Our Picks for Best Windows 10 Compatible Miracast Wireless Display Dongles

By | July 3, 2020

Our Top  Picks for Windows 10 Compatible Miracast Wireless Display Dongles
Miracast is a great option for mirroring a screen to a TV or monitor.

Windows 10 and many Android smartphones have the built-in ability to stream video to a TV wirelessly mirroring the screen.

This is a nice feature that can come in handy in a variety of situations, from office presentations to a family picture slide show.

How Does a Miracast Adapter and Windows 10 Work?

  • A Windows 10 capable dongle/adapter is plugged into a monitor HDMI port.
  • Windows 10 Compatible Miracast Wireless Display Dongles

  • Windows 10 Actions Center is opened and the connect button clicked which will bring up the wireless dongle plugged into a TV or monitor.
  • Best Windows 10 Compatible Miracast Wireless Display Dongles

  • A Windows 10 computer transmits to it via Miracast technology and mirrors the computer screen.
  • Top  Windows 10 Compatible Miracast Wireless Display Dongles

  • A tablet or smartphone also can be used that has Miracast built-in.

Windows 10 unlike other screen mirroring technology sets up a peer-to-peer connection straight to a display.

This can be beneficial in many ways since there is no need to have a router setup.

For example, taking a Windows 10 dongle with you to a meeting plugging in the dongle to a TV and displaying a power-point presentation with no need to set up a network connection.

It does have some downsides such as when used to play games. There is a slight lag that makes it annoying.

As with any wireless technology, distance will degrade the quality of the signal.

If you want to stream video to your laptop it needs to be as close as possible to the dongle, often within 5-10 feet if possible.

Miracast is ideal for displaying pictures, slide shows, videos, power point presentations, and much more.

There are many good units available with some of our favorite picks below.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, here, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

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Our Picks for Best Windows 10 Compatible Miracast Wireless Display Dongles

  1. Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2
  2. Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2 – hdmi/USB miracast dongle for tv Monitor Mirror cast

    Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter was created by Microsoft to mirror to a TV or monitor with Windows 10 and is the most popular.

    It uses Miracast technology so it will also work with any smartphone or tablet with Miracast built-in.

    This is a straight to the point wireless adapter that does one thing which is to mirror a Windows 10 computer screen to a display.

  3. Anycast
  4. 4K 1080P Wireless HDMI Display Adapter,iPhone Ipad Miracast Dongle for TV,Upgraded Toneseas Streaming Receiver,MacBook Laptop Samsung LG Android Phone,Business Education Office Birthday Gift

    The Anycast is a HDMI Miracast dongle that wrks well and is low-cost.

    The Anycast is built for a variety of devices to connect to HDMI and mirror a screen.

  5. Actiontec ScreenBeam
  6. Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Adapter/Receiver (SBWD60A01) with Miracast, Black

    The Actiontec ScreenBeam has been available for a while and is a good HDMI adapter for Miracast.

    Like all Miracast adapters it plug into an HDMI port of a TV or monitor and displays the screen of the connected device.

  7. Belkin Miracast
  8. Belkin Miracast Video Adapter

    Belkin is a known manufacture of many wireless products such as routers and also has a Miracast device that works with Windows.

    It has been available for a while and works with a with range of operating systems including Windows 10.

Miracast has many benefits and makes it easy to quickly display a smartphone or laptop screen to a TV or monitor wirelessly.

As long as your computer has a chip-set or wireless card that supports WiDi / Miracast which most new laptops support.

You will be able to take advantage of mirroring its screen to another display.

Most new Android smartphones sand tablets devices also come with Miracast built into them which can also be used.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere, to get the best screen mirroring device for your setup.



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  1. Veronica Giordano

    if you want to make your android screen to look like a TV screen which is much bigger in terms of Viewing aspects. if you want to enjoy a picture of small screen you can use Best Miracast Dongle for bigger screen where your whole family can enjoy it.

  2. John Herd

    I am desperately looking for a list of wireless dongle’s to be installed and purchased for Windows PCs to enable the Miracast capability.
    I have a number of windows 10 machines but they do not have wireless adapters that have Mira cast.
    Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Jasmine Vasquez

      I hope this gets to you but i am in the same boat as you and i was hoping if you found such a dongle and if so can you post it on this site so i can get it thank you so much.


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