Our Picks for Best IPTV Service Providers 2019

By | October 12, 2019

Best IPTV Service Providers 2017

Page Table of Contents
1. What Is IPTV?
2. What Makes a Good IPTV Service?
3. Known Legal vs Grey Hat IPTV Services
4. Who Has the Best IPTV Service?
5. Best IPTV Service Providers Free and Paid ALL 2019
6. Best Free IPTV Services 2019
7. Best Paid Known Legal IPTV Services 2019
8. Summary

What Is IPTV?
IPTV is short for Internet Protocol Television and has been around for many years.
It allows for a user to pick and choose what content they want to watch and see it live On-Demand.
For example, a person who wants sports can buy an IPTV sports subscription package.
Best IPTV Service Providers 2019
Another person may just want to cut their cable bill and have a basic package with a few added extras.
For this reason there is no best IPTV as it needs to fit the user and the content they want to watch.
There are many good all around providers which offer hundreds channels of just about everything imaginable, from sports to movies.
What Makes a Good IPTV Service?

  • Minimal Buffering
  • Use on Multiple Devices
  • Free Trial
  • Monthly Plans (Don’t Pay for 1 Year of Service)
  • Pay with PayPal

A good IPTV Service will have many channels available that don’t buffer at a reasonable cost, usually around $5-$20 dollars a month.
Most will buffer once in a while but it should be minimal and not happen often.
Remember since it is streamed online your internet service will also need to be a good.
The average internet speeds needed are 10Mbps for Standard Definition, 15Mbps for 1080p, and 25Mbps for the new 4K Ultra HD, of course faster the better.

The IPTV box hardware being used should also be fast and able to handle the streams along with playing HD resolution.

Read Here for the Best IPTV Set Top Boxes of 2019
A good IPTV will also have Apps that can play the service on most any device such as an Android TV box, PC, Smartphone, or even the Fire TV Stick.
Another thing that is also important, at least to me, is the ability to use more than one device.
Like having a standard Cable TV service being able to use it in more than one room is nice to have.
Being able to test the service first with a free trial is also good to be sure it fits your setup.

Don’t pay a year worth of service upfront as to not lock yourself in with one service.

If possible Use PayPal as they will mediate a refund if there is a problem.
Known Legal vs Grey Hat IPTV Services
The last few years has seen many IPTV services start streaming content to users.

With the many services available some do fall into a legal grey area that may or may not be legitimate.

There are known fully legal paid services which are listed below.

If you are new to online streaming and looking for a good online streaming service stick with the known good legal services.

If you do use one of the gray hat services it would be best to use a VPN such as IPVanish or Express VPN with both having multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.

So Who Has the Best IPTV Service?
Finding a good IPTV is always challenging often having to search through forums, websites, and all kind of links to see if the work.
Below are some of the current most popular IPTV services in 2019 but there are many more.

I have also listed free IPTV services which have greatly improved over the last few years.

I am not recommending any one IPTV over another with this simply information on what I have found that is freely available on the internet.

Hopefully this post can help you find a good IPTV service.

Best IPTV Service Providers Free and Paid ALL 2019

Best Free IPTV Services 2019

  1. Tubi TV (Legal and Free)
  2. Tubi TV is a great IPTV source with lots of content to stream and best of all it is free and legal.

    The downside is it doesn’t have the latest movies and TV shows but does have lots of content to find something to watch.
    While free services will not have the best content it can be surprising what they do have.
    Tubi TV can be set up on most any device, there is even a Kodi add-on to play content with.

