Our Picks for Best HD Over the Air TV Digital Converter Boxes

By | January 3, 2021

Best HD Over the Air TV Digital Converter Boxes
Having a digital converter box to watch free over-the-air TV is becoming very popular especially with TV cord-cutters.

While online streaming is where most content is watched free over-the-air broadcast is also a very good option with lots of channels.

Buying a converter box is not necessary if your TV has an ATSC Tuner built-in.

The problem is many new TVs no longer come with a built-in tuner which is an easy fix with a low-cost converter box.

A good converter box will also have many other features built-in such as recording which makes them nice to have.

Below are some of our favorite picks for HD OTA converter boxes.

As always be sure to read reviews on Amazon, here, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is the right pick for you.

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Our Picks for Best HD Over the Air TV Digital Converter Boxes

  1. ViewTV AT-263
  2. ViewTV ATSC Digital Converter Box for TV, HDMI Cable Recording PVR Function Output USB LED Timer Display AT-263

    The ViewTV AT-263 is a good low-cost unit that is built well and can also record.
    Best HD Over the Air TV Digital Converter Boxes ViewTV Frount
    There is no built-in storage for recording but it can use a Flash Drive to record TV shows or Movies.

    The Flash Drive does not come with the unit so be sure to buy one or two if you plan on recording.

    The back of the unit has outputs for RF, Coaxial, HDMI, and Component so it will have no problems hooking up to most any TV.
    Best HD Over the Air TV Digital Converter Boxes ViewTV Back

    The menu is simple and easy to use with options for Program, Picture, Channel Search, Time, Language, System, and USB.
    Best HD Over the Air TV Digital Converter Boxes ViewTV Menu 2
    The main option will be to search for channels but there are many other features such as setting the aspect ratio or having a password.

    The ViewTV AT-263 is a good over-the-air converter that when combined with a flash drive can also DVR shows.

  3. Mediasonic Homeworx HW-150PVR
  4. Mediasonic HW-150PVR ATSC Digital Converter Box w/ TV Recording, Media Player, and TV Tuner Function

    The Mediasonic Homeworx HW-150PVR is another good low-cost unit that also has many nice features.
    Best HD Over the Air TV Digital Converter Boxes HOMEWORX HW 150 PVR
    Like many ATSC converters, it can record to an external flash drive or hard drive.

    It can output RF, HDMI, or component video so will be able to input to most any TV old or new.

    Mediasonic has several converter boxes with the HW-150PVR one of the better ones.

  6. Analog to Digital TV Converter Box – UBISHENG Set-Top Box/ TV Box/ ATSC Tuner for 1080P HDTV with TV Tuner, Time Shift, EPG, PVR Recording&Playback, Media Player, HDMI, Timer Setting, QAM, Channel 3/4

    The UBISHENG Converter Box is another unit on our list that has a lot of built-in features.

    The front has a slot for a USB flash drive along with control buttons.

    The back has Antenna In/Out, Coaxial, HDMI and Component out.
    Best HD Over the Air TV Digital Converter Boxes Leelbox Back On Screen
    The setup is easy that after connecting to a TV the channels are scanned and ready to be watched.

  7. Vmade
  8. Vmade Digital Converter Box ATSC Set Top Box for Analog HDTV 1080P with AC-3/dolby,Recording,PVR Function,Pause Live TV,Sleep Timer

    Vmade builds this ATSC digital box that converts over-the-air signals to AV output.

    It uses AV video which is the Red, White, and Yellow jacks on the back of a TV.

    It also can record to a USB device and plays back video in 1080p quality.

  9. RCA DTA-800B1
  10. RCA DTA-800B1 Digital To Analog Pass-through TV Converter Box

    This unit from RCA has been available for a while and used by many.

    It is easy to hook up and is a simple signal conversion box

    The unit is simple and to the point with no recording but does convert free TV signals well.

    A universal remote is included which also can be programmed to work with many TVs.

    There are many good over-the-air TV converter boxes most with added features that make them nice to have.

    Many units will have multiple outputs to hook up to a TV old or new such as Component, Coaxial, or HDMI.

    They also can record to a flash drive or external hard-drive making the good for a DVR-like experience.

    The above units are some of our favorite options with many more available.

    Be sure to read online reviews to find a unit that is a good fit for your setup.



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