3 Fixes for Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted

By | February 10, 2024

Fixes for Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted

  • This error can be caused by malfunctioning hardware, software, bad app, or a virus that has infected the device.
  • A hardware issue is usually unfixable, but a software issue can be fixed in several ways, such as a factory reset.
  • Checking for a virus or bad app issue can usually be done by booting into safe mode.

If you own an Android smartphone and get the message “Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted,” there are several fixes.

This is a common issue for some smartphones, mainly when it comes to the system file security.

What is Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted Error?

The warning indicates that the device system files no longer pass the system verification checks.
Fixes for Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted Overview
This can be for a number of causes, such as the bootloader unlocked, a bad app, a bad update, and more.

The error happens across many Android smartphones with no one specific fix.
Fixes for Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted Overview 2
The causes include bad hardware, software, app conflict, or a virus that has infected the smartphone.

Since so many Android smartphones get this error, this post is here to list the general fixes.

If you know of a fix not on the list, let us know in the comments below.

Android Phones Reported in Forums to Be Effected

  • Pixel
  • Nexus
  • Asus ZenFone
  • Motorola
  • LG
  • Nokia

3 Fixes for Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted

  1. Boot into Safe Mode
  2. Fixes for Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted Boot into Safe Mode
    The first step is to boot into safe mode as this will start the phone without loading any 3rd party apps.

    This will help rule out any bad app that may be causing problems.

    If a bad app has damaged the system files, then it may not help but booting into safe mode can help in some scenarios.

    Also, go through the apps in settings and remove any suspicious apps.

  3. Do a Hard Reset
  4. Fixes for Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted Hard Reset
    Doing a hard reset will set the phone back to the state it was in it was purchased.

    Keep in mind when a hard reset is done all data is deleted including phone numbers, text, and apps.

    Android smartphones have a series of steps using the buttons that are pressed and held which will reboot the phone and do a hard reset.

    Many phones also have an option within settings that will do a hard reset.

    For example, Pixel phones press the power button and long press the restart button for safe mode option to appear.

    Each phone will be slightly different for how to do a hard reset and can be looked up online.

  5. Flash the Phone with a Good Image File
  6. Fixes for Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted Flash Phone
    Flashing the phone with a known good image file is a fix widely used in many forums and YouTube videos.

    Each image file must match the phone or it will brick the smartphone so this option is only for advanced users.

    Many manufacturers have dedicated software to flash an image along with other options.

    For example, Motorola Moto smartphones can use the Rescue and Smart Assistant software on Windows to flash the phone.

    A flash tool called ADB is also widely used to flash Android smartphone image files along with Smart Phone Flash tool.

    Since every Android smartphone is different for the software used, image file, and other settings it is best to search online for specifics.

If you are getting the error message “Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted,” this can no doubt be very frustrating.

The error is given when the smartphone’s internal file checking and verifying is showing the files are corrupted.

Why the files are corrupted can be for many reasons, from a bad app to a bad update install.

The first thing is to be sure no malicious apps have been installed and remove them if they have been installed.

Next, try a hard reset which will erase all your data, so be sure to have a backup since text, phones number, and apps will all be gone.

Last, a new image file can be written to the phone, but it can be a bit technical, so this is a fix only for advanced users.

Have you had issues with this error? Let us know your fixes below.



14 thoughts on “3 Fixes for Your Device is Corrupted and Cannot Be Trusted

  1. Anonymous

    Start >

    Continue beet

    Meze optione

    prese VOLUME keys

    Your device de corrupt. It can’t be trusted and may not work properly.

    Visit this link en anether devices g.co/ABH

    If power key is not pressed. Your device will povezelf in 30 seconda

  2. Breath Bright

    My lenovo k 5 play got also the same problem.
    I tried to hard reset it but when I press soft buttons still the same message appear.
    I did soft reset hoping that all bad apps will be deleted but nothing changed . what can I do to take my lenovo to its original state??? Even flashing failed.

  3. sarahi

    none of these are helping, my phone won’t even power on. Its stuck on the part where it says it has been corrupted and may not work and don’t trust it. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
    the phone that i have is the LG Tribute Dynasty

  4. Seth

    All in vein,I tried wiping my tecno phone data but it failed…what can I do? Should I replace the phone?

    1. Jacob Jennings

      I have this issue on my Blu s91! Pro it happened after I attempted to load Dsu and I think I didn’t do it correctly.
      Now I’m not sure what to do to fix it. Do I need to flash stock firmware or a new image file. I have already tried the hard reset and nothing changed. I also have the problem of novpc or 2nd device to access Adb with. Any info or guidance you can offer is most appreciated.

  5. A.B

    I did met with the same problemen o my Doro 8035. Restart to original situation after business, die not work.Restart bij long pushen volume-down and mainswiching in/out but hpen for a short time, suddenly (mostly after low batery)message abt.”corrupt device came bacck.

  6. Brian

    Have my basio kyv43 ,have tried restarting,hard flashing but all in vain,dnt no what to do

  7. Brandon

    This keeps on happening to me four times already and the only thing I ever done is the factory reset to fixed the problem.

  8. Monica

    I’ve had this come up on my pixel 3 xl and I kept putting off doing a factory reset (it still showed the message using safe mode). I just restarted my phone and the warning didn’t pop up again? Did it fix itself somehow? Or should I be more worried?

  9. Richard Walker

    I have a pixel 6a and it got into a reboot loop and then ended with the corruption message. I went through the factory reset process and no luck. I tried to flash it but was unsuccessful. Finally I read a suggestion to put the phone in the freezer for about 15 minutes, which I did. The freezer trick worked, and the phone has been happy ever since.

    1. Brandy Nicole

      My crickett dream 5g is doing this and I can’t get it to do anything what can I do

    2. Michael hester

      My android says my device is corrupted and can’t be trusted and it’s very frustrating? Can you please help me

      1. Joylyn league

        I have a lenovo tab M10 and I have the same issue I was stuck in logo and says that my device has been corrupt it can’t be trusted and may not work properly


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