    While Tubi may not have the best content it is always working free source.
    Click here for Tubi TV Website

    Read Here for How To Install Tubi TV Kodi Add-on

  3. Pluto TV (Legal and Free)
  4. What is The Best Online Alternative to Cable TV Pluto TV
    Pluto TV is a very good free online source that is similar to Tubi TV but with different content.
    Like Tubi TV they don’t have the newest movies or TV shows but are loaded with content that is free and legal to watch.
    Pluto TV can be watched from a computer and has apps for smartphones and even works with the Fire TV Stick.
    Click here for Pluto TV Website

Best Paid Legal IPTV Services 2019

    Prime Video (Amazon Prime)

    Amazon is best known for the products they sell but is also a top streaming service with a lots of good content.
    Amazon has created its own ecosphere with the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Box that streams Amazon Prime content.
    Their service can be played on most any device so there is no need for a Fire TV, but with the millions of Fire TV devices sold it shows how big their streaming community is.
    If you have an Amazon Prime account for free shipping the Prime Video is included.
    If you don’t have Amazon Prime account they have a 30 day free trial to test it out.

    Click Here for Prime Video Channels Free Trial


    No list would be complete without Netflix as it is currently the go-to streaming provider for many.
    While they do have lots of content unless you can find one of their original movies and shows interesting it can become stale quickly.
    Don’t get me wrong many people love Netflix and it has lots to offer but not everyone will find their new movies and TV shows worth paying for.

    They do have lots of older shows which is great for binge watching.

    Click here for Netflix Website


    Hulu like Netflix is another top online streaming TV and Movie service.
    It has a lot to offer with many old TV shows and movies.
    For example it has Married with Children, Family Guy, South Park, Greys Anatomy, Top Chief and much much more.
    Click here for Hulu Website
    There is many IPTV providers with the number only growing daily, some shady while others good.

    Finding a good one is always tricky and can be difficult at times.

    For example in the past I used Set TV which was good for awhile then shut down shutting off the service and communication.

    This is why it is best to only pay monthly and pay with a service like PayPal since they will help get your money back if things go wrong.

    If you are new to online video streaming it would be best to use the known legal services such as Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu.

    If one of the other services are used it would be best to use a VPN for just in-case protection.

    VPNs such as IPVanish or Express VPN both have multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.

    There is even some free IPTV’s available but by their very nature are prone to go down and become hit-or-miss if they work, especially during a showing of a popular program.
    Some free services have improved with more content and good streaming.
    Having a good IPTV service is much cheaper in comparison to many cable TV plans with many more channels to choose from.
    Of course a good internet connection is needed with at least 25Mbps or better speeds to watch HD videos.
    When choosing a plan be sure to shop around and get one that fits your viewing habits the best.



108 thoughts on “Our Picks for Best IPTV Service Providers 2019

  1. Rick

    Really ? The author of the article doesn’t bother to provide a proper link to the IPTV provider ? I click on the link for Pluto TV and there is no place anywhere to sign up for it. Useless.

    1. Steve

      What’s there to sign up for? Click on a movie or TV show and it plays for free.

  2. Rich

    I recommend avoiding Radiosity. They are very unresponsive. I had them for 1 month. Many dead channels. They said the dead channel issue was fixed, so I tried to renew another month. I sent the renewal fee 3 days before the deadline and they canceled my account anyway. I’ve tried to contact them through their support site, forum, email, but they don’t reply.

    Radiosity is not a good choice.

  3. J Gonz

    IPTV CHANNELS dot COM at it again! Now they say their credit card processor has a hold on their money so they cut off customers and want us to file claims with credit card company we used to pay. My credit card company denied the claim due to NOVAPAY supplying proof the charge was valid. IPTV CHANNELS dot COM said they don’t care and it’s up to me to get the credit card company to do a charge back. SCAM!!!!! DO NOT USE THEM!!!!

  4. Charlie

    Love Tubi TV I’m stacking up on legal APKs. Pluto TV is also awesome as well. Cant go wrong with free.

    1. Digital Savant

      if you like sci fi there’s comettv free with commercials.

