Kodi 17.6 Krypton Setup and New Exodus Install

By | June 2, 2018

Kodi 17.6 Krypton Setup and New Exodus Install 2018 777

Kodi has come a long ways from its early days as XBMC and continues to only get better.
Kodi 17.6 Krypton is the newest version of Kodi to be released and has some major interface changes.
To test it out go to the Kodi download page and download it here. https://kodi.tv/download/
There is installers for most any type of hardware from a Windows PC to a smartphone.
No matter the hardware Kodi is installed to the interface and settings remain the same.
At first the interface looks very different from the old Kodi interface but underneath there is a lot of familiarity.
KODI 17 Krypton Setup and New Exodus Covenant Install Overview
The new default Skin is called Estuary.
Kodi 17.6 Krypton has some big upgrades and improvements over previous versions.
Beside the updated Estuary Skin interface many new features are being added to Kodi Krypton including native support for Amilogic ARM 4K chips, Android de-interlacing to improve live TV streams and much more.

Steps to Setup Unknown Sources in Kodi 17.6 Krypton
Kodi Krypton needs a box checked called Unknown Sources to install add-ons such as Exodus.
Click the Settings Icon in the top left corner
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Settings
System Settings
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Settings System
Be sure to be in Expert Mode
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Expert Mode
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Settings Addons
Turn ON Unknown Sources
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Unknown Sources
A warning box will come up click Yes
To move back with a Windows install right click an empty space on the screen.
After Unknown Sources have been set to ON, repositories and add-ons can be installed.
The steps are similar to older versions of Kodi with a repository URL needed to be setup and than the add-ons installed.
Below is a step-by-step install of Exodus . The same steps can be used to install any add-on by changing the URL to the repository it is in.
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Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.
*WirelesSHack.org is Not affiliated with Kodi, any Addons or Builds. WirelesSHack.org is a news and informational site which does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is bought and owned personally or is in the public domain.
Steps To Install New Exodus Add-on into Kodi
1… At the top left click the System Settings Icon

2… Click File Manager

3… On the left click Add Source
How To Install Kodi 17-17.6 Addons and Builds Step 3
4… Click where it says NONE
How to Install Flixnet Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton step 4
5… Enter the URL: http://lazykodi.com/ and click OK
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 5
6… In the next box down name it lazy and click OK
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 6
7… Double Check everything is correct and click OK
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 7
8… Go back to Main Menu and click add-ons
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 8
9… Click the Package Installer Icon from the top left
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 9
10… Install from zip file
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 10
11… A box will slide open find lazy and click it
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 11
12… Click ZIPS
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 12
13… Click KODIBAE.zip
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 13
14… Wait for the top right to popup Repository Installed
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 14
15… Click Install from repository
How To Install Smash Repository Kodi 17 Krypton step 1515
16… Click Kodi Bae Repository
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 16
17… Video add-ons
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 17
18… Find and click Exodus
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 18
19… Install
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 19



410 thoughts on “Kodi 17.6 Krypton Setup and New Exodus Install

  1. Amanda


    I installed the app by following the steps above for my step father. Tv shows seemed to work however when I click on a movie and select a stream it acts like it’s loading but then kicks back to all available streams. I’ve restarted the fire stick. And it just does the loading. And then when I try on mine it doesn’t act like it’s going to load. It just sits on the movie menu. Could someone please help. I’m so confused

  2. Rano


    You made my day! I tried in many ways but the step by step process you provide is just simply awesome. Thanks a lot, dear!

  3. karen

    Wow.. thank you so much.. I had to re-format my computer and lost KODI.. and the last time I tried to download exodus it was a week long shit storm. Your directions were clear and easy! It took me maybe 10 minutes!

    Many Thanks!!!


  4. Juu

    Hi there

    I followed all the instructions did exactly what I was meant to do but I’m still having issues streaming -PLEASE HELP ASAP

  5. kim

    none of that is my issue, my issue is when i add the addon it gives me a error message that says it cant connect to network. Please help me find out whats going on

    1. Rayse

      Hi, sorry to hear….usually that error means you did not spell the source exactly as shown or that the source is actually no longer good. Unfortunately there is a lot of information out there that should be deleted or have a status on it when its no longer valid; but what doesn’t work for you may work for someone else; or it may work again one day. I have it on my laptop and doest seem to work anymore too. A BIG thanks to the creators of these KODI repositories . Thanks, and Thanks, Again. And maybe: Oops you’ll do it again like Brittany.

  6. Toni Long

    I am having the same problem as another person when I click on zip file there is no repository file so I am just stuck I started all over again and got the same result can this be fixed if so explain it to me like I am a novice because I am.

