Blamo Kodi Repository Shuts Down

By | September 11, 2018

Blamo Kodi Repository Shuts Down
MR. Blamo announced on Twitter that he has shut down the very popular Blamo Repository.
The message reads…
Repo And Github Gone any Githubs saying blamo wont be me.. as a Developer i’m done for good.
Blamo Kodi Repository Shuts Down Twitter
This is surprising news and will no-doubt be a shock to the Kodi Community as Blamo has many top Add-ons including Neptune Rising and Placenta.
If you have any of the Blamo Add-ons installed turn off automatic updates and do not uninstall them.
The Blamo add-ons should still work for awhile until they slowly break down.
Blamo Repository Add-ons included
Aragon Live
Neptune Rising
Chocolate Salty
Patron AIO
Urban Kings Empire
69 Death Squad Tube
Adult Swim
Cartoon Network
Death Streams
Dubbed Anime
Live TV
Live Streams Pro
Mad Chopz
Sports Devil
Squad Control
Super Favorites
The Knob
The Blamo Repository is the latest to shut down. Most recently another top Kodi Repo Genesis Reborn also shut down.
It is rumored that Blamo received a cease and desist letter from ACE which has shut down many other developers in the past.
Terra-TV the popular APK announced it was also shutting down.
This post will be updated as more is known.
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15 thoughts on “Blamo Kodi Repository Shuts Down

  1. Robert

    This Repo is Garbage don’t download and install. Nothing works and Magicality and the 2 Forks are no longer there…..

  2. Robert

    Will the 2 Forks ( Placenta and Neptune Rising ) be updated through the Magicality ? Or will their be a substitute versions of the Add-Ons ?

  3. Jack

    When you have addons that can be updated and have multiple sources that can update them, add the new wilson-magic repo you’ll see placenta updates right away. same name different path but it will update.

    1. Robert

      The only add-ons that will be updated in the Magicality Repository will be Magicality not Placenta and Neptune Rising…..

  4. Dylan

    Do I need to uninstall Neptune rising and re-install it from the Magicality repository to keep it running?

    1. Shaun

      No need to uninstall it will still work. As things break it wont receive updates but for now it is still working.

  5. Spirit811

    Mr. Blamo,
    Thank You for all you did for the kodi community. You had the best addons and you will be missed.

  6. Ed

    Wow, this is terrible news! Thank you Blamo for all the work you did for the community.


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