Review: iClever BTS09 Bluetooth Speakers with Loud Bass

By | September 9, 2018

Review iClever BTS09 Bluetooth Speakers with Loud Bass 2
The iClever BTS09 Bluetooth speaker is the prefect combination of wireless sound for home use at a reasonable cost.
It works flawlessly with a Amazon Echo Dot or Fire TV Stick giving Alexa a very nice output for sound.
Review iClever BTS09 Bluetooth Speakers with Loud Bass
It can also pair with a smartphone, tablet, or most any Bluetooth device giving hands-free calling or just play music.
The unit is made from aluminum alloy with a white outer ring and back.
Review iClever BTS09 Bluetooth Speakers with Loud Bass ALL
The stand is also made off aluminum which gives it a nice look in most any environment.
Review iClever BTS09 Bluetooth Speaker Side
*This unit was sent to me to review with my honest opinion and results below.

Bluetooth 4.2
Speaker: 2 x 10W
Distance of transmission 10m (32.8 Feet)
8 hours of working 4000mAh battery life
Charge time 2 hours
The package comes with the unit, instructions, power cable, and a 3.5mm audio line-in cable for any non-Bluetooth devices.
Wireless Speakers iClever Review with Instructions
The power port, audio line-in, and a SD-Card slot is located under the unit.
iClever Review Poswr Ports and SD-Card Slot
Paring it with a smartphone is easy by holding the power button for two seconds for it to go into Pair Mode.
iClever BTS09 Pair Smartphone
It will show up in the Bluetooth settings on the phone which touching it will automatically pair them.
Once it is paired to a smartphone, music can be played from any source such as Pandora or even YouTube.
The buttons are laid out on the top for easy access including, power, mode, MFB, Volume, and skip/previous track buttons.
iClever Bluetooth Spaker Button Layout
Next I paired it to a Amazon Echo DOT with Alexa which it works great with making them complement each other nicely.
iClever Blutooth Spaker and Amazon Echo Dot
The sound quality is really good with a deep bass and matching treble. The test I did all came out clear and not distorted. Of course it will depend on the music played, volume, and the adjustments made with an equalizer on your device.
The build quality is very good along with the design of the unit, with it able to fit in most anywhere from a bedroom stand, to a living room table.

I am still testing out the iClever BTS09, so far with very good results.
I like the way it connects easily with all my devices including smartphone, Amazon Echo Dot, and Fire TV stick.
It makes for a nice improvement to any home that has new wireless devices to play with.
There are other wireless speakers that also work well with Bluetooth devices read our list of picks here.
As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.


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