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How to Install THX 1138 Kodi Addon

THX 1138 is a Kodi video add-on from No One Repository with both Debrid and free links. It has sections for Movies, TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, Tools, and Search. Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy, security, and being anonymous. If you need a good low-cost VPN to use… Read More »

How To Install Nightwing Kodi Add-on

Nightwing is a Kodi video add-on located in Magnetic repository. Sections include 1-Click Zone, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Docs, Fitness, and much more. The movies and TV show sections use scrappers to find links and are currently working very well. * has No affiliation with Kodi, any Addons, Repos, or Builds. is a news… Read More »

4 Fixes for Nintendo Switch 2005-0003 Error

If you get a 2005-0003 error on your Nintendo Switch, there is a problem with the SD-Card. What is a Nintendo Switch Error Code 2005 0003? A Nintendo Switch with the error code 2005 0003 is having a problem with the SD-Card. The SD-Card may be faulty, or the system software may not be able… Read More »

How to Install The Magic Dragon Kodi Add-on

Magic Dragon is an all-in-one Kodi Add-on with a lot of sections and categories. Sections include Movie World, TV World, Trakt World, New Releases, Box Sets, 4K Movies, People Watching, Cams/HDTS, Movie Picks, standup Documentaries, Latest Episodes, and much more. Magic Dragon has both free links and Real Debrid options. Using a good VPN with… Read More »

How To Install Homelander Kodi Addon

Homelander is a Kodi video addon located in the Crew Repository. The main menu has Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV shows, New Movies, New Episodes, People, Tools, and Search. The Homelander addon is currently working very well. It is fast and pulls in many links. Using a good VPN with Kodi is always… Read More »

3 Fixes for PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

PS4 Unrecognized Disc Mechanical vs Software Fixes Fix 1: Boot Safe Mode and Install System Software Update Fix 2: Boot Safe Mode and Rebuild PS4 Database Fix 3: Initialize PS4 Software If you have a PlayStation 4 and it keeps giving an “Unrecognized Disc” error, there are several fixes that can be done. This is… Read More »

3 Fixes Google Chrome Establishing Secure Connection

If you are using Google Chrome and get an error “Establishing Secure Connection,” there are several fixes that can be done. First be sure to restart your computer and router to rule to any easy error that can be cleared with a reboot. The most common fix is to restart the Cryptographic Services in Windows… Read More »