Fixes when Android Files Do Not Showing Up on a PC

By | November 4, 2022

Fixes when Android Files Not Showing Up on PC
If you have an Android device and the files will not show up on a Windows PC, there are several fixes that can be done.

If you are using an app to copy files, it is usually best to uninstall it.

There is no need to use an app as Windows is able to see and copy files from an Android smartphone.

Possible causes of the files not showing up are the Smartphone, USB Cable, Settings, and the Windows PC.

Does Windows See the Android Device?

To see if your Windows PC recognizes the smartphone go to Device manager.

Type in Device manager at the bottom bar and click on it.
Android Files Not Showing Up on PC Update MTP Drivers 1

When the Android Smartphone is plugged in, it should show up under Portable Devices.
Fixes when Android Files Not Showing Up on PC Overview
If the smartphone does not show up, there is likely a problem with the USB connection.

Where Will the Files be located?

The files on an Android smartphone can be seen in Windows File Explorer.
Where will the files be located
The path will be This PC–>Phone Name–>Phone–>DCIM.

If you are copying pictures you took with a smartphone’s camera they will be in the camera folder.

Fixes when Android Files Do Not Showing Up on a PC

  • Allow Access for USB File Transfer
  • Fixes when Android Files Not Showing Up on PC Allow Acesss
    When the Android smartphone is first plugged into a PC USB port, it will popup with Allow Access To You Data.

    Be sure to click Allow or the PC will not see any files.

    If you do not see an Allow Access To You Data popup, it can be checked by plugging in your phone and pulling the menu down from the top of the phone.

    It should display USB for File Transfer; if not it can be quickly changed.

    How To Change USB the File Transfer Option on Android Smartphone

    1. Pull down the top of the screen and select Tap for Other USB Options.
    2. Allow Access To You Data Step 1

    3. Be sure Transferring Files / Android Auto is selected.
    4. Allow Access To You Data Step 2

  • Use Another USB Port
  • Use Another USB Port

    USB ports can sometimes be finicky and a device will often work on another USB port.

    The USB ports on the back of the computer go directly to the motherboard without an internal cable making them often the best USB ports to use.

  • Check the Connections
  • Check the Connections
    Check the connections and be sure the cable is inserted well in each port.

    Often a smartphone case can stop a cable from being inserted all the way, causing a problem.

    Removing the case temporarily to copy files is sometimes necessary depending on the phone and case.

  • Be Sure the USB Cable is a Data Cable
  • Be Sure It Is a Data Cable
    Some USB cables for a smartphone are only built to charge.

    A Data cable can both charge and transfer data and is often thicker than a power-only cable.

    The USB cable that comes with the smartphone is usually a Data cable.

  • Use Another Data Cable
  • Data cables can go bad, especially ones not built well or overly used a lot.

    Using another cable can often solve the problem and allow for files to be copied.

    Most Data cables that come with the phone are well built but often 3rd party cables can be cheaply built causing connection problems.

  • Update MTP Drivers
  • The MTP Drivers (Media Transfer Protocol) is what allows files to be transferred, including pictures and videos.

    This includes all the major Windows releases, such as Windows 7 and Windows 10.

    If the Drivers are not installed or corrupted files will not display or copy over to a Windows PC.

    How To Install or Update MTP Drivers

    1. Plug in your Android Smartphone and type in Device Manager at the bottom bar and open it.
    2. Android Files Not Showing Up on PC Update MTP Drivers 1

    3. Click on Portable Devices.
    4. Android Files Not Showing Up on PC Update MTP Drivers

    5. Right Click the Phone and select Update Driver.
    6. Android Files Not Showing Up on PC Update MTP Drivers 3

    7. Click Browse My Computer For Drivers.
    8. Android Files Not Showing Up on PC Update MTP Drivers 4

    9. Click Let me pick from a list of Drivers.
    10. Select MTP USB Drivers and Click Next.
    11. The MTP Drivers should install or update.
    12. Android Files Not Showing Up on PC Update MTP Drivers 7

If you are having issues coping files such as pictures or videos from your Android smartphone, there are several fixes to check.

First, be sure you have a good USB connection and that the cable is a data cable.

Switching to another USB port often fixes the problem.

Be sure the phone is setup to allow for file transfers from the transfer options.

Windows also may have a Driver issue that needs to be installed or updated, mainly the MTP Driver.

Have you had issues copying files from an Android smartphone? Let us know your thoughts below.



7 thoughts on “Fixes when Android Files Do Not Showing Up on a PC

  1. Anonymous

    I had same problem. finding the device driver and updating/installing fixed the problem for me.

  2. KUKUKU - Tâigí Taiwanese Diplomat

    My 2023 new phone couldn’t connect to the win 10 device (connected with sound-noti, no broken port issue or any warning like that showing) but it works in win 11 laptop so… IDK, need more extra steps.

  3. Pat Randall

    Do you need to give permission on your phone to allow the computer to access it? Might be the problem.

  4. h

    T_T It didn’t work. I swear, I’m so frustrated I wanna smash my damn phone on a wall.

  5. Anonymous

    I have the same problem as Ken. I have done everything mentioned and its still not working. Help!

  6. Tadeu

    Tried everything !!! nothing happens … My computer does not show any cel phone … I have a second computer where everything goes ok … The windows system is the same … i do not know what to do
    Interesting is that it was working BUT suddenly it started failing ! and now i can plug any cel phone ! no one works
    It seemed that was after uninstalling a antivirus program Total AV and Avast

  7. ken

    Followed all your instructions. This PC shows Android device connected, device folders display, but all device folders are empty. And I have lots of images. Tried different cables, tried different USB ports, all permissions enabled — same result.


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