  5. Angie

    I need a HUGE bit of advise. we are dropping direct tv. today our contract is up. The only request my husband has is Sunday ticket all the sports channels a guy could want and LIVE pd!!! we need the hallmark channel too. I want Local channels for news and that seems to be the negative for IPTV. I hate switching around with all these providers please offer some advice. I have only today to decide. Oh we have, appletv 4th gen, & fire sticks. I have 5 tvs. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    1. Elizabeth Garriga

      Did you find any good provider. I have one 99% sastifactory provider

  6. midiyuga

    NEVER use IPTV Channels dot com!!!!
    I had been using them for a few years, just with the obvious once in a while buffering problem. All of the sudden they decided to change servers, but was not made aware.
    I had 2 years paid in advance…I emailed them they never responded so I setup a claim thru PayPal.
    Once I set up the claim they immediately answered my email, that the servers were up but they would no longer give because of my claim. Up to this time (3 months later) I have not received my one year sub refund and even though I had 3 months left on the previous year, They are blocking me from the service that I had paid!!!! really a-holes!!!!

  7. Aroyalpia

    Not sure why Sportz Tv is not listed in here. They have the best customer service in Iptv. 6700 cms, all PPV and on demand
    They were formerly known as Durex . I’ve been with them since the beginning, and it’s been an amazing solid service. Don’t know if we can post this link or not but Sportziptv dot com.

  8. John May

    I tried [a href=”https://dragontv.co/en/”] DragonTV [/a] . I’ve spent so long laboriously clicking one letter /character/number at a time, url portal addresses username and password only for them to fail, I have lost the will to live. I’d recommend using the live chat on their website as soon as you get your details through, that’s what sorted it for me…..eventually (the url you have to type in is around 100 characters long grr)
    Three stars given because when you actually get it worked out the streams (so far) look ok.

  9. tom

    Vader has been going downhill fast the past 2 weeks, It maybe coming to an end so be aware .

    1. DENNIS

      It no longer worked for me and six others I recommended it too. I also had TPK and they are still solid.

    2. Bill S

      I tried Vader Streams about 3 months ago and was disappointed with the buffering frequency at the 60 bits per second this service boasts about, along with the rejection of this service by several servers on my vpn service, and the epg could be easier to use. I have subscribed to Gears Reloaded for the past year and a half with none of these issues. Although the bits per second rate is not quite as high, the streaming quality is consistently good with hardly any buffering, the channel guide is very user friendly, the catchup feature works well, and their recently released apk is very easy to download and use.

  10. daherlihy

    There are a few other things should be taken into consideration in this comparison chart.

    For instance, Vader Streams IPTV offers a Match Center, VOD and TV Catchup, however does not provide adult channels (which some other IPTVs do).

    Also there should be a reference list provided to show how accessible each IPTV is available, i.e. on Android APK, Kodi add-on, M3U integration into dedicated IPTV/TV players, etc.

    1. daherlihy

      Oh and number of connections and IP addresses, etc.

      Vader IPTV (different to Vader Streams which is a reseller BTW) allows you to connect to 5 devices simultaneously from 3 IP addresses. You can add up to 5 MAC based devices as well.

    2. Jeff

      not any more, tv catchp and vod are no longer available, thats why i am looking around for when my subscription ends in 2 weeks

  11. Robert Pirrie

    Keep away from buy-iptv. Bought a years subscription almost a week ago. It’s been down more than up. Tried emails etc waste of time. If you don’t cancel within a couple of days your refund starts to go down, until after 7 days , nothing. That’s why they don’t contact. Don’t touch them please.

  12. Tim

    There are really many good iptv providers and not expensive at all. I am currently going through a couple each month to try them out for what channels they have and how stable they are. So far one of my favorites is Zforce. Good variety and very fast and very rarely have channels not working. They are on a site with 4 or so other providers who have their own niche. Think its iptvchoices.net zforce is about $14 a month and has been Great

  13. Gary Fink

    Must check out this new service. I’ve been a customer for several months and it is awesome. Great 4K, simple set up. Great customer service.

