Review: MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition

By | October 18, 2022

Review MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition

The MECOOL KM6 is an Android TV box with some very good hardware.
Review MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition Overview
It includes a 2Ghz S905X4 processor along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

The S905X4 is a very good CPU with a 30 percent improvement over the S905X3 and twice as fast as the older S905X2.

*This unit was sent to me to review with my honest opinion and results below.
CPU: Amlogic S905X4 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A55
GPU: Mail-G31 MP2
WiFi: Dual-Band WiFi-6
Bluetooth: 5.0
Ethernet: Gigabit LAN
OS: Official Google Android TV 10
Widevine Level L1
Output: HDMI 2.1
AV Output(3.5mm jack)
USB 2.0 and 3.0
Micro SD card slot
Supports 4K @ 60fps

The package includes an HDMI Cable, Power Supply, Remote Control, and User Manual.
Review MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition All

The KM6 box has a nice look with a wood type finish on the top.
Review MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition Overview

The side of the unit has USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and a TF card slot.
Review MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition Side

The back has an AV port, Ethernet, HDMI, Optical, and Power Port.
Review MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition Back

The remote control has quick connect buttons along with voice control built-in.
Review MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition Remote Control

Powering on the unit there is a quick setup and the Android TV 10 interface will come up.
Review MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition On
Android TV 10 is the same operating system used on the Nvidia Shield and the new Google Chromecast TV.

Apps can be loaded and customized to fit the user such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, Sling, Tubi TV, Kodi and many more.
Review MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition Apps

The current Netflix version on the Play Store is not available to install with an incompatibility message.
Mecool KM6 Deluxe Netflix
Netflix can be side-loaded but this will only play videos in 480p resolution.

Testing the video resolution I played a series of 4K videos which the unit did very well.
Review MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition Resolution
The MECOOL KM6 had no problems playing HD 4K videos at 60fps.

A WiFi speed test gave the results of 71Mbps Download and 20Mbps Upload.
Review MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition WiFi Speed Test

Antutu Benchmark gave a score of 101529 with only the Nivida Shield getting a higher score.
Mecool KM6 Deluxe Antutu Results
This makes it one of the fastest Android TV boxes available along with running the official Android TV OS.

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MECOOL KM6 Availability
Available Here on Amazon
Available Here on eBay

The MECOOL KM6 Android TV box is a great unit that will easily stream 4K movies, TV shows, and basic game-play.

The S905X4 processor is a big improvement over previous ARM Android TV box CPUs.

There is no lag while selecting an app or moving around the screen with very good performance.

All the popular TV streaming apps are available except for Netflix.

The Netflix APK can be side loaded but will only play in 480p resolution.

This is likely not much of an issue but something to keep in mind if you are a big Netflix fan.

Kodi installed quickly and easily from the App Store with no problems installing and using any of the popular add-ons.

I am still testing the unit so far with good results and will update if anything changes.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

9 thoughts on “Review: MECOOL KM6 Android TV Box Deluxe Edition

  1. Pravin Khatri

    It doesn’t come with Amazon prime video preload or BBC iPlayer or Netflix , plus Google play store don’t many applications for this TV box like Amazon prime video, BBB iPlayer and so , plus Mecool don’t reply my email.

    Can look into this matter reply to me can you fix it next update soon as possible.

  2. Buddy Fordham

    I bought the KM6 box after reading the review on WirelesShack. Wish the reviewer had said something about not being able to use the remote of turn the unit back on after shutting it down. Gets aggravating to have to unplug the power cable and plug it back in. Also found it strange that when you first turn it on it says nothing about being a MeCool box but rather a TV Box. Tends to make a person wonder if a lower rated box was substituted for what I thought I was buying. It does work very well but don’t believe that there is no buffering. On some streams it does nothing but buffer and on others, none at all. Also, if you don’t like the apps it comes with you can delete some of them (but not all) and install the ones you like.

    1. rband

      I recently purchased a KM6 unit as well and have the same remotes issue. Left a note with MeCool Customer service but no response.

  3. Samuel Kruger

    I bought a Mecool M8S Pro which works fine for 45 minutes them it starts to buffer and at 1 hour it starts to freeze. I have done some tests and found that the box runs very hot. The heat sink is to small to dissipate the heat. I have cut a hole in the top cover and fitted a fan to help cool the chip which does make a big improvement and might make further improvements if required.

  4. Sergio

    Hola yo nose si también os habrá pasado pero desde que compre el km6 Deluxe al apagarlo se queda la luz roja d standby hasta ahí bien,pero la tele cada minuto aproximadamente me salta el hdmi como cuando detecta un aparato que acabas de encender,y es muy molesto,da la sensación de que le llegue algo d corriente y la tele piense que lo he enchufado,sabéis de donde viene el problema?yo he tenido otros aparatos enchufados y todo bien

  5. Manolo Brito

    Hola buenas noches he comprado hace 1 semanal el mecool km6 deluxe edition lo he probado varias cosas pero tengo problemas por ejemplo no vino instalada la app de prime video y en la play store no aparece, al momento de configura tv box km6 por hdmi CEC luego de apagarlo y quiero encenderlo después de 1h:30 o 2 horas ya no enciende y tengo que volver a desenchufar el aparato para que nuevamente funcione es un problema ya que tengo miedo a que se estropee ojalá me puedan ayudar en estos problemas gracias.

    1. Funkoyote

      Yo lo tengo y la app de Amazon Prime viene instalada y además tienes un mando con el botón de Prime personalizado para abrirla directamente. Me aparece en Play Store.
      Suena extraño esto que cuentas…

      1. Manolo Brito

        Para mi también fue una sorpresa no vino instalada la app de Prime Video y no la encontré en la Play store y cuando lo dejo en reposo mas de 2 horas queda totalmente muerta no hace caso al mando a distancia de mecool y tengo desenchufar y volverlo a conectar para que funcione nuevamente, lo de app de prime pude instalar por Aptoide pero lo que se me queda muerta la tv box me da miedo que se estropee no lo pude solucionar


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