What is the Best Fire TV Stick Home Theater Projector

By | May 7, 2021

What is the Best Fire TV Stick Home Theater Projector
Using a Fire TV Stick with a flat screen TV is no doubt the most common way to interact with its interface.

While using a TV is great, there are other ways that can make for a great viewing experience including using a home theater projector.

Projectors are great since they can make a huge HD screen on most any flat surface making for a low-cost home theater experience.
Review GooBang T22 ABOX 2400 Lumens 1080p Video Projector Home Theater Playing
Most all new projectors have multiple inputs including HDMI which the Fire TV Stick uses.

This means that at a low-cost a portable home theater can be setup and used in any room or even in a backyard.

There are many good units available from basic low-end, to high-end models that have a lot of built-in features.

With that in mind here is some of our picks for the best projectors to use with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, here, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

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Our Picks for the Best Home Theater Projector for the Fire TV Stick

  1. DBPOWER T21
  2. DBPOWER L21 LCD Video Projector with Carrying Case, 6000L 1080P Supported Full HD Projector Mini Movie Projector with HDMIx2/USBx2, Compatible with Chromecast/TV Stick/Smart phone/PC/Laptop/PS4/DVD

    The DBPOWER T21 is a good low-cost unit that works well with the Fire TV Stick.

    It has many inputs including HDMI, SD Card, AV, VGA, and USB.

    This means it will work with most any device from a laptop to a Fire Stick and project the image on a wall.
    What is the Best Fire TV Stick Home Theater Projector ABOX T22
    Video quality is very good and like most projectors depends on the surface being projected on to.

    A large flat white surface will give the best results with the lights off.

    It is a good budget unit that makes for a good low-cost setup.

  3. ARTLII Enjoy 2
  4. WiFi Bluetooth Projector – Artlii Enjoy 2 Mini Projector for iPhone Support Full HD 1080P and 300” Display, 6000L Brightness, Keystone & Zoom, Outdoor Projector Compatible with TV Stick, iOS, Android

    The ARTLII Enjoy 2 is a mid-range 720p video projector that has built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and HDMI port.

    The unit can play media from HDMI, VGA, SD-Card, USB, Miracast, and iOS Cast.
    Review ARTLII Enjoy 2 LED 720p Video Projector with WiFi Bluetooth Top
    This makes it a good projector in many scenarios and able to display a screen from almost any device including a Fire TV Stick.

  5. ViewSonic PJD5555W
  6. ViewSonic PJD5555W 3300 Lumens WXGA HDMI Projector

    The ViewSonic PJD5555W has been a top-end unit in past and has dropped in price.

    While there are no better top-end units the drop in price and being a top unit only 1-2 years ago make it worth a look.

    It has very good brightness meaning it can also play during the day.

    It also has good controls for focusing an image on a wall making it in many situations from playing videos to giving presentations.

  7. Croyale PJ-58
  8. CROYALE PJ-58 Video Projector 1080P HD Home Theater Movie Projectors 3200 Luminous Efficiency Backyard Outdoor LCD Support Laptop Xbox VGA USB Speaker HDMI for iPad iPhone Smartphone TV Box Android

    The Croyale PJ-58 is a very nice projector that works with the Fire TV stick and many other devices.

    It can display up-to 200 inch screen at 3200 Lumens of brightness. This makes the screen able to be seen in light as well as in the dark.
    Review Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P 4K Smart Projector Testing 1

    A Fire Stick works very nicely with the unit by plugin into one of the HDMI ports and using the remote to set the right input.
    Review Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P 4K Smart Projector Fire Stick

Using a projector with the Fire TV Stick is easy to do and has the same setup as a TV.

Most any projector with an HDMI port will be able to project a screen onto a wall or other flat surface.

High-end units are nice but low-end budgets unit also have their place and work well with the right projection surface and lighting.

A Fire Stick and projector do make for a very nice home theater setup that can be created on a budget and bring in hours of entertainment.



2 thoughts on “What is the Best Fire TV Stick Home Theater Projector

  1. Savvy

    Hi, I connected my firestick to my Benq projector and I have the picture projecting from it and the audio from my projector. Now I also have a Yamaha sound bar connected through which I Usually play any media from my projector. After connecting the firststick, I unfortunately don’t see an option of having the sound come from the soundbar instead of the low volume projector. Can you help?

  2. Nick

    If your projector is 4k (and you want to view in 4k) and does not have audio out, you will have problems. You will need a switch/splitter, so you can send digital audio to the AVR. There are HDCP compliant HDMI2.0b switches for under $50. I am trying this and not having luck.

    The switch splits audio to toslink, which goes to the AV receiver. Audio will not arrive if the firestick display is set to 4k. Am working with switch company support. Amazon had no interest in solving it. One post on avforums said that the switch was not able to decode the audio. However, the toslink port is not subject HDCP protection. Oh well, who knows??? Can’t find anyone online who has gotten this to work.


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