  7. Paul

    Step 12 problem where the -file does not have the repository zip file. Empty file. Any suggestions?

  8. Jim Greene

    On my Kodi settings pagei only have six choices. There is no addons choice. You have ten choices in tutorial. How can get the addons choice on Kodi homepage so I can proceed with the download.

  9. Eriqa

    Hello, why aren’t none of the tv networks such as Bravo, BET, &VH1 working??? Its been like this for months now. Yes I updated my kodi.

  10. Sonja

    Thank you for this – I finally got Kodi working on my android box after several failed attempts. This was so straight forward and easy to follow.

  11. nikesha

    I’m trying to install XvBMC repository and for some reason it keeps telling me that it can’t connect. Ca n someone please help.

    1. Faye o

      Go into settings, device then developer options. Turn both of them two options that show up, on. Ur good to go x

  12. Eric

    I have just updated kodi and installed exodus but have notice when i enter say action or comedy etc in both movies or tv shows it will only show a max of 50 movies/shows with no next page tab. Prior to the update it have the next page tab. Have i loaded / installed exodua wrong or is this just how it works now?

  13. Neo

    Thank you very much! I have successfully installed Covenant add-on on Kodi (iPhone).

  14. Betty

    Kodi has problems.the one iam using is not working all the time don’t know what to do .If it’s not working you can’t do anything.If i can’t get it to work an let me get the add-on’s i need i guess i will send it back.

  15. DM

    Hi. Apologizing in advance for what I’m sure is a silly question and if it has already been asked/answered.
    When updating and adding all of these new things. Should I delete all of the previous things?

    Thanks 😁

    1. The flow

      Why apologize, none of us know what hell we’re doing. My Girl always handles this. You and I can do it. It’s just that we get too impatient. Correct ? Or you just have t figured it out at all ? If not, it’s all good bro. BECAUSE WE SHOULDNT HAVE TO. Repositories, zip files. Notice how they word it as if we use these words everyday ?

      “Umm that’s a touching story. But I asked this question over a month ago. Are you gonna help me or what ? “

      Yup, right now. You said “should I delete everything” but you get nervous thinking you’ll never get it back right ? I was the same way. Delete the entire kodi deal. BOOM !! Do it !! Turn the thing on and get nervous because you just lost everything.

      Fear not bro. Follow the above steps and you have it all current, updated, the whole deal. Once you really get ballsy you go onto YouTube to find stations you cannot access or find. That’s s whole different level of being pissed. Trial and error. Only way I learned. Good look. ( Find-The-Flow)

  16. Tammy Barjarow

    Hi i cant get the zip files to work it keeps telling me cannot connect to network server and yet wifi and ethernet working fine please help i really want to get the newer addons but it wont do anything and when i try to ppen zip files it shows dots and nothing else what am i doing wrong im ready to return my android box

    1. Trisha

      Did you make sure the setting was in expert mode? Cause the same thing happened to me

    2. Belle

      In having the same issue. I have downloaded exodus into my phone, my dads, my labtop and it would work back in “fusion” time… im now trying to put it in my moms phone using fusión and this covenant one and I get the same thing “no Internet connection”… bUT ive checked everything and it is all correct yet it doesnt work… please help

  17. Ca

    Hi! I am stuck at 15. It wont show up in my video add ons. Triple checked and all other steps were done properly…any help??

    1. paul knopp

      seems to be a a major issue, they must not know how to fix this problem. is there a way to download apps on home computer then move to memory stick to install in tvbox?

  18. Atrump

    I am using convent and up until few days it worked. Now when i want to watch tv shows and go to networks it keeps telling me No Information . I can do a search and find what im looking for but it still wont load. I have uninstalled and reinstalled still same problem. Please help

      1. Rebecca

        I am having this issue as well! with all of my add-ons
        Has anyone figured this out as of yet?

  19. Eugen

    I falow all the steps exactly, every thing works fine until I reached step 11. I can’t go farther from step 11. I clicked on xbvm , nothing appear under the file sign, and the OK button is blocked.

  20. Marius

    Hi guys please help! Im using covenant on kodi, for some reason nothing wants to open up since last night. When I click on people watching ,most popular ,etc it just wont open up. Any help to try get this fix will be awesome

  21. PE416

    Thank you so much! I thought I’d screwed up until I followed your instructions.

  22. Joe

    You are a god send thought I was buggered. Now I have an idea on how to add Phoenix etc…
    thank you

  23. Cody

    I’ve followed multiple guides and each one is having an issue for me. My friend pointed me to this guide, yet I’m still getting an issue at step 11. I’ve allowed unknown sources, tried Kodi in admin and non admin mode… When I get to step 11, and click xvbmc file, I just get a loading circle for a moment and then nothing happens…

    1. Toneloc427

      You probably made a mistake is step 5; the url needs to be entered EXACTLY as instructed.

