What is the Best VPN for an Android TV Box?

By | February 6, 2020

What is the Best VPN for Android TV Box
Having a VPN setup on an Android TV box adds a layer of security that is nice to have.

There are many VPNs available, both paid and free with some better compared to others.

What is a VPN?
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way to hide your location and encrypt your data while online.

It does this by connecting your online devices to a secure server which handles all online activity.
What is the Best VPN for Android TV Box Server
For example, an Android TV box will connect to a VPN server which will route all online activity through it.

The connection between the box and the server is encrypted so no one can copy or see any data on the network.
What is the Best VPN for Android TV Box
A VPN server can be anywhere in the world and anyone connected to it will seem to be coming from its location

For example, a person in the United Kingdom can connect to a VPN server in Detroit and all online activity will flow through the Detroit server changing the online location and IP address.

What is the Best VPN for Android TV Box?
A good Android TV Box VPN will have unlimited bandwidth with no throttling.

Unlimited bandwidth is important since most people use their boxes to stream videos online.

For example, someone using Kodi to stream videos will need a fast connection or the video will buffer.

It also should have many servers located around the world to pick and choose from.

Also having secure servers that don’t keep any logs is an ideal option.

There are several low-cost VPN services to choose from that range in cost from $5-$10 dollars a month.

Our Picks for Best VPN for an Android TV Box

IPVanish is one of the top VPNs to use with an Android TV box set with the steps below for installing and using it.

If another service is used the steps below will be similar.

Keep in mind a VPN can also be used on most any device from a smartphone to a Windows computer.

How To Add a VPN to an Android TV BOX Using IPVanish

    IPVanish is a paid service and will need a username and password. Sign up for IPVanish HERE

  1. Go to the Play Store and search for IPVanish.
  2. how-to-add-a-vpn-to-a-kodi-android-tv-box-step-1

  3. Click Install.
  4. how-to-add-a-vpn-to-a-kodi-android-tv-box-step-2

  5. After it installs it will be located in the Apps section of your box.
  6. how-to-add-a-vpn-to-a-kodi-android-tv-box-step-3

  7. Open IPVanish and at the top left click for the options.
  8. how-to-add-a-vpn-to-a-kodi-android-tv-box-step-4

  9. Click Login.
  10. how-to-add-a-vpn-to-a-kodi-android-tv-box-step-5

  11. Enter you Username and Password and Sign In.
  12. how-to-add-a-vpn-to-a-kodi-android-tv-box-step-6

  13. A list of servers will come up select the one you want to use.
  14. how-to-add-a-vpn-to-a-kodi-android-tv-box-step-7

  15. There are many servers located around the world so choose the best option for you, it can always be changed. So for example to use a Chicago USA server click it.
  16. how-to-add-a-vpn-to-a-kodi-android-tv-box-step-8

  17. It will connect to the Server.
  18. how-to-add-a-vpn-to-a-kodi-android-tv-box-step-9

  19. A screen will come up showing you are connected.
  20. how-to-add-a-vpn-to-a-kodi-android-tv-box-step-10

  21. You will now be connected to the VPN and ready to stream your favorite shows. To test it open a Browser and Google “What is my IP” it should show the city connected to in IPVanish.

Using a VPN is a good idea for many reason from security to hiding your IP a dress / location.
Besides using one with Kodi, they can also be used anywhere while on the go with a smartphone which blocks unscrupulous people from capturing sensitive data.

They are low-cost options that give an added layer of security.

Most any computer, Macs or PC, can be setup also and use a VPN.

There are other VPN services besides IPVanish it is simply currently the most popular option in the Android TV community. If you go with another VPN be sure they have unlimited bandwidth to stream videos.



3 thoughts on “What is the Best VPN for an Android TV Box?

  1. AllePP

    I’ve tried IPVanish and I could get it to work on my PC, wrote about the issue on Reddit and some guy just gave me a coupon for NordVPN. Tried it and it worked after a few tries, so now I’m using it for Kodi

  2. sarah_q

    Been using Surfshark on my Smart TV, and it works just fine. Not to mention my whole family can use it on all of their devices since it has unlimited device logins.

  3. K4C

    IPVanish and Real-Debrid do not work together , but IPVanish is the best


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