How To Get More OTA TV Channels with a Better TV Tuner

By | August 17, 2020

How To Get More OTA TV Channels with a Better TV Tuner
If you have multiple TVs in your home receiving Over-the-Air TV channels you may have noticed some TVs don’t get a signal as well as others.

The reason for this is some TVs have a better built-in receiver sensitivity.

Most newer TVs built in the last 4-5 years do a better job compared to older units but it can still vary.

Keep in mind other problems can cause a TV to not receive stations.

Is it the TV or Signal?
The first thing to do is verify it is the TV and not a bad or weak signal.

If one TV is getting more stations than a TV in another room the easiest method is to swap them.

After swapping the TVs be sure to re-scan for channels.

  • If the TV receiving lesser channels starts getting more stations its the signal.
  • If there is no change and the channels still are not picked up it is the TV.

For low quality or bad TV signals, a booster or amplifier can be installed that improves a signal when multiple TVs are used.

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How To Upgrade an OTA TV Tuner
If you swap out TVs and find the unit doesn’t receive signals well there are two ways to upgrade a TV tuner, buy a new TV or an OTA digital converter box.

If your TV is old it may be time for an upgrade and a new unit may be a good option.

This doesn’t guarantee the new TV will have a better tuner although most new TVs do work better.

Keep in mind many new TVs don’t come with built-in OTA tuner so be sure to look at the specifications if you do buy a new unit.

Buying a TV tuner converter box is a good option that is low-cost and doesn’t require buying a new TV.
How To Get More OTA TV Channels with a Better TV Tuner 222
There are many available with most having extra features such as recording TV shows.

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Installing a TV tuner box is simple enough by hooking an antenna to the box and running a cable into a TV.
How To Get More OTA TV Channels with a Better TV Tuner Box
Most will also have multiple outputs such as Coaxial and HDMI.

If you have multiple TVs in a home with some getting fewer channels it can be the TV or signal loss.

Having multiple TVs in a home often requires a booster distribution amplifier as the signal can weaken when multiple TVs are used.

A long coaxial cable can also cause signal loss.

The first step is to swap out the TVs location and see if the problem follows.

If after swapping TVs the stations still cannot be picked up the TV tuner is the likely problem.

Buying a TV tuner box is the best budget option without having to replace the TV.


5 thoughts on “How To Get More OTA TV Channels with a Better TV Tuner

  1. Don

    Using cheap coax offers you no benefit. Always use RG6U 18 AWG Quad Shield Coaxial Cable

    1. Patrick Martin

      I even use RG11, less loss at UHF. A bit hard to handle but works well.

  2. Todd Behrends

    The sensitivity of the tuners make a HUGE difference. Always have

  3. Richard Benvenuti

    Have 3 samsung smart tvs. All have finicky tuners that are sensitive to very strong ota tv antenna signals due to me being from 7-12 miles from the antenna farm in southern Indiana. power levels are strong and even samsung admits a problem with the strong signals. Want to receive a strong quality signal via a converter-tuner dvr but don’t know which one to give me the same crystal picture as the samsung tuners when they work properly/ I would like the same quality picture if possible. What tuner should i purchase to bypass the tv tuner in the samsungs and not have a problem with strong signal power. Do i have to go to channel master or how about tablo with the app to be able to record and send out to multiple devices. Want the best quality picture and sound with ability to record and playback/ Too many choices out there. Please give me some ideas. Thanks.

    1. Don

      Channel Master has worked well for in many satiations I have used them in and would be a good option.


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