Review: TP-LINK AC750 WiFi Range Extender Ethernet Bridge

By | December 14, 2015

Review TP-LINK AC750 WiFi Range Extender Ethernet Bridge

If your WiFi signal is weak and needs more strength than a wireless booster can help.
A wireless booster takes an existing WiFi signal and increases the signal strength to areas that are lacking.
One of these WiFi boosters is the TP-LINK AC750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender
TP-LINK AC750 WiFi Range Extender Ethernet Bridge
The AC750 uses the new 802.11ac protocol that works in the 5 GHz range.
It still can work with the old 2.4Ghz frequencies and any older protocol such a Wireless-N or 802.11g.
The ability to work in both WiFi bands and any 802.11 protocol makes it a universal fit into almost any WiFi network.
It can also be used as a Ethernet Bridge. This means that a Ethernet cable can be plugged into it and it will transmit the signal wirelessly to the router.
A example Ethernet Bridge would be a older Xbox 360 which has no WiFi support. A Ethernet contention can be made between the The AC750 and the Xbox which would than transmit to a router creating a internet connection that otherwise would need to be wired.
Review TP-LINK AC750 WiFi  Ethernet Bridge
The AC750 plugs into a wall power outlet and than is ready to be setup.
TP-LINK AC750 WiFi Range Extender Ethernet Bridge Review
TP-LINK AC750 Setup
The AC750 comes with a WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) or can be setup maually.
Most will use the easy WPS setup since it only requires the WPS buttons to be press on the router and booster.
It can also be setup manually which is also easy with the following steps.
After the booster is plugged into a wall outlet it can be connected to via any wireless device such as a laptop.
To do this simply go to a computer and look at the WiFi networks and the and it will show up as the TP-Link_Extender.
TP LINK AC750 WiFi Setup
Open a Browser and in the URL Box type
TP LINK AC750 WiFi Booster Setup
The Booster will come back with a password which is Username: admin Password: admin
TP LINK AC750 WiFi Booster Install
The Range extender Home Page will come up and you will be logged in.
TP LINK AC750 WiFi Booster Install and Setup
Walking through the simple interface it will ask for your region, and for you to enter the WiFi username and password for the router.
TP LINK AC750 WiFi Booster Install and Setup Review
After following the simple steps the AC750 will be setup and be ready to boost a WiFi signal to any wireless device.
TP LINK AC750 WiFi Booster Smartphone Setup
Wireless AC750 can transmit at 300 Mbit/s at 2.4 GHz and 433 Mbit/s at 5 GHz.
TP-LINK AC750 Wifi Range Extender Speed Test
Given that a standard home internet speed is between 10-50 Mbit/s the only time this will be maxed out if when transferring files internally.

Keep in mind that wireless speed will always drop off as distance or obstacles are introduced.

I was able to max out my internet connection at close range to the booster.

The TP-LINK AC750 WiFi Range Extender is a good way to help get a better WiFi signal.

The setup is also easy with the WPS button or manually.

It also can be used as a Ethernet Bridge for devices with no built-in WiFi which is a bonus.

One thought on “Review: TP-LINK AC750 WiFi Range Extender Ethernet Bridge

  1. TPLink User
    No access anymore!
    Very difficult to RESET to factory default! It’s somehow using an assigned IP address by the router instead.
    Could be router issue but sometimes the signal is weak.
    DO change the name of the signal to a DIFFERENT one from the Router to Avoid confusion. This will let you know that you’re using the Wifi TP-Link Extension instead of the original Wifi signal from the router.


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