How To Connect an Ethernet Cable to a USB Type-C Port

By | September 19, 2020

How To Connect an Ethernet Cable to a USB Type-C Port
Converting a USB Type-C port to an Ethernet connection is easy to to with an adapter.

Many new devices such as laptops and smartphones now come with a USB Type-C port that is replacing the older style ports.
How To Connect an Ethernet Cable to a USB Type-C Port Hub
USB Type-C has many advantages over the older USB standards able to transfer data faster along with video and audio.

It was created to replace all the older ports on a device and can be converted to run on legacy inputs and outputs.

For example, an HDMI adapter can convert a signal to 4K video.
How To Connect an Ethernet Cable to a USB Type-C Port 1
The same can be done with an Ethernet to Type-C adapter which can convert the signal to carry data.

While most people can stream data over WiFi or the cell towers there are times an Ethernet to Type-C adapter is very useful.
Best USB Type-C Port to Ethernet Adapters 2020
For example, areas that have a bad WiFi signal can use Ethernet to speed up a connection or simply get online.

USB Type-C Advantages

  • Speeds Up To 10Gbs
  • Backward compatible to Old USB
  • Carries 4K video
  • Carries Audio
  • Converts to Ethernet

There is also USB Type-C Hubs which will have most any port thought of to plug in any older legacy devices.

Both standalone Ethernet adapters and Type-C hubs work well to convert a Type-C port to Ethernet.

There are many units available with some of our favorite options below.

As always be sure to read reviews on Amazon, here, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is the right pick for you.

*This post contains affiliate links.

Our Picks for Best USB Type-C Port to Ethernet Adapters

  1. UGREEN USB-C to Ethernet Adapter
  2. UGREEN USB C to Ethernet Adapter RJ45 to Thunderbolt 3 Type C Gigabit Network LAN Converter 10/100/1000Mbps for MacBook Pro Air, iPad Pro, Galaxy S20 S10 S9, XPS 13 15, Surface Book 2 Go, Chromebook

    UGREEN makes this small Type-C to Ethernet converter which is low-cost and has wide compatibility.

    It is compatible with most any type of device from a Windows 10 laptop to a Mac Book.

    It works once plugged in with the driver installing automatically.

  3. Uni UNICE01
  4. USB C to Ethernet Adapter, uni RJ45 to USB C Thunderbolt 3/Type-C Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Adapter, Compatible for MacBook Pro 2020/2019/2018/2017, MacBook Air, Dell XPS and More – Gray

    The Uni UNICE01 is another good low-cost converter that has wide compatibility.

    It also works with most any devices and is ready to use once plugged in.

  5. Dodocool USB C Hub
  6. dodocool USB C Hub for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Thunderbolt 3 Hub 100W PD, 4K HDMI, 7 in 1 MacBook Pro Hub, SD TF Card Reader, USB-C and 2 USB-A 3.0 Data Ports

    Type-C hubs have become very popular since one plugged in most any old ports can be used.

    This includes Ethernet, Video, Sound, Old USB ports and much more.
    How To Connect an Ethernet Cable to a USB Type-C Port Hub
    I have used the Dodocool Type-C HUB with very good success but there are many more units.

    It gives me speeds around 49Mbps Download and 5Mbps Upload.

    There is a new version from the one I received which may be faster.

    A Type-c Hub is a good way to go since there is more ports but does cost more if only Ethernet is needed.

Setting up a laptop, desktop, or smartphone with only a Type-C port to use an Ethernet cable is easy to do with a low-cost adapter.

The set up is quick and easy by simply plugging in the unit to the device and Ethernet cord.

Most units have wide compatibility to work with most any device such as a laptop, PC, android and more.

Of course, be sure to read the specifications on any unit before it is bought.


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