Review: Greatever T95Z PLUS TV BOX Amlogic S912 Octa Core Android 6.0

By | March 30, 2018

This unit was sent to me to review with my honest opinion and results below.
The Greatever T95Z Plus is one of the new android TV boxes running the Amlogic S912 CPU.
Last year most low to mid-range android boxes used the S805. The S905 is faster and the S912 even better.
The T95Z also has 2GB of RAM which is a big boost over the many previous 1GB RAM units.
Amlogic S912 Octa Core cortex-A53 64bits up to 2GHz
16GB EMMC Flash
Built in WIFI
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Kodi installed with add-ons
The box come with everything needed including remote control, power adapter, instructions, and HDMI cable.
The remote control is a standard controller. Better small remote controls and keyboards can be bought if needed.
The box definitely has a different style than most android Kodi boxes with its hexagon 6 sided shape.
There are 2 USB slots, Ethernet, optical, HDMI, power, and a Micro-SD card slot.
The interface like all android TV boxes has apps and setting sections along with Google Play to download and install your own apps.
Kodi comes pre-installed with all the popular add-ons such as Exodus, 1Channel, Specto Fork and so on.
The average FPS was 37.1 which is good for 1080p Video.
A CPU test with Geekbench gave a score of 2095.
A basic WiFi test gave us 33Mbps Down, and 16Mpbs UP.

The T95Z PLUS performed well in testing with Kodi and watching videos.
The S912 CPU and 2GB of RAM is a big improvement over the older S805 boxes.
While not a high-end box like the Nvidia Shield it is a good mid-range box that gets the job done.
The WiFi did OK in streaming but could use some improvement.
Netflix recommends at least a 5Mbps Down speed to stream their content, so the 33Mbps speed is plenty enough to stream video. A Ethernet cable can always be run if a faster connection is required.
We are still testing the unit and will update if anything changes.
As always be sure to read the review on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a unit is the right fit for you.


30 thoughts on “Review: Greatever T95Z PLUS TV BOX Amlogic S912 Octa Core Android 6.0

  1. Stiffy Felray

    I just ordered a T95z plus. The Amlogic octacore chipset is better than the cheaper made Rockchip quad core. I did some looking around and the Amlogic S912 makes the rk3288 flap in the wind like your underwear on the clothesline on a windy sunny day.

  2. Irene Lago

    Hi All,

    I bought the Sunvell T95Z Plus TV Box Amlogic S912 Octa Core – 3G + 32G BLACK and unfortunately, I ma not able to scroll down when inside an APP or Kodi.. Has anyone else had this problem? I am sure I am missing something here … and The box is useless this way..

    Thank you so much all

    1. Henrik Jansson

      I have the same problem with another android TV box. The only way I can scroll down is with a wireless mini keyboard with touchpad.

  3. Jaime Mroposki

    I am new to this. I want to purchase but don’t know if I can watch live TV and free movies on here. Is there a large selection of free movies that I can watch. I just want to save money. Somebody please get back to me soon. Thanx.

  4. Luke

    Navigation bar is gone. How do I get back. Some say that it’s gone for good unless you reboot the system.

  5. L arran

    Disappointed in my android box stated it would come with Kodi but there was no Kodi installed

  6. Steve Marriott

    I have tried every combination to get this box to okay 5.1 without using kodi just some demo you tube videos. All my amp shows is the input as pcm 2.0 have tried with optical input and HDMI it just won’t pick it up. Any help or is this a chipset problem. Maybe this explains the greyed out sections on the audio settings when kodi is open

  7. David

    I bought the 95 plus. The ethernet works well. Everything works except I can not play games from the play store. I can’t seem to click past the log in screen whiChat on a phone would be a screen press. I tried a keyboard and a mouse.
    Any suggestions?

  8. Humberto Alanis

    Hi! I have the t95Z plus bought from Bangood, my question is: Is this a clone? i saw another that said SUNVELL at front, thanks!

