What is a Mini PC?

By | September 10, 2018

What is a Mini PC
A Mini PC sometimes called a NUC is a standard computer made to fit into a very small box.

While small many can be packed with a fast CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive making them a good fit in many scenarios.

The most popular scenario is to use them as a Media Center hooked to a 4K TV.

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Their small size makes them a good fit to stream videos wirelessly or play games on an HDTV.

A laptop can also be used in much the same way but will cost more since they have a screen and keyboard along with a touch-pad.

Mini PC are basic computers usually with HDMI output and USB inputs.
What is a Mini PC Ports
No mouse, keyboard, or screen is included and will need to be bought separately.

Most all Mini PC’s come with Windows 10 installed.

Linux can be loaded onto some but be sure to check the compatibility.

Besides being used as media centers they can also be used in any scenario a standard desktop computer would be used in.

The main purpose of a mini PC is to replace a big desktop unit with a small compact form.

Barebones or Assembled Ready-to-Go
Mini PCs come ready to go assembled often with Window 10 installed or can be bought in a barebones kit.

If you have the technical skill a kit may be best otherwise a ready-to-go unit would be a better option.

For example, Beelink makes several mini PC units with the Gemini X45 being one of the newest.

Mouse and Keyboard Not Included
Most all units will not come with a mouse or keyboard so be sure to have some ready.
Like a standard PC, any USB keyboard or mouse will work or a remote control can be bought.

If you have an old USB keyboard and mouse they should have no problems working.

Remote controls or wireless small mini keyboard touch-pad combos are also very popular.

Mini PCs can be very handy and useful in the right scenario.

If you have the space and don’t mind a big desktop computer there is no need for a small mini unit.

Small units are meant to replace a big unit when practical.

For example, most will not want a big bulky desktop unit next to a new big screen 4K TV while a small Mini PC could be hidden.

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