Review: dodocool Wireless USB Adapter AC 600 Dual Band

By | July 17, 2020

Review dodocool Wireless USB Adapter WiFi Dongle AC 600 Dual Band
The Dodocool AC600 is a small low-cost dual band 802.11ac wireless USB adapter built for a laptop or desktop computer.

It has a rated theoretical speed of 433Mbps is the 5GHz band, and 150Mbps is the 2.4GHz band.

It is also an 802.11ac WiFi-5 unit and is backward compatible with older Wireless-N networks.

Since it is a dual band adapter with 802.11ac wireless protocols it will fit into any WiFi network.

The box comes with a driver disk, manual, and the adapter itself.
Review dodocool Wireless USB Adapter WiFi  AC 600 Dual Band

It is a very small adapter so it will be easily out of the way and a good fit for a desktop or laptop.
Review dodocool Wireless USB Adapter WiFi  AC 600
Small units like the dodocool AC600 are good for upgrading or replacing a laptops internal WiFi.

One thing to keep in mind with any small adapter is they don’t have a large antenna like some other units do.

This is usually not a problem for most as the range will be about that of a laptops built-in wireless card.

Plugging it into a Window 10 Desktop it found the Dodocool AC600 drivers and installed them automatically.
dodocool Wireless USB Adapter WiFi  AC 600 with Windows 10
It is usually best to install the Driver that comes with the unit, as Windows can at times install a generic driver that may limit a WiFi adapters full potential.

Basically, if you want the Dodocool AC600 to go as fast as possible, be sure to install the newest Driver that came with the disk or download and install them.

Here is the drivers download link they have listed on Amazon under product description.

2.4GHz Wireless-N Speed Test
The first test done was a simple internet speed test.

Using it maxed out the connection with 50Mbps Down, and 5Mbps UP.
Speedtest Net Dodo Cool Test 2.4 GHz
The next test done was computer-to-computer on the internal network.

Using Iperf3 it gave the results of 43.8Mbits per a second.
iperf Dodo Cool 24 GHz Test

5GHz Wireless-AC Speed Test

Connecting to the 5GHz 802.11ac it again maxed out the internet connection speed.
Speedtest Net Dodo Cool Test 5GHz

Using Iperf3 it gave a speed of 92.6Mbits per a second.
iperf Dodo Cool 5GHz Test

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For the price the Dodocool AC600 is a good-low cost USB WiFi adapter.

Running at 2.4GHz with a speed of 50Mbps Down and 5Mbps up is good for the price.

The 5Ghz 802.11ac ran at 92.6Mbps which is also fast for such a low-cost WiFi dongle.

After using the DodoCool for a few days it does seem to have slow start if left unused, but picks up speed quickly when in use.

There are much faster USB wireless dongles available, of course at a higher cost. If a high speed adapter is bought be sure your internet service provider can match it.

If you need something that works and are not worried about having the fastest speeds the DodoCool is a good unit to get.

I am still using and testing the dongle with good results and will update if anything changes.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure it is a good fit for you.

3 thoughts on “Review: dodocool Wireless USB Adapter AC 600 Dual Band

  1. Mark A Stephenson

    I also expected that it worked with Ubuntu. Not so far.

  2. subscribe

    Does this work with ubuntu?

    I just bought it but my driver is not installing in ubuntu. Its giving error.


    1. V

      I also got this thinking it would work on Linux (the seller said it would). However, it is not at all compatible.


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