  9. Mithul

    I got a new T95Z plus box. However, it doesn’t boot up and shows a light blue (cyan) coloured light. Waited ages but no change from this. Any idea what could be wrong and how I can fix this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  10. Melvyn Hopkins

    Anyone know how to get the mouse to work?

  11. Rob Martin

    Anybody have any tips on getting the Ethernet to work? when Ethernet cable plugged in it does not recognize so im running on wifi setup…..

    1. richard

      have exactly the same issue I am also looking for a solution

    2. Murray

      Had the exact problem with 32 boxes I bought . Wifi works fine , cannot get Ethernet to connect although it says it’s connected . Junk

  12. Coder

    I bought this box to run some older apps and it performs flawlessly

  13. Craig

    I bought this t95z plus thru amazon. For the most part it works pretty good except for the 3d. After clicking on a 3d movie in kodi, the movie started playing side by side. I went to my sony tv action menu and selected 3d. The 3d context menu opened and it was greyed out to the off position. I clicked to turn it on and a message popped up saying “feature not available”. To rule out that this was a problem with the T95Z plus, I disconnected it and connected my fire tv, started the movie in 3d side by side, went to my tv and selected 3d. From the context menu 3d was greyed out, but when I clicked on it, it turned on and I selected side by side and the movie went into 3d mode. I also tested a second t95z plus and it did not play 3d either. Since 3d did play using the firetv, I have to believe that these t95z pluses do not play 3d as advertised, are defected, or there is something I am overlooking in configuring them to play 3d content. Are there any suggestions or comments on this?

  14. Tristan

    I got mine to install krypton first time but I just don’t like it, yet, so went back to jarvis….never had any problems with the box at all, it’s brilliant for the money with pretty high specs

  15. Bob

    I just bought a T95Z android box and am having problems getting the remote to turn on and off the TV. Help

  16. David

    Pretty good little box can be temperamental just hangs for a while or hides the mouse icon then it magically reappears etc. The biggest problem is it will not allow me to install Kodi 17. it will happily take 16.1 but that is it. I will just give this to my sister and buy one that works with Kodi 17

  17. Chris

    I got one of these devices on the weekend, and finding not 100% stable with regard to the OS and software. As few times Kodi has just flat out died; and at least once Android has decided to reboot without any warning.

    In particular, I was hoping to upgrade from Kodi 16.1 to 17, which I have on a few other deviced (Windows PC’a & Android tablets) and I like a lot …but it refuses to let me do tat from either the PlayStore, or by side-loading. Has anyone else found this, and has found a solution perhaps?

    1. Dude

      Just uninstall Kodi from the play store and then reinstall. It will install Krypton.

  18. Russ Scheer

    I picked up a $45 Microsoft keyboard/mouse with the single USB receiver and it worked fine. The GEEK SQUAD member that I talked to said that there were issues with some of the USB and Blueray pairings. He said when they briefly looked at the specs. that they couldn’t find any obvious reason for the conflict but were still looking into it.

  19. Vicnent

    I just got the T95Z Plus and everything works nicely except for Digital Audio pass through.
    I have a setup that goes via ARC connection to my receiver but when I setup pass through all i get is static. 🙁

    So I have no 5.1 audio :(. I have tried to figure out why not but it is or an issue with the s912 chipset or an issue with Kodi .

    1. Ryan Pickett

      open kodi scroll along to – system click it then down to audio settings – should be a list on the right select number of channels 5.1 default is 2.0 scroll down enable digital pass-through and enable handle 7.1 output as well , kodi streams that have 5.1 will output through your receiver then 🙂

  20. James Andrews

    I’d be interested to know if you experience any issues connecting any Bluetooth devices like the Rii I8+ mini BT keyboard. I have one that my T95z refuses to accept any input from.

    1. dj ready cee

      I have the same combo t95z and rii i8…. the bluetooth appears to connect but i get no response from the keyboard. the keyboard works fine on other devices like my ipad

    2. Mike T

      Same here. It didnt pair for me either. Did you finally get it to work?? If so, reply back and let me know. Thanks!


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