  14. Gary

    I have been using EffluxTV and originally tried them because a neighbor told me about them. The trial was short but let me see everything they had to offer. I like that fact that they have a working phone number (it can be hard to get through to them at times). I did learn if I started a chat online an still needed someone to call me they would call me back. I will say though their online support team is on top of it and quick to respond, explain and correct whatever the issue may be. I wish they had an option to record although they say they are releasing one at the first of the year. I hope that is the case because that is really the only thing I can see they are missing. I hope they can maintain this and stay around a while for us.

  15. Blacko

    Hey people I have an IPTV for 5 months is the last channel and the quality is really cool you can test and even look at the quality is just dream Profiiptv.com

    1. Bill Lacko

      My name happens to be Bill Lacko any relationship here?
      Also looking to drop cable. Been reading about Xpeditetv.com
      Thinking about trying it.

      1. Jeff

        I tried the service for a month. It’s the best buy for the money. It’s a bit buggy though. For instance, on my iPad or iPhone it only allows viewing in one landscape view. If you turn your device 90 or 180 degrees you are watching it sideways or upside down. It won’t autorotate. Also it’s hard to navigate and it’s very easy to inadvertently switch channels by touching in the wrong area. But for $15 a month you can put up with those issues if you’re trying to get a good buy. They also have online chat for issues and they were responsive to my chat. They cut me off before by 3 day trial was over and via chat they were happy to give me an extra day to make up for it.

      2. Doris D

        Try mediahere..ive had them almost a yr..luv them..under 10 bucks a month..better than the top paid cable package

  16. Joshua

    Wow……………..I didn’t see anyone mention Durex IPTV. Now i’ve only been using them for 3 months but i literally cancelled my cable completely. 99% uptime. That’s not exaggerating either. EPG that works very well too. 15/mo. Yea, i might try another but from what i’ve seen i think i landed on a winner.

    1. Ron James

      I tried Durex. Half the Canadian channels don’t play, vod movies freeze a lot and a bunch don’t even play.

  17. Jose Fernandez

    Hello, I have been using comstar.tv.
    This service may not have all the best quality channels, but i can say i have a few iptv subs vaders,tnt,beasts,nitro but its been comstar that i have been able to stream a planned night of viewing and not have any issues. all channels i love TRING,PINK,and so on have streamed perfect. So I want to share my experience so people can test their service. Also they have 48 hours free trial.

  18. eric

    i have used vustremtv for almost 5 months now and its good, they have customer support for the times that i needed to call, they also have some on demand stuff. its been my primary and i still keep a couple of cheaper backups

  19. Bill S.

    After subscribing to Gears Reloaded TV for almost a year, along with trying out some other highly rated services during this time, I believe Gears is the best for dependable service, a wide channel selection and user friendly channel guides. Other services simply don’t have as good a quality and combination of these important features

  20. Jennifer

    Just got Efflux TV. And I am 20 mins into my Free trial and I am already purchasing my 30 day subscription. I loved SeTv but I can tell these guys are even better. Check them out.

    1. Marcos

      the very best i dont miss Setv anymore. been using now for 4 month and never any issue

    2. Jim

      Area 51 is a very, very, basic iptv service. It does not have a EPG. Nor does it have a Series or catchup. Seems dependable. That’s about it.

  21. Marc J.

    “https://bestiptvusa.com” has a nice website that makes me think it’s a serious IPTV provider but it’s not. On the website, they claim offer more than 2500 channels but I actually got only 876 channels (US, CA, UK and Adult) and most of them doesn’t work. It pauses every 2 or 5 minutes despite having a fast enough internet 50mbps. I sent several email to technical support asking to fix these issues but no answer. I am very disappointed with their services.

    1. Joe

      I also paid for the plan thinking I scored. I got all the channels but many of them don’t work or play any sound. Using google fiber but having some serious issues.

    2. Jennifer L Cashman

      I agree they were horrible. Not even 1/3 of channels came in. Never responded to support emails no telephone number to call

    3. David

      Best IPTV USA are horrible…for the reasons already highlighted and you can add zero customer support. Every complaint is met with an excuse blaming internet speed, your device or the channels themselves. GO ELSWHERE!

