How To Install Tempest Kodi Addon

By | June 16, 2020

How To Install Tempest Kodi Add-on
Tempest is a Kodi video add-on from the Tempest Repository.
How To Install Tempest Kodi Addon Overview Updated 2020
The main menu has sections for Movies, TV Shows, 1-Clicks, Live TV, and more along with many subsections.

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Name: Tempest Repository

How To Install Tempest Kodi Add-on

  1. At the top left click the System Settings Icon
  2. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 1

  3. Click File Manager
  4. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 2

  5. On the left click Add Source
  6. Click where it says NONE
  7. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 4

  8. Type in the URL: and click OK
  9. How To Install Tempest Kodi Addon Ver 777 Step 5

  10. In the next box down name it Tempest and click OK
  11. How To Install Tempest Kodi Addon Step 6

  12. Double check everything is correct and click OK
  13. Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons
  14. Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon at the top left
  15. Click Install from zip file
  16. A box will pop open select Tempest
  17. Click
  18. Wait for the Repository to download and popup at the top right and say Tempest Repo Installed
  19. Steps To Install Tempest Kodi 18 Leia Step 13

  20. Click Install from repository
  21. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 14

  22. Click Tempest Repo
  23. How To Install Tempest Kodi Addon 2020 Step 15

  24. Video Add-ons
  25. Steps To Install Tempest Kodi 18 Leia Step 16

  26. Click Tempest
  27. How To Install Tempest Kodi Addon 2020 Step 17

  28. Click Install
  29. How To Install Tempest Kodi Addon V5064 Step 18

  30. A box will popup showing all the dependencies and add-ons that will be install Click OK
  31. Steps To Install Tempest Kodi 18 Leia Step 19



26 thoughts on “How To Install Tempest Kodi Addon

  1. Kurtbo

    Tempest was working great until like a couple weeks ago. Now it’s finding barely anything. Is anyone else having this problem?

    1. scott

      am the same was finding everthing last night now its not finding much

  2. Bob

    I don’t consider Tempest to be a “working” add-on………………..will not load……….failing to load a dependency.

    1. gotm

      Failure to install dependency is a common problem with Kodi, it needs the old data cleared out. Kodi needs a clean fresh start install.

    2. Art Anderson

      Maybe turn off third party security software like Malwarebytes. That’s all it took for me. I finally noticed from the corner of my eye a brief notification from Malwarebytes that it blocked something just before the dependency error came up.

      So… I Alt-Tab’d to my desktop and quit Malwarebytes from my “mini menu” next to the time in the bottom right of the desktop. Then back in Kodi, I back tracked from the failure point of the Kodi setup just to the point of “Install from Repository” and away it went.
      So if you already got as far as a dependency error you should be able to skip ahead to “Install from Repository”.
      After that I quickly chose language and location and I’m in the listings for content now.

  3. Jim5822

    I tried to install Tempest numerous times and the installation always fails. Below are the remarks that I receive. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    pytz installation failed
    tzlocal failed to install a dependency
    js2py failed to install a dependency
    Tempest failed to install a dependency

    1. James Tuozzo

      Install the dependencies manually, from anther repository, or from a clean Kodi install.

  4. Mike

    After updating my YouTube API keys, YouTube started working again in Kodi, but why are the trailers still not working? They will play from the Kodi library but will not from 3rd party addons like The Crew, Numbers, Tempest, etc. Any suggestions?

    Tested on Firestick and computer, even completely uninstalled Kodi. I’m beginning to think we can’t play trailers anymore, at least not from 3rd party addons.

  5. Jimbo

    How do you enable the adults only in the live tv section? I don’t see any options in settings.

  6. Jeff

    No matter if i use Tempest, Exodus, Exodus Redux or even The Crew, i can pull up the names of TV shows but any TV show i click on, no seasons load up. just has a loading circle and then nothing happens. strange its happening for me in all addons. any thoughts? thanks.

    1. TJ

      I got it to go one step farther… It brought up the season list and then the Episode list… But would not do anything when clicking on the total of the episode.

      1. Horatio

        Just installed the addon but no way to have this done. What happened with this addon ?

    2. Eli

      Your device isn’t up to date, it doesn’t have anything to do with the apps themselves. Try updating your device or getting the newest version. The apps may not be supported.

    3. Jack Roads

      try pulling the power cord out and let it power up again worked for me.

  7. James Lowry

    Very clear instructions … HOWEVER …
    neither the new (or the old URL) was active…

    Does anyone have an updated URL for this
    add on ?

    1. Dave

      I just installed from the New URL it worked for me. “”

  8. jonzen

    watch tempest! i had to uninstall it. when i used it after the stream or dl was finished and kodi should have been idle it kept dl’ing at 600K. i went from 600gb a month to 1400gb and it ocst a bundle.

    1. Tim

      Everything checked very little TV shows are coming up who own my new shows TV section unwatched on watch videos 31 in the criteria where breaking bad is all videos show 41 unwatched???


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