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How To Install Asgard Kodi Addon

Asgard is a Kodi all-in-one (AIO) add-on that has many sections and categories. Sections include Movies Scrappers, TV Scrapers, 4K One Click, One Click, Non-Debrid, Soaps, Documentaries, Sports, Stand Up, Apps, Music, Anime, and more. Unless you have a Real-Debrid account, be sure to use the Non-Debrid section. Real-Debrid is a service for paid links,… Read More »

How To Install Homelander Kodi Addon

Homelander is a popular Kodi video addon located in the Crew Repository. The main menu has Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, People, Tools, Search, and more. The Homelander is a good addon that pulls in free links. Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested… Read More »

Review: RCA Yagi Outdoor HD TV Antenna

The RCA Yagi outdoor TV antenna is built to pick up free over-the-air TV channels from a distance. It is a Yagi TV antenna that works best when pointed directly at a TV tower. Most TV towers are clustered together, so mounting it and pointing at one location is usually not a problem. There are… Read More »

Our Picks for Best WiFi-6 802.11ax Wireless Routers 2023

WiFi-6, also called 802.11ax, is the newest WiFi protocol introduced with new routers that have fast hardware. New routers that have the new WiFi-6 built-in are now available with many improvements over previous WiFi versions. Improvements include up to 4X faster data rates, increased capacity, better performance in dense environments, Improved power efficiency, and better… Read More »

How To Install Scrubs V2 Kodi Addon

Scrubs V2 is a very popular Kodi video addon located in the Jewbmx Repo that pulls in free links. Sections include Movies, TV Shows (Widget) – TVmaze Calendar, Episodes, My Stuff, More Stuff, Tools, and more. Scrubs V2 is for free links only and does not work with paid link accounts such as Real Debrid.… Read More »

7 Fixes When Civilization 6 Crashing

Verify Integrity of Game Files Play Game With No Mods Check DirectX Version Update Graphics Card Driver Lower Video Resolution and Refresh Rate Use Windowed Mode Instead of Full Screen Uninstall and Reinstall When Civilization 6 keeps crashing, there are several causes and fixes. Below we list the most common causes and fixes when Civ-6… Read More »