      1. Mukesh Patel

        Best IPTV USA and Best Buy IPTV were very disappointing. Very nice websites. Wished I checked the reviews before buying. No support what so ever. Luckily used PayPal so got my money back. Currently using IPTV.shop. No issues and very quick customer support at a very reasonable price. 60 Euros/Yr.

        1. Atif


          Do the channels buffer on iptv.shop? do you have a full channel list? I am going through the pain with bestbuyiptv and claiming through paypal

    4. eduardo Acosta

      I have the send opinion nd in this moment not answer and the website not open

    5. Sherry

      I paid for trial and never got an email or response from the email I sent.. glad I just paid for the trial…

  22. Johnk

    I use and have tried several. Kewel iptv offers several services depending on what you want. Iptv guys and iptv express work well . Try Vader iptv it has had several software updates. They promise no buffering. Hmmm. Vader supports 3 ip address and 5 users at a time. Good for families. Works on most platforms.

    1. Francisco E

      Hi I’m new at this

      Do any of the iptv has guid with what is on and will be?

    2. C.b. Carmack

      Yes I agree. Have had Vader Streams IPTV for a week now and I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Great customer service. Not to many issues at all. All IPTV services will not work for everybody due to slow internet or poor devices. A lot of people don’t analyze their device or Internet speeds before they hurry and explode with their reviews.

    3. Fern

      I jus tried Vader for a month and found it to be fairly good. The channels I used most often (Canadian, American, Portuguese) worked every time with minimal buffering. I did however had a problem with the epg as I did not work most of the time.

      1. Jalen perkins

        Vader is the worst I constant buffering issues its not reliable and doesnt offer channels I want i recommend not waste your money

      2. george l myers

        they just went away with no notice, i would like to find another like efflux

  23. Ted

    I have tried many different providers and the best one are tvluux.com

  24. Jay

    Any one can suggest IPTV service providers in LA, California Area.. Also looking for IPTV Box provider too..Any suggestion ??

      1. Tim

        Tried nitro after zforce on same site…really think zfove is a step above nitro for content and especially channels all working great almost all the time! !!!

  25. Willie Hines

    I use GearsIPTVNow and it is good for $32 a month. Very reliable and we chose it because it had my wife two favorite channels, TVOne and Aspire. Anyone know one that is better and have those two channels?

    1. Modo

      I use D9TV, they have TV ONE. Not sure about Aspire though.

  26. Lorie

    I had SETV for 10 months (paid monthly). At first it was bad because of the freezing up. It got better but the EPG program listing was bad to the end. As we all know, they are getting sued.

    Im now trying BESTIPTV. They advertise INSTANT ACTIVATION and SUPPORT 24/7. NOT TRUE. It seems that after 7:00 pm they do not respond to email support. This is the only support they offer; NO telephone support. They did not activate me till the next day. I sent them an email last night due to problems. Still no response yet.
    SO this is a HEADS UP on this one.

    1. Wen

      I tried bestiptv also never heard from them no matter how many times I emailed them. I emailed them everyday for 2 weeks. My advice don’t get bestiptv.

    2. Marc

      “https://bestiptvusa.com” has a nice website that makes me think it’s a serious IPTV provider but it’s not. On the website, they claim offer more than 2500 channels but I actually got only 876 channels (US, CA, UK and Adult) and most of them doesn’t work. It pauses every 2 or 5 minutes despite having a fast enough internet 50mbps. I sent several email to technical support asking to fix these issues but no answer. I am very disappointed with their services.

  27. Tonya

    I use Texas Premium IPTV and love it. We have no buffering time at all. Movies load right up and live tv streams amazingly.

  28. Steven Maschi

    set tv was great and easy! but now that it’s down I need something comparable

    1. james Fay

      jettvnow seems to be the best thing going these days. Plans based on devices. All live channels. I use it on a fire stck and never have an issue

      1. James Mills

        Hi James is there any bluffering issues with Jettvnow?
        how many channels they offer?
        i was thinking about joinning if i can see more reviews about it.

