Our Picks for the Best Amazon Echo DOT Bluetooth Speakers

By | July 1, 2018

Our Picks for the Best Amazon Echo DOT Bluetooth Speakers
The Amazon Echo DOT with Alexa was a surprise sleeper hit when introduced and now is even more popular.
The Echo DOT is a great device that along with Alexa has many uses, from playing music, to controlling other devices around a home.
While the DOT is a nice unit the built-in speaker can be lacking at times. The built-in speaker does work but it can be hard to hear in other rooms and is not good at playing music.
An easy fix to this is to Pair a wireless Bluetooth speaker with it and have nice sound while playing music or simply when using Alexa.
Our Picks for the Best Amazon Echo DOT Bluetooth Speakers

  1. GGMM D6
  2. The GGMM D6 is a nice low-cost unit built for portability.
    It pairs easily with the Echo DOT and with a 33 foot wireless range it can be placed in the best spot in a home.
    The bass can go real low with little to no distortion with a nice volume when needed.

    With its sleek design and good sound it is a mid-priced speaker that doesn’t disappoint and makes a good Echo Dot companion.

  3. ARCHEER A320
  4. The ARCHEER A320 is a nicely built speaker with Bamboo on the front and back, and felt on the sides.

    It Paired to the Echo Dot quick and easy with a very nice sound and deep Bass.

  5. dodocool Selfie
  6. The dodocool Selfie is a very small and portable Bluetooth speaker that is also very low cost at under $20 dollars.
    It is a good unit for someone who would like the combination of a portable speaker that can be taken anywhere, and be able pair to most any Bluetooth device, from a smartphone to the Echo DOT.
    Best Amazon Echo DOT Bluetooth Speaker 2017
    While very small it puts out some good sound, has a wireless range of 33 feet, and a battery life of 4 hours.
    If you are on a budget and looking to not only greatly improve the sound from the Echo DOT, but have a multipurpose portable wireless speaker than the dodocool Selfie is worth a look.

  7. BlitzWolf BW-F4
  8. BlitzWolf also makes many good units with the BW-F4 a good unit to use with the DOT.
    Best Amazon Echo DOT Bluetooth Speakers BlitzWolf
    The case is solid and has a nice look made from aluminum and ABS.
    It has 20W Strong Bass speakers with a rechargeable battery that last up to 10 hours, of course it can be simply left plugged in.
    While it could also be used as a portable unit it fits nicely into a home or other settings.

  9. WAHEY C1
  10. The WAHEY C1 is another nice Bluetooth speaker to use with the DOT.
    It has a nice handle that can be used as a stand or carried around with making it a good portable unit.
    Our Picks for the Best Amazon Echo DOT Bluetooth Speakers 2018
    The design is round and sleek with very good audio.

How To Connect A Bluetooth Speaker to the Amazon Echo DOT
The Alexa app has all the setup and controls for the Echo DOT which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
First the Echo DOT will need to go through a quick setup the first time it is used such as connecting to your WiFi.
Using the Alexa App a Bluetooth speaker can quickly be Paired and be ready for use.
1… Open the Alexa App and go to Settings
How To Pair Amazon Echo DOT to a Speaker
2… Select Bluetooth
How To Pair Amazon Echo DOT to a Bluetooth Speaker
3… Select Pair a New Device
Pair a New Device Echo DOT
4… Your Bluetooth speaker will show up, select it to Pair.
Amazon Echo Pair Bluetooth Done
There is no doubt many good Bluetooth speakers to use with the Amazon Echo DOT. The above units are simply ones we have used and some of our favorite options.
There are also many more expensive top-end models which can be bought, but for the money the above units are hard to beat.
If you do have the money to spend than high-End units such as the Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless Speaker can be bought which no doubt is a nice very nice unit, along with the price to match.
For those looking for a more reasonable cost wireless speaker than there are many available that can sound good and not break the bank doing it.

One thought on “Our Picks for the Best Amazon Echo DOT Bluetooth Speakers

  1. Scott

    Any recommendations for a wireless speaker that doesn’t have a battery?
    I want to put a Dot-fed speaker about 20 or so feet away from the Dot, both for better sound quality and to get the audio in a place the Dot’s audio doesn’t reach quite as well, but I’m going to keep it plugged in so a battery would be a waste of money and space.


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