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How To Install LooNatics Empire Kodi Add-on

LooNatics Empire is a Kodi Real Debrid video add-on from The Warehouse Repository. Sections include Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, Loonatics Movie List, Amazon / Hulu / Netflix (TMDB), Documentaries, Anime, Retro Cartoons, and more. LooNatics Empire is a paid links Real Debrid add-on. Using a good VPN with Kodi is always… Read More »

How to Install an Electrical Outlet with USB Power Ports

Upgrading a home electrical outlet to also have USB charging ports is a nice feature to have. USB charging of devices has become standard and is here to stay with new technology only improving, such as Quick Charge 3.0. The outlet is usually replaced with a new outlet that has standard 115 volt plug and… Read More »

Top 5 Devices To Run Kodi On

Kodi can be run on many hardware platforms from an android TV box to a Smartphone. How Kodi is played often depends on what hardware you have lying around. The minimum requirements to run Kodi are a Dual Core 2.0 GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 3D render capable video card. Of course, the faster… Read More »

How To DVR TV Shows Without a Subscription Fee

Many Cable TV subscribers pay a rental fee that can be replaced and are surprised that they can DVR TV shows and movies without paying. There are several DVR boxes that have no monthly fee and will record shows. Most of these No-Fee DVR boxes also have built-in digital (ATSC) tuners. Meaning they can play… Read More »

What Is the Best TV Antenna for Rural Areas?

If you live in a rural area receiving free over-the-air TV signals can be challenging at times. TV broadcast signals follow a line-of-site, so the terrain can be a big factor when receiving a signal. With that said, there are some TV antennas that work better for long-distance and work well in rural areas. Directional… Read More »

How To Install IPTV AU Kodi Addon

IPTV AU is an Australian IPTV from Sly Guy Repository with many Live TV channels available. From the settings option the region can be changed to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and more. Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy, security, and being anonymous. If you need a good low-cost… Read More »