        1. Tonya

          I am not finding JETtvnow. When I search It I am getting Settv..

        2. Linda Bond

          I agree with Mr Fay… jettvnow is basically buffer free with over 2000 channels and all the Sports Packs… App works on my tv box and firestick. All the US stuff with Canada and UK channels too. Much better than SET ever was

      2. Dvid

        I use Jettvnow as my back up. Works great. But I use Player Klub as my default service. Cheap per month and works great. No issues for me.

  29. Bobby Kendrick

    Settv sucks! Stopped working a couple weeks ago and no one will respond to my emails. All after I paid my first month. SMH!

  30. Montreal Dude

    Has anyone tried Shack TV? Their service costs around $15 per month for 8000+ channels and they claim 99.9% uptime.

    1. Kelvin T

      Shack TV very reliable and it working on a 6 MB connectivity, none issues to report on this using it on a Samsung smart TV been running it for 2 months now none issues. a bit expensive compare to Area 51 but it works great.

    2. Tony

      I have it… The best so far. But price went to 20 bucks for 2 device

    3. Ediddy

      I use Shacktv, support is good, it does pause at times and I have 100mbps. I noticed that the default channels work great but when I use another city like Chicago, it pauses every now and then. It’s not horrible but it will pause or get stuck every now and then and the sound can be off when watching old series. It does work better using their app on the fire stick then running it through the SmartIPTV app on my Samsung tv. I’m thinking about adding another fire stick on my Samsung instead of using the SmartIPTV app

    4. Rick Reber

      Yes could not get set up ncustomer service had todispute charge.. Stay Away.

    5. Ron James

      I tried shack tv for a month and I must say its geared more to latino/spanish speaking clients. Most of the vod movies are defaulted to play in spanish and the bulk of their movies have hard coded spanish subtitles. A real distraction when trying to watch a movie.

  31. Kirk

    I’m brand new to IPTV and while researching for providers came across and was intrigued by Set TV. I was ready to sign up but while looking a bit further saw a couple of articles informing that Set TV is close to being shut down from the lawsuit filed against them by Amazon, Netflix, Hula, Sony, Universal, et al for copyright infringement; supposedly it could cost them $Millions, When I went directly to the Set TV website all that showed was a notice that their service had been interrupted and to check back. Hmm, think I’ll bypass Set TV.

    I found Effluxtv.com and used their 3 day free trial. Not only did they have a huge selection of both Live TV and movies, as well as TV shows, all of them were clear, bright and played without any buffering issues. THink I’m going to try them for a month or so

    1. shanny

      effluxtv.com i can’t even get to download the app. it’s a good thing i didn’t pay for it.

      1. KIrk

        You are right about Effllux. They have changed and I will not subscribe to their service.

        When I used the 3 Day Free Trial I received a Username and Password and after downloading their app it was a simple matter to sign in and enjoy. The day I got ready to sign up I saw I got an Email from Efflux stating they “were back” and improved. Huh, I didn’t know they had gone anywhere. Well, they were offering a 24 Hour Free Trial so I figured I’d try that again to see what had been improved. I got the approval and some very confusing activation instructions. Shown below is what I received:

        “Download iptvextreme app from the playstore or use the media player of your choice.

        Once you have downloaded your media player app onto your device, go to “http://www.iptvextreme.eu/” and enter your MAC#, playlist name and playlist link then save. Refresh your device choosing your EffluxTV playlist name on your device.

