Review: Ivation 733 Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer

By | March 28, 2015

If you’re like me and serious about Barbecuing your meat than getting the temperature right is crucial.

When the temperature is too high it will cook the outside to fast leaving the inside needing more cooking time. As any cook knows this is not good when barbecuing.

There are many meat thermometers that that can be pushed into the chicken or steak to see what the temperature is.

A standard thermometer is good but requires constant checking.

If you are busy preparing other food or doing something else but still want to know the temperature of your meat without having to physically walk out and test it, your options have never been better.

There are many wireless digital thermometers that can read the temperature of Barbecuing food and display it to a monitor.

These units come with a probe and a transmitter that sends a wireless signal to a small display. They are made to be easily carried around.
Best  Wireless Thermometer for Barbequing Remote Digital Reading 3

Many of these units are programmable so they will set off a tone if the temperature goes to high or low.

I use the Ivation 733 Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer but there are others which I will list them at the bottom of this post.
Here Is a Newer Version Called the Ivation IVAWT738.

How It works

One side of the probe is set in a clip that sits an inch or so above the grill.
Best  Wireless Thermometer for Barbequing Remote Digital Reading 2

Next the meat is prepared.
best wireless meat thermometer

Here a Brisket is being readied for BBQ with the fat side up.
wireless indoor outdoor thermometer reviews

The second probe is slid into the meat. Try to slide as close to the middle as possible and let it cook.
wireless probe thermometer
wireless meat thermometer

Here is the remote display about an hour later. It shows the temperature out side 84 degrees and the temperature of the meat 284 degrees.
programmable remote digital meat cooking thermometer

Most models also has a back light display and are programmable.

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