    1. Mechnizer

      Works, just follow the instructions, best Ive seen so far . good job .

  24. JD

    HOLY FAZZOLLI!!! By far the easiest, most self explanatory, quickest, etc downloading process of ANY sort of actual technical doing. Thank Google, Kodi, as well as any and every additional parties involved.

  25. Sarah

    OMF Thank you! Oh I was going crazy til I found this page and then followed your step by step instructions and it worked!!! I know I shouldn’t be that excited, but I use this add-on a lot! like 6hrs/week. I might have had to get a new hobby or done more exercise or something.

  26. stacie

    I am trying to load KODI 17.6 – i get to install zip file and the file i named per the video is not loading or installing or even there as an option!?!? WTF?!!

  27. Gerry & Sheila Simpson

    Re Trevor Nov 22 2017 – I’ve been unable to get Covenant, no wonder!!

  28. Cardkleener

    Thanks for the info. I must of done something wrong the first time. Second time worked great! Covenant works well.

  29. Kelli

    Followed the steps exactly. Took 5 minutes tops. Works like a charm! Quickest unlock I’ve done yet.

  30. Felisa

    I have followed every step to the T. Yet every time I try to click on Ares Project all I get is a continuous loading icon. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi about 15 times to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. John

      I can only tell you it looks as though the ares project repository and everything with it is gone.

    2. Brittany

      Ares has been shut down and will not be coming back up. They were catching to much legal heat. I had this same issue last night.

  31. Michal Aharonov

    It won’t let me connect to the network when I’m adding the path way help!

  32. Randy B

    I have followed every step to the T. Yet every time I try to click on Ares Project all I get is a continuous loading icon. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi about 15 times to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Nes

        I just had it working a couple of days ago,really bummed about it not working with my other Amazon devices…regret updating to 17.6 kodi! I hope they fix it soon.

    1. Trevor

      covenant, ares, and all add-ons associated with colossus repo , Including the repo itself have been deleted due tolerable threats by netflix

  33. Koon_kntrl

    I have 17.6 and I don’t have the application management box in the left hand corner in add one so I don’t know what to do…. I’m using a gen 2 Amazon firestick

  34. Chad

    Got to the Install from Repository screen and selected Ares Project but is says Could not connect to repository?

  35. kia adams

    im using my phone for the ruko stick and its telling and its telling me it cant be connected to repository……why is that?

  36. Mike

    can i nstallthis kodi on my x96 andriod box with 2gb/16gb and can i get all the same app on it again?

    If yes do you know where to find a instructions to do it?

    Thank youso much.

    Mike Denmark.

    1. Michael

      I have the same box for apps I use “http://mediarepos.org/kodistuff/”
      to install the kodi app go to kodi playstore look for the official kodi 17.5 install download it then go to google chrome in your app section look for “http://mediarepos.org/kodistuff/” down load the apks like terrariumtv , modro, redbox, hdmovies bobbys, freeflicks, etc then go to your app section again click on the app installer Wireless is an excellent souce on how to download , Covenant, ares wizard, etc

  37. danny

    Covenant does not come up on my smartphone. Install and everything worked does it have another name.

    1. Kam

      I think the server is already down… it says coudn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway ?

  38. Garry

    Thank you for your help. Ive tried so many different sources and got nowhere. So annoying and frustrating.. but your source worked perfect. So thanks again. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧

  39. Bart

    Help… step 18/19 colosssus will not download, keeps on saying it’s failed
    Can you help?

  40. Rozina

    Thanks for the step by step instructions to download the Covenant aadd-on,
    However, I still can’t get to play the Behead episodes. The message says “no steam available”.
    I am in Canada and Aftershock just stopped suddenly and I wad successful to add-on Covenant and even this doesn’t work now.
    Very Sad 😢.
    Any help or suggestions please 👃

    1. Rozina

      Sorry typo.. I meant Behead series ..a not Behead.. That’s how I feel now.

  41. Fox

    I get to step 11 and I’m in able to actually click the file…so I went back and did everything a second time and I get an unable to connect message and that the directory information wasn’t retrievable. Any suggestions as to why?

  42. Christian

    I have Kodi 17.4 with Covenant and I can’t find any more the option to download movies.
    With 17.3 and Exodus it was possible.
    How do I resolve thios?

  43. Angie

    As I go through the steps I reach step #18 and I get a pop-up asking me to select a version and I’m not sure which one to choose. bother are version 999.999.6 but one say super repo and the other says ares project.


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