        You will then want to select the menu option at the top of your device, scrolling down to force EPG download and click ok. This will download the guide for EffluxTV to the iptvextreme app. This download may take up to 1-2hours. ”

        It sounded like an awful lot and somewhat confusing, and it was. Firstly, the MAC # was one they provided, not the one associated with my Android box, but they were not very clear in mentioning it. The playlist name was simple, it was my name, But the playlist link they refer to was two lines long and filled with back slashes, question marks, period, etc. Not very quick to enter, AND IT DIDN’T WORK. I tried 3-4 times, entering the info clicking this and that, scrolling down, forcing restart and so on. I don’t know what they changed but it certainly wasn’t for the better. I let them know my inability to activate the Free Trial and displeasure with their changes and got kind of a non-reply

        Interestingly, yesterday I received another e-mail form Efflux saying they’ve try again and they’ve rebuilt. And it includes a link for another 3 Day Free Trial. One thing I will say is that they seem to be trying to be satisfying so I think I’ll give it yet another try, it simply must get better

    2. Mariee

      Efflux has the same exact interface and setup as setv…I really think it’s the same person, running it…just raised the price by $5…I loved set tv, so I’m hoping this stays

  32. johnnyC604

    I am cuurently a Set TV subscriber. They tell me they do not recommend a VPN as it causes problems with their authentication of your TV Boxes. I did try IP Vanish once, and I had to call their tech support to have the box reset. Evidently they rely on your IP address as part of the authentication. Oddly enough, they have a VPN called “Funnel VPN” on their website, and advertise it as the only VPN you can use with SET TV. I asked their tech support about it, and they said not to use it, and that the ad should have been taken down.

    I use Nvidia Shield TV, and have had zero problems with buffering. I also tried a mini pc W5 with 2 GB RAM and an atom Z8350 CPU, as well as a MI box, and they both had buffering issues. The W5 was unwatchable, and the MI box allowed you to watch, but buffered a lot. I think that you need more processing power than you will get with cheap TV boxes. Perhaps try the Nvidia Shield, or a box using the Rockchip RK3399 processor, or the newer amlogic 912. The amlogic 905 does not appear to cut it.

    My only criticisms of the service so far are not being able to use a VPN, and a relativelly poor EPG. The EPG consistently shows “no tv program” for Turner Classic Movies, as well as all the Sky Movie Channels. There is simply no program information that I can find. You have to tune to the channel to fins out what is playing. I am also a little unhappy with the device authentication. It is very touchy. If the IP address changes, it will be deactivated and you have to call to reset.

    I am also trialing Xstreaming IPTV. This is almost an exact duplicate of Vader TV. The epg is very nice, and unlike set tv, their is detailed program information on almost all channels. Quite colorful guide as well. Only downside so far is they do not seem to carry one of my favorite channels, Turner Classic Movies (TCM).

    1. Christopher

      Looks like you are struggling a lot fam. I have to say I am using ntv.mx and none of what you just mentioned every happened to me, I have been using it for about 4 months now, they’ve got a very wide selection of channels and their prices are maybe a bit higher than the rest but it’s worth it, their support is always there.
      You can try a free demo of 3 days (That’s what I did when I first tried them), you can get it on a Friday and use it all through Sunday.

    2. Brandon

      Well up until 2 days ago set TV was amazing for me I never had issues with buffering and I always got customer service in the live chat feature on the website. I had set TV for almost a year… They’re being sued by Netflix Hollywood studios and Amazon for copyright infringement. Set TV no longer works and customer service is now non-existent. Lookin for a viable replacement that allows me to use vod and watch all my sports games at a reasonable price

      1. THack

        That makes 2 of us. Have you found another good provider? Im using a trial of “best buy iptv” right now but the mlb channels arent working and I’m experiencing buffering… Too much

        1. Iptv searcher

          I just tried apollogroup tv free 7 day trial it seems smooth to me it’s worth a try

    3. Robby rob

      I like xstreamingtv, I’ve tried it for about a month and every now and I have reset the guide, other than that its great

  33. jon

    the best iptv service i have tried is fasthdtv you get a month for $6 3 months for 15 or a year for $45 they aslso give you instant activation as soon as you pay

  34. Carolyn Harvey

    I have an IPTV box & the man that handled my
    subscription passed away. I am looking for someone
    to handle that & get information about it. If you
    could help me with information about that, it
    woukd be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  35. IPTV Dude

    SET TV used to be a good service, but seems with their explosive marketing campaign, they do not have enough servers to support their system, which added a trip n of new customers. It is virtually unwatchable at times now, especially between the hours of 7-10pm EST. Constant buffering, or channels with no signal.

