explaining to them how they should separate ssid’s and assign them a separate name and password. All you have to do go into the advanced settings of your gateway. It’s so simple, a child could do it!

  18. Wes A

    It’s infuriating that I’ve seen the same issue with the same customer complaints for over TWO YEARS, at least and Disney/Hulu isn’t interested in fixing it?! They must have a dedicated refund department by now with all this crap. The Rat needs to get out of the business. No wonder Iger and his minions are going broke.

  19. Mikeswafford

    I call BS on Hulu. I’ve done all the fixes and have a brand new Samsung Qled. It’s not my internet or TV. Hulu is legally obligated to provide a reasonably reliable service. There is nothing reasonable or reliable with these buffers. Shame on Hulu.


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