    1. Michael Stewart

      I had them twice. A year apart and both times was impossible to get History USA to work ever. Waited a week to get video then when I did get video it had no audio. Several channels had no video input. And A&E buffered badly. All US channels.

  36. Vinny

    I have tried Set tv and its ok. Sometimes a good vpn with good servers help with buffering. I use expressvpn. My fav iptv service tho is Gears iptv. You can use it in conjunction with the paid epg Mayfair which now has an exclusive android apk that only works with Gears and costs an additional $3.50/month with the Gears subscription of $20/month. It works seamlessly tho with great guide that updates regularly. Ive had very few problems over the months using a good vpn and I live other side of the wotld. Adding the Mayfair guide with the Gears subscription and vpn still makes it slightly cheaper than cable tv. Basically you gotta keep trying until you find a service and system that works best for you. Gears iptv does include a free version of Mayfair guide but frankly its disappointing and you get what you pay for.

    1. Todd L.

      I have considered trying gears but have a hard time with 3 people watching 3 different things at a time in my house.
      Everyone seems to have set buffering issues. I do not, but I typically only use set for live sports.

  37. Don

    Set TV sucks donkey *#$@$ Buffer buffer no signal I have very fast internet and have tried it all . They have sht support “your caller 24 in our queue etc escalate your case no results. Stay away it works ok at times few and far between. It would be awesome if it worked but they don’t have the servers to handle their service period!!!!!

    1. Gordon Robinson

      Set Tv is not bad.I don’t have the same issues with them.I experience very little lag.Other than that,I have no problems with set tv.

  38. Maceio

    You have forgotten on important part of what makes the best IPTV service. The missing part is good customer service and technical support.

  39. anthony argano

    I had set tv for several months and really liked it. Kind of new at the IPTV thing so wanted to try something else. So I tired Vader Streams. Have to say I think I like Vader Streams a little better but both services are really good. The one option i like with Vader Streams is you get 5 streams instead of 3 with set tv. Both products are 20 a month but I found if you do a year subscription with vaders is like 11 a month. I would suggest like others have said try the free trials and see what works for you.

  40. Deadwood

    When in doubt………DON’T………..Join an IPTV forum and find out before you get scammed by an IPTV scammer.

  41. David anderson

    Absolutely the worst iptv service out there. Since ive had it ive called them 3 times a week because of buffering and or channels not working. STAY AWAY from these guys and watch out they have many affiliates that use thee servers, so if it looks like set tv stay away from them as well, they are garbage!!!

    1. hasnain

      hey david you are a liar i have been using iptv service of global ultra hd company for 2 year and they are providing 2000 channels with fastest streaming no buffering plus it is an android device throungh which i can use social media play games and check my mails plus one year subscription is free and i would advise every one to use iptv service of global ultra hd company

  42. Charles

    My experience with Set Tv has also been all good. Customer service responded to me instantly with the chat window on the website. Also activations are done automatically after you pay.

  43. Rob Schulte

    Stay away from Set TV. I sm willing to bet the positives posts about it on here are planted. I have the service and can tell you It constantly buffers even with connection speeds of over 130 mbps. Im talking some channels buffer every 30 seconds giving what I call the blue circle of death, half the channels in the channel line up show no TV programming even though there is something playing on the channel, if you try to call the customer service number you will sit in a queue for hours before getting cut off or unexplained disconnect, the chat customer service is junk they cant help you with anything. However they payment processing is top notch, no delays, buffering or mistakes when taking your payment. STAY AWAY FROM SET TV!

    1. Alan Haglund

      I am also a subscriber to set tv and I will tell you it is tbe best around. No problem with customer service, it just that you have to call them at 9am eastern time. Tbat is tge bezt time. Very little buffing and I am runing at 50 mbps. It sounds like you might have a problem